Ma'at's Disclaimer: Who Really Heals You?



We are going to tell this story in ways that bring new sensations to you. We are going to use sound, and color, and light, and aromas, and sacred geometric shapes and movements that are tuned to the energy centers of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. You may feel cleansed and lifted. It is our duty to warn you that you may feel very good at the end of this experience.

We do not make any claims about any kind of healing. The reason for this is not that we fear the government. The government you have now, like other governments, has already grabbed for itself almost all of the unclaimed fear in the country, so there's not much of it left for you or me.

The main thing to tell you here is that nobody else is ever going to heal you. As some of your Earth teachers will tell you, by your own faith will you be healed. All we claim to do is entertain you with a story about how love overcomes fear. It would be patronizing to tell you more than this for now. Perfect love does cast out fear.

Does it surprise you that Thoth and I know how the world is now, thousands of years after this story is first taking place? That we see through all of what you call time? Thoth has seen everything, I have felt everything, and together we have always aspired to love and grow wise. Should we know what some of your famous people have said? Yes, we should. W have been doing this play for a very long time, and we will keep doing it until the consciousness of human beings is awake enough that you let us move on.

 Love. Love is the strongest, purest thing in nature, the only thing with more power than Ra.


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