The Stories of Thoth and Ma'at:

How Osiris, Horus, Set, Isis and Nephthys Were Born

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THOTH and MA'AT appear, as in the previous scene, as co-narrators of what follows.


Ra had to give in. When these five new Neters were about to be born, all of us but Ra were immensely excited. For the first time, spiritual beings were going to take physical form and step onto the living body of the Earth.

Dim VIDEO images show the image of the green Earth, without the river, trees and other features that will appear later, an hour before dawn. The roiling ocean becomes still. NUT screams in her birth agony (OFF).


The five new days were born.

NUT's screams become crystal singing bowl tones in D and F#. LIGHT gradually comes up, defining the horizon.KHU images: As THOTH introduces each of the new Neters, a ball of light swoops down from one of the stars, growing larger and brighter as it enters the theatre space, flashes brilliantly, then fades at once, revealing each Neter's KHU image. OSIRIS, the first flash of golden light comes from the star Capella, in Auriga. He is followed by HORUS, a bolt of blue light from Rigel in Orion.


THOTH:   Osiris. The father. The male force of love and creation. He came first, to heal the damage Ra's heat did to the Earth. This first Neter is the vegetable power, the force that makes a tender green shoot so mighty that it can crack its way through a stone as thick as my body to get to the Sun. He is as mild as a chamomile flower, and as hardy, as infinitely resilient.

Next came Horus, the Son, the Lord of Light. He won't be on the floor 'til we get to Act Four. He will be the last of the Neters to be born into a material body. For now, he is a being of pure light.
A ball of blood red light sweeps down from Orion's belt, flashes into the theatre space and becomes a KHU image in the sandstone red color of the desert. Screams and booming sounds.


Next came the agent of death. Any comments? (SET's KHU image comes into focus as MA'AT speaks.)

MA'AT: I wish it were easier to be both truthful and kind. He was the only one, Neter or man, whom the artists of Egypt never could make handsome. They could make any fish meal seller look like the herald of the Sun, but not Set. When I first saw him, my stomach drew in. My breast and arms flexed, expecting pain, even before I had time to form a thought of him. The body does not lie.
THOTH: I also found him hard to look at for long. But he has to be in this story. There is no other way. In the time when you are seeing this story, human beings, plants, animals, everything is still living and dying in these same apparently solid bodies. The Earth must have some power that balances the surge of birth, that sweeps away in every moment all these quidillions of dried and oozy wings and shells, stalks and fins and bones, all this crack and ruin of life. We have had to have . . .
(MUSIC:  didjeridoos, cellos, rattles, wind fade. KHU images continue to move during THOTH's narration.)


There must be death until the conscious power of human thought grows so strong that you can even overcome death. When enough human beings awake, the Earth flies up and our story ends. But until then . . .

Death may be unpleasant. But he's the perfect guest. He does hve a way of cleaning up after himself. Set was born on the third day of five, the unluckiest day. After him came Isis, the Mother, the female life force. The heart. And on the fifth day, Nephthys, the silent one, the prophet, the holder of all secrets in the well of dreams. This is their story.
Isis and Osiris are brother and sister. They are born in love, and love each other long before they join together as husband and wife.

MUSIC: Fade Bowls out. Percussion continues, more insistent and ominous.


Set is born in fear. Nephthys is the sister and the wife of Set. She is born in love and sorrow, and keeps them both well hidden, for she is the keeper and revealer of secrets.

As the east grows brighter, we see that we are on the bank of a river. On the other side are lush green forests, and in the distance plains and mountains. Soon we can see palm trees, papyrus plants, egrets and ibises.


Only one thing more--


This is getting too long. I'm going to fly.


Osiris and Isis, the two teachers of love, brother and sister, are the King and Queen.

MA'AT: They're on the way. Finally, all of you get to do something. It's time for Isis to lead a Conspiration. (To THOTH:) Shall we?
With a bow to the CELEBRANTS, MA'AT and THOTH exit. Their KHU images appear and fly away as ISIS enters.

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