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Is Osiris Really Dead Inside That Box?

Ma'at and Anubis on the Fifth Dimension


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 MA'AT: Of course she knew. But she still had a chasm in her emotional body, and had to keep cleansing it with salt and river water. We sense your questions. How can Osiris not be dead? Are we covering something up? Let's ask our science editor, Anubis, who knows all about it, to clear up the mystery.

In the Space appears a KHU image of OSIRIS, lying inside his coffin, shown in cross-section. The images and geometric shapes that surround OSIRIS show that he has generated a star tetrahedron around his body -- actually two star tetrahedrons occupying the same space, then has caused them to rotate in opposite directions, forming a Merkaba field. ANUBIS enters.




Thank you, Ma'at. Osiris' hasn't been idle inside his box. As soon as he knew what was happening -- and it took him a few minutes to stop admiring the stars inside the top of the box, and realize that air was now an issue -- he began at once to use his breath and intention to create the Star Tetrahedrons you see here, which becomes an energy vehicle called a Merkaba. It works like this: imagine a "male" or "Sun" star tetrahedron charged with electrical energy, and another "female" or "Earth" star tetrahedron of magnetic energy that spin in opposite directions. The skill is to work two intentions at the same time: create in the heart an expanding field of love that grows with each breath, and make the Merkaba rotate faster and faster, until it reaches the speed of light, and aha!

  The spinning Merkaba remains, but Osiris has disappeared.


Osiris is still there, but now he's vibrating at a frequency that may make him invisible to you. The closest term you have for this is suspended animation. I can't tell you the numbers, you have to study for that, but the main news is that Osiris is feeling no pain. He'll return to his physical body when he needs to be present for Isis. For all practical purposes he's only left the building, though some people will insist he's left the world of the living completely.



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