The Stories of Thoth and Ma'at:


The Neter News: The Famous Magic Tree Hits Byblos!


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 MA'AT KHU image appears. Other KHU images appear, illustrating her narration.


And so the army of Byblos went, traveling in this shape you've seen before: a nucleus of energy surrounded by outer rings, with nothing -- apparently -- in between. The whole ring is so big you would need two days to walk all the way across it. Human beings have never done anything this big before. We don't know what to call it.


(OFF:) A production.


Sounds as good as any new word. This topic fatigues me. Do you mind?


(OFF:) I'm on break.




Just joking, dear. I have it.

 MA'AT KHU transmutes into FEATHER, vanishes. THOTH enters with a papyrus, sits at a table. VIDEO and KHU images appear during his narration.


 Good evening. Here now the News. The capital is buzzing with anticipation about exactly what it is that the Royal Army has found on the shore of the western sea, and is now bringing here. Whatever it is, it's important enough that the largest troop formation ever seen is escorting it, and the cordons of soldiers at the rim are not letting any people in, or any clues out. Disturbances have been reported at the forward edge of the circle, where people are coming out from the capital to see what is going on, and are not at all inclined to believe the soldiers who keep telling them this is a routine exercise and we're sorry to have inconvenienced you, and no, we have no idea about



that amazing aroma that seems to excite everybody. We go now to Anubis, under cover in animal form, at the edge of the ring. Anubis?


You know how it is, Thoth. Put up a wall, and someone wants to go through it. As this giant cordon moves toward the city, there are many thousands of people walking with it, just to find out what's in there and what that smell is. So around the ring of soldiers, there is now another immense outer ring of curiosity seekers, pleasure providers and others for whom we do not yet have words in our language, advancing toward the Royal Quarter of Byblos, where King Melkarth, the mighty, wrestler of lions, intends to place this magnificent sacred Tree as the main pillar of his new palace, and as a love gift to the Queen.

SFX of tools and builders fade in.


Thank you, Anubis. At the palace, the new construction is already underway. Time for me to fly.

 LIGHTS begin to come up on a huge curtain masking construction of the new Royal Throne Room. THOTH exits. His KHU appears.


 I promise you this story will get exciting again. Isis, the Goddess Queen of Egypt, is about to meet Astarte, Goddess Queen of the Land Between the Rivers. Both are divinely skilled in holy arts and magic of the seed and the leaf. It was from this time that women and plants became allies, even before they had to.

THOTH KHU flies off and vanishes.


(OFF:) But for now -- what's behind that curtain?


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