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Mythic Prelude for September, 2012:
Her Unerring Eye
Hail, and welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for September, 2012. We start with a couple of news flashes from Hermes3:
Welcome to Aquarian Airlines
I've just launched my blog, Aquarian Airlines. It's designed to be faster, more responsive and flexible than the UFC in covering news, plans and opportunities as we accelerate through the Aquarian awakening of 2012 - 2015. There will be regular posts about locational astrology, and all subscribers will get a free copy of my e-book How to Find Your Best Places in the World, due out later this year. We'll also cover events, festivals and ceremonies in Living by the Moon, some Heroic Aquarian Choices and other players to be named later. Hope to see you flying Aquarian Air. Welcome aboard!
Awakening Together in the Universal Mind
is one of the lines from the new rock song "We're 2012-ing," which has just been uploaded to YouTube right in the second Uranus-Pluto square of Sept. 18 -19. Thanks to Mark Wilcox for the rock instrumental mix and Ryan "Chance's End" Avery on violin. If you like this take on the cosmic grand opera of 2012, please help spread it.
Taking Aim
There is no time at the top at the top of this volatile month for a leisurely largo of words, in dotted rhythms, before the first allegro hits. We cut to the chase, or more accurately this time, the hunt.
Who's this famous mythic figure? If you like movies, especially ones that resonate with great archetypes, then you know it's Jennifer Lawrence, star of the dystopian blockbuster Hunger Games, in the role of the deadly archer Katniss Everdeen. But -- who is she, really, in the deepest, most ancient harmonic of her role?
Who was revered and feared all over the Mediterranean, long before Jesus was born, as the unerring huntress and avenger who fired her shafts at women in ceremonial office who broke their vows of chastity, and at men who committed sexual violence against women, or were careless in their arrogant disrespect toward the sacred feminine, and the fecundity and health of the mother in all forms, human and animal? And -- who was she within? Answers come below.
For now, Hunger Games could hardly be a better metaphor for the crises and opportunities that will crest this month and break in early November, as the global food emergency gets more dire by the week. The Frankenfirm That Must Not Be Named, its accomplices in biotech poison and plunder, and their allies among Food Companies that Hide GMOs pour every dollar and deception they can find toward defeating California's Proposition 37, which will require food producers and retailers to label GMO foods, and thereby serve the buyers' right to know what they're getting, and feeding their loved ones. The stakes are truly incalculable. The impact of the California vote will be seismic. It will be felt everywhere because there is no place on Earth where the battle is not directly or indirectly underway between corporatist forces that manipulate and control the sources of life itself, and communities who see the seeds of living things the way people of reverence have always seen them: as sacred, and inviolable.
Mademoiselle, the time for action has arrived, as Scaramouche put it when the moment to draw an epee or an ace has come. It will not do to suspend our sense of urgency until just before Proposition 37 will be decided on the American election day on Nov. 6. The election itself, by now an overrated distraction from Mother Earth's principal business, and the play of lies that begins next week as the two US political parties begin to stage two months of what the poet Edward Dorn (in Gunslinger) called "the theatre of impatience," must not divert our focus and determination from the true energetic flash point of the month, when Pluto and Uranus form the second of the seven 90° "square" alignments that are the dominant, decisive astral dynamics of 2012 - 2015.
There is more in the UFC preludes for July and August about how critical and transformative this alignment is. While each of the seven birth spasms in the series will be similar, involving the same two mighty and "malefic" adversaries, the surrounding circumstances among other planets will be different in each round. They will help determine which aisles of the galactic china shop Uranus will shake, shatter and blow, and what debris Pluto will haul away in his black cosmic dumptruck. They will also show us where the countervailing resources and silver linings are, that can help us affect events as they unfold, and shape them to the benefit of our communities and our planet.
For those who'd like to explore the astrology, this month's Prelude Supplement contains a chart cast for the moment when the Uranus-Pluto square is exact in Edessa, Greece. Why here? Because the Greeks, like so many other peoples, are caught in a financial and political wringer created by the subtle larcenies that corrupt officials pull when capitalist predators are helpful and inventive, and the citizenry is asleep. It matters to us all whether the heirs of the civilization of Hellas, the birthplace and beacon of freedom, will cave to the banking cartel or go the Iceland route, freeing themselves from debt slavery and learning once again what Pericles had in mind when he said "Just because you don't take an interest in politics, that doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you."
Edessa is 2 km. from Klisohori, where Manikis Panagiotis and his colleagues have applied the permaculture principles of Masanobu Fukuoka, pioneer of "do nothing farming," in creating the Center of Natural Farming. In its 23 years, this project has begun an impressive re-greening of mountains devastated for many centuries by the consequences of "modern, scientific" farming. The Center, and parallel efforts now being made elsewhere in the Balkans and taught in other countries too, use no pesticides or fertilizers, do no violence to the soil by tilling it, and instead of clearing fields for destructive monocrop agriculture, deliver grain, fruit and vegetable seeds into the mountains and forests by mixing them into potent red clay pellets that allow all the plants in the cocktail to flourish beautifully amid the trees and animals who are already there. The result demonstrates what happens when human beings accept that "nature is perfect" -- as the Andean peoples who practice Ayni do -- instead of engineering her to death for profit. So -- are there powerful, proven methods we can use to heal Mother Earth from the harm inflicted by Voldemort, Inc., and are these very communal and cost-effective measures becoming better known? Yes, as the Aquarian momentum builds toward the end of 2012.
Are there also ancient mythic resonances between what we do now to protect ourselves and our planet, and the holy ones that ancient people revered and invoked as protectors? If so, who are they, and how do we call for their help?
Not Only a Killer
Who's the armed, exceedingly dangerous female at left, who's now come back into our field of vision costumed as Katniss Everdeen? It's Artemis/Diana. She and her brother Apollo, the children of Zeus and Leto, were both archers. The god, shown in the famous Apollo Belvedere that has long been considered the ideal masculine image in Greek art, has just loosed from a bow held in his left hand one of the golden arrows of the Sun. Artemis draws from her quiver a silver shaft of the Moon.
This view of Artemis, as the sexless "virgin huntress," has been the one that has stuck fast in our collective memory because it has been most favored, ever since the end of the patriarchal Age of Aries and the beginning of the hierarchic Age of Pisces, by authorities who aim to curb the power of the sacred feminine by presenting only her immature images, and suppressing the august majesty that shows how irresistible her sexual and spiritual power really is. Even the master mythographer Robert Graves opens his account with Artemis, at three days old, on her father's lap, asking Zeus for eternal virginity, bows and arrows, river nymphs to mend her leather buskins and feed her hounds, and a life in motion through the mountains, shooting wild game, especially the fleet young deer that are hardest to hit. She accepted with resignation rather than relish her special responsibility as protectress of children and suckling animals, and according to Callimachus, ended her wish list with a complaint: "Unfortunately, women in labor will often be invoking me, since my mother Leto carried and bore me without pains, and the Fates have therefore made me patroness of childbirth."
She had a special fondness for Heracles, one of the few males who could draw a smile from her. As porter of heaven, he'd wait at dusk at the gate of Olympus, to unload the slain game from her chariot, and liked to voice his opinion on each day's kill. He was none too impressed when she came back with harmless goats and rabbits, and seems to have urged her more than once to take her best shots at the big cats, wild bulls and wolves that menace human life, and boars, who trample crops, uproot vines and kill fruit trees. Maybe she heard Heracles now and then, and if she did, then killing a boar to save some grapes and wheat was about as life-affirming and Earth-friendly as she got.
What was her brother's take on this? None too loving, and sibling rivalry does not begin to describe the tension between these two. One thing that is always a puzzle about Apollo is that a male being so spectacularly beautiful had so much trouble attracting nymphs and mortal women that Daphne turned herself into a laurel tree to get away from him, and Cassandra refused to honor her end of the bed bargain after the god granted her the gift of prophecy. Apollo invented the lyre, and played it so brilliantly that he was the closest thing Olympus had to a rock star. What was his problem, then, with women? He was a rapist, for one thing, a taker of women, not a lover, yet he had a deeper-seated issue as well. One clue to it is in a curious edict that he issued, prohibiting the act of birth on his home island of Delos, so that Delian mothers-to-be would sail to another island even weeks before they were due, to make sure Apollo's arrow would not strike them dead the moment their babies were born. What was there in birth, and in the women who had power to do it, that this most intelligent of all male deities hated and feared so much?
Consider this image, after Kephisodotos, of a mature deity opulent in her beauty, pensive in the gravity of her role. This is no slip of a girl on the chase, but a matron who has felt much, cared for many, and sees now, after looking long and deep at what gods and mortals do, what truly matters and is worth raising one's eyes to see. This is Artemis too, in her wise woman role as the protector of women from rape and all sexual violence and oppression. She is, in fact, yet another manifestation of the Triple Goddess who is Virgin athlete as the Moon waxes, birth giver and Mother of Creatures when the Moon is Full, and the formidable Huntress and Destroyer Hecate when the Moon wanes to black.
It is no wonder Apollo feared her. He may be, in fact, the clearest archetype of the controlling solar male whose creativity can bring to birth all things save one, so that his deepest despising goes to the womb, and its owner. Is he feeling threatened again? Very likely. The Republican presidential candidate-to-be in this year's production of US White House Playhouse has chosen as his running mate a man who insists that a woman must bring to birth even a child seeded into her by a rapist. Another office seeker has used the term "legitimate rape" in public, and has claimed that a woman cannot be impregnated by an act of sexual violence. How are Apollo and a right wing politician different? Apollo at least grasped the basic biology of a link between semen, however it is delivered, and babies. What do the god and the human sexist have in common? Sexual neurosis so urgent that it drives one to seek political power, the other to declare that if you have your baby on my island, you die.
So Apollo and the male supremacist authorities he represents are obviously in the news again. Will Artemis be heard from too, and will she claim more of our attention in the two months ahead? She surely will, and the only question is which form she will take, and how she will act to defend the womb, the world and the very will to live when all are under threat. She'll appear as the archer, certainly, as production of the Hunger Games sequel is underway, and those who think we can beat Apollo at his pitiless game will get some short, vindictive thrills at seeing Katniss Everdeen draw her bow and nail a few thugs who've got it coming. Artemis is in action as the fearless protectress too, and this is why everyone from the priest to the president is terrified of Elizabeth Warren, and it is only a matter of time before Arundhati Roy takes up the Kali role again.
We will know we are getting somewhere, though, when we're able to redirect our view from arrows and arguments at the ends of the Artemis spectrum, and see her again in her central aspect as the birth giver called Di + Ana -- that is, "Goddess Anna" -- the Mother of Creatures, the inexhaustible treasure of the feminine in all her forms. Only Isis rivaled her in the range, fervor and tenacity of the devotion that was accorded to her throughout the ancient world, on both sides of the cultural divide between the Greco-Roman sphere, and Asia Minor. A statue like this one, in the Naples Museo Nazionale, stood in the Pantheon in Rome, and was one of many copies of Diana's magnificent image at her central temple in Ephesus, in what is now western Turkey. It was one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and as the most active of all centers of Mother Goddess worship, was the one early Christian authorities were most determined to destroy. It took centuries, from a call for the destruction of all Diana temples (Acts 19.27) until the 4th century, when the newly established Church razed the Ephesus temple and took its porphyry pillars away to Constantinople.
She is returning now, and none too soon. We honor her this week at the Water Woman festival here in Vilcabamba in heroic Ecuador, and we sing also the mysteries and the beauty of Demeter, and Aset (Isis), Lakshmi and Durga, and Pachamama, and also of those male energies who are the sacred masculine because they bond with the feminine in a spirit of love and service, seeking to complement and amplify her in the true hieros gamos that goes much deeper than a marriage, even a sacred one, as we usually imagine it, because it reaches out to the entire intentional field of spirit, enhancing and enriching it for the health and freedom of all. Sing with us if you like. The more we sing to and with the Goddess, the clearer and stronger our voices get. You'll see. Keep Holding That Frequency.

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