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The Neter News


Original Broadcast: The First Murder and What Came Next


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THOTH KHU appears, joined by KHU images of OSIRIS' river journey as seen in the clairvoyant visions of ANUBIS.


It is astonishing sometimes what one must do to tell stories in third density. The violence of what you call third dimension is the hardest thing for the Neters to bear--except Set, of course. He thrives on it.

Here now the first Neter News, which must now be broadcast, both audibly and telepathically, in response to today's most shocking, terrible and earth-shaking news. For the first time it is necessary to speed news to the realm as fast as it can go. This evening a conspiracy, apparently led by Set and his others from the Red Land, has assassinated King Osiris by sealing him inside a box and, presumably, suffocating him.

His son, the royal prince Anubis, is tracking the box as it floats downriver. Anubis, are you there?


Yes, Thoth, I am indeed running downstream to keep up with the coffin as it drifts toward the sea.


Are there any signs of movement from inside the box?


It does indeed appear that the King . . .


I will announce the news if you like. Spare yourself the pain of announcing this.

Discrimination MUSIC begins. For slow choral notes that ENSEMBLE and CELEBRANTS tone together in this song, sound frequency transducers in the floor of the Space are especially important.


No, I must do it. (TO CELEBRANTS:) Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. The news which I must now circulate to you as the new King of Egypt, is that my father, the beloved King Osiris, has been done to death in a conspiracy led, apparently, by Set, Lord of the Red Land, brother of Osiris. For the first time, a man has cut short the life of another man. We do not yet have a word for this. We only know what we feel, in heaviness, in tears, in the loss of one so dear. I am overwhelmed. My father, the King has been cut in life. Now I am the King. What do I do?


Breathe. And remember that when all else fails, we are faster than Set.


Small comfort. There is much to do. Let's complete our report, then we talk?

THOTH nods and ANUBIS KHU vanishes.




Let us complete this business and move along. This third density, in which we live, is the only one in which the body and the mind are equally strong, and they strain against each other when they don't agree. The constant pulling and rubbing cause heat of every kind. Violence isn't the only temper that causes the body to flame from within. Shame and love can cause it too. So can inspiration. All of it comes from friction, in third density. It is time now for feminine energies to contine this story. If it's true, as many people have said, that those who know do not speak, and those who speak do not know, then the verbiage I've spoken so far must have completely destroyed my credibility, and you may be wise to discount almost everything I say. You have just seen the first conspiracy and assassination in your history, the first time that someone attacked freedom after promising to make people free. It happens endlessly now. But the one who preaches freedom is not always an enslaver. How do you know which ones are true? You already know. To recognize the true spirits of freedom among you, there is one thing to practice until you become fully empowered, and you no longer need it: (Sings.) Discrimination. (Speaks.) Yes. As this story seems to be turning into some Talent Night of the Neters, then I get to sing too. The chorus is simple:





The Combinations. The implications.

And the conclusions.

When you can slice with your light To the dark of your doubt,

And you have mastered the stroke that heals,

You have your mind for a map and your will for fire,

And the love that your heart reveals.

Then you can approach, embrace and reconcile

You can mend, unite and dance

In the ring of wisdom and the arch of joy

And the touch that understands.

Discrimination: first clear your eye.

The Combinations: do not ask why.

The Complications: we chose above.

And Conclusion: we practice Love.

The Conclusion: Love. (Repeat.)

 THOTH KHU flies in the twin loop of the infinity symbol, then away.


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