Dan Furst's
Surfing Aquarius:
How to Ace the Wave of Change

Surfing Aquarius was published by Red Wheel Weiser on Sept. 1, 2011.

Praise for Surfing Aquarius

Surfing Aquarius is brilliant! It's so much more than an astrology book. Dan Furst is a fun and informative tour guide on a journey into these forthcoming times of transformation and change. Running the gamut from astrology to quantum physics to economics to medicine to relationships, this book explores the consciousness necessary for us to successfully embrace the years ahead.”  

 -- Jonathan Goldman, author of The Seven Secrets of Sound Healing and The Divine Name

"A hip, entertaining and stunningly informative account of how to thrive and prosper by embracing the spirit of community in the coming Age of Aquarius. A must read!"

-- Jim Dreaver, author of End Your Story, Begin Your Life

"Surfing Aquarius is a great guidebook to understanding and experiencing new levels of awareness.  There's so much great stuff here. You don't need to be into astrology to appreciate the information and techniques that Dan Furst offers in this powerful resource for the coming times."

-- Andi Goldman, co-author of Chakra Frequencies

“Among the archetypal figures, the most important one what our era desperately needs is the Trickster. The witty, jokey Trickster shows up (usually as a male figure) when a community becomes overconfident. He challenges self-righteous, greedy, pompous demeanors, deflates ego-inflation, and reestablishes a tipped balance. In the book Surfing Aquarius Dan Furst is positively performing the role of the Trickster. He is smart, funny and constantly challenges the narrow-minded.”

-- Ede Frecska, coauthor of Inner Paths to Outer Space

“Surfing Aquarius is deeply insightful, accurate, and right on time! Furst is a true master of the fine art of exciting the imagination for the sake of expanding consciousness. It is with great enthusiasm that I recomend this book to all those who seek to align themselves deeply with the true potential of mankind in this moment.”

-- Jay Schumacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist and international educator in the field of consciousness and personal reality.

"Surfing Aquarius is a great read, packed with a life-time of insights. . . . [Dan Furst's] comments on the birthing process, and the potential for trauma, are so very true. Working as a cranio-sacral therapist, birth trauma is an almost universal feature in clients, and it is often the source of major physical and psychological issues in later life. The 'Aquarian' approach to birthing cannot become the 'normal' practice too soon."

-- David Durham, cranial-sacral therapist

What is Surfing Aquarius About?
Surfing Aquarius is for people who want to make brave, optimistic choices in a spirit of community, and who see the years ahead as a time of spiritual transformation. Awakened human beings are already realizing our role as the co-creators of new societies based on Aquarian principles of teamwork and empowered service to each other and Mother Earth. The Aquarian Age is revolutionizing our politics and economies, families and love lives, our approaches to health, spirituality, community -- everything that matters to us. Surfing Aquarius is, above all, a practical guide for those who want to see which way the wave of change is breaking, so we can get ourselves and our families, our friends, communities, and our planet safely through the very fluid conditions and challenges of the years ahead.
The dramatic changes that we're seeing in every area of our lives become easier to understand if we see what the Age of Aquarius really means, and how it already affects us. For example? This chapter outline lays it all out:
Chapter Outline
Introduction:      Aquarian Airlines – and Astrology Alert!
What astrology is and is not. Astrology the oldest science, true astrology a spiritual art. Astrophobia and how to help a person through an attack of Union Anxiety. The hidden astrologer Isaac Newton. Aquarian Airlines flight 2012 now boarding.
Part I:

 Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Aquarius, but were Afraid to Dream

Chapter 1:   What the Water Bearer Brings        
How the Age of Aquarius will be, and already is, radically different from the Age of Pisces: The Hundredth Monkey and Morphic Resonance. The Global Field of Consciousness. The reality of things and the actuality of energy. Two kinds of people: those who believe in dualities of good vs. evil and those who practice love and resonance. The Aquarian Hive Mind.
Chapter 2:            The Great Year
The precession of the equinoxes and the Great Year. How we can tell what Aquarius will be like by looking at the most recent Great Ages:

Cancer, agricultural revolution, homes, lunar calendars, the rise of the Moon and the Earth Goddess

Gemini, social organization, family, the dawn of language and writing, the rise of Mercury

Taurus, wealth, the first builders in stone, professional artists, the rise of Venus

Aries, technologies and arts of fire, armies and adventurers, fire religions, the rise of Mars

Pisces, sea exploration, mysticism, the well of secrets, hierarchy, conflict and duality, the rise of Neptune

Aquarius, air technologies, friendship, male-female balance, revolution and freedom, the rise of Uranus

Chapter 3:         The Eleven Principles of Aquarius
Radical new meanings for old ideas: Revolution as not a nightmare of blood and butchery, but a “transformation of relationships” (Gandhi) and spiritual awakening. New ideas and images of the Aquarian principles of Evolution, Unity, Friendship, Transparency, Magic, Comedy, Electricity, Brilliance, Abundance, and Freedom
Part II:  How Aquarius Changes Everything
Chapter 4:         The Aquarian Economy
The predatory Piscean economy of hierarchy and secrecy, fear of scarcity, competition and conflict. Aquarian economy based on teamwork, equality and trust, sustainability and the common good. Quantum Economy based on exchanges of energy and communal intention. Aquarian Profile: the Kjaer Group of Denmark and the Great Places to Work Institute
Chapter 5:         The Aquarian Revolution
Revolution as re-empowerment. Distress signals in the Piscean old order. Collapse of the corporatist system. The Aquarian Revolutionary's Tool Kit: means and methods of non-violent revolution. Aung San Suu Kyi and spiritual revolution. The internet as the tool of awakening. Aquarian Profile: the Unknown Hacker and Stainless Steel Mouse
Chapter 6:         Aquarian Medicine
Drug vampires and the Illness Maintenance Industry. The rise of holistic health care and the rebirth of natural medicine. Self-care, healing circles and health communities. Healing intention and the role of the “healer” as spiritual agent or facilitator. Aquarian Profile: Chiron the Wounded Healer
Chapter 7:         The Aquarian Family
Erosion of traditional Piscean sex roles and control paradigms. Same-sex marriage and alternative family styles. Independent, self-reliant children. Emergence of community values as equal in importance to family values. Tribal values of shared love and responsibility. Aquarian Profile: Indigo and Crystal Children
Chapter 8:         Love in the Time of Aquarius
Piscean marriage as a container for the status quo. Aquarian marriage as a commitment to dynamic spiritual change. Serial relationships parallel stages of personal growth. Polyamory and dolphin love. Aquarian love and relationship styles and priorities. Aquarian Profile: Arundhati Roy
Chapter 9:           The Lively Arts of Aquarius
Aquarian arts and the technologies of light. Performing arts as the rituals of community. Raves and tribal ecstasy. Interactive arts dissolve the old boundaries between artist and audience. Comedy as the essential Aquarian art form. Androgynous Aquarian entertainers. Aquarian Profile: Michael Jackson
Chapter 10:           Aquarian Spirituality
The eclipse of Piscean religions of dogma, conformity and fear. Revival of universal rituals in tribe and community. Pagan “field dwellers” naturally linked with environmental consciousness. Namaste, acknowledging the sanctity of all living things. Interdependence. Worldwide growth of the Sufi orders. Aquarian Profile: Jelaluddin Rumi
Chapter 11: Aquarian Planet
The Gulf of Mexico Crisis and the awakening of environmental awareness. Abundance, cooperation, and Spontaneous Evolution. The rapid spread of Intentional communities, CouchSurfing, the Urgent Evoke game and the Laboratory for Humanity's Future. The Field of consciousness and the Intention Experiment. Aquarian Profile: Wangari Maathai
Part III:  Going Aquarian
Chapter 12: Some Aquarian Stories
This chapter says farewell with some stories that have recently entered the stream of our new spiritual vocabulary – and some surprising scenarios to show how the Aquarian Age, especially its values of inclusiveness, unity and transparency, will radically transform the way we tell stories, and the way we understand each other.
Aquarian Resources:
Global Meditations, Ceremonies and Networks
Surfing Aquarius is the second of Dan Furst's books on the transformative events that prophets from many ancient traditions have predicted for the momentous years that are leading us to 2012, and beyond. The first book in this set, Dance of the Moon, was published by Llewellyn in 2009; the third, Double Harmonies, will be completed in 2012.


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