Mythic Prelude for September, 2011:
Hail, and welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for September, 2011. As you know if you're on or near the east coast of North America, from which I'd planned to send this writing that now has to be done from Lima before I can fly north, the United States has been shaken and stirred this month by an earthquake with its epicenter in Richmond, VA and now a hurricane. Weather threats and anomalies, some of which seem not to be caused by HAARP frequencies, chemtrails and other human actions, proliferate on our planet now, and through our solar system, as though to suggest that it's time we saw and acted upon the connection between the wrack and rage in our own hearts, and the tempests and tremors on our planet. Now that this month's essential text, David Wilcock's The Source Field Investigations, is flying off the shelves, more of us may be able to hoist aboard his key premise that our thoughts and emotions don't just impact the energetic Field on Earth and beyond, but actually create it.
Not only this -- but as Keith Wyatt shows in this month's essential video, The Quickening, human beings and our planet as a whole are experiencing "A heightened phase of activity on their way to growth and expansion." As the tempo of change in the physical environment and frequencies of vibration speed up in both the Earth and the Heart -- maybe that's why the two words have the same letters -- then today's cascading weather emergencies, economic and environmental crises are not "external" or accidental events happening at random, or even because Mother Earth is fighting to defend herself from pollution and other merely physical stress. Rather, the emotional stresses are far more impactful, and we are creating the tsunamis and the quakes, the high winds and the wildfires, through our implacable habits of discord and division, violence, greed, and fury, and every other centrifugal force that drives us apart and against each other, and causes us to rend and roil the natural energy Field around us.
If the visible realm is the ongoing, evolving product and hologram of our collective consciousness, then this is a month to watch, as concerted actions to bring about long-overdue economic and social change get more defiant and assertive, and go more rapidly viral. The 10 days of Sept. 17 - 26 may be crucial, beginning with occupation of major financial districts on both sides of the Atlantic, cresting at global meditations on the equinox, and climaxing with a spike in panic, fantasy and folly at the moment -- just before the Dark Moon is exact on Sept. 27 --when fear-trippers expect comet Elenin, even though it's reported to be disintegrating now, to work unimaginable woe on us, as we saw two months ago in Hive Heart.
Remember, remember the Wrath of September, or something like that, the crowds may be chanting on Sept. 17, echoing the rhyme heard every Nov. 5 since 1605, when Guy Fawkes -- as shown here in the Wachowski Brothers' electrifying V for Vendetta -- tried to blow up Parliament.
Thousands of these masks may be seen on the streets, via guerrilla media but probably not on mainstream TV, as cyberactivist teams organized by Anonymous and AdBusters begin their non-violent occupation of Wall St. Simultaneous actions are also planned in Madrid, Milan, London, Paris and San Francisco, and it would not be at all surprising if the people of Dublin, Athens and other capitals were to join with those who believe that our life on earth serves some aim nobler than the enrichment of a banking cartel. "We do not forgive," Anonymous warns. "We do not forget. Wall Street, expect us."
Which is better, and which is worse? To be so militant and unforgiving in one's righteousness, so caught in postures of judgment and blame, that it is not possible to Speak Peace, as Marshall Rosenberg titled his seminal book on Nonviolent Communication? Or to be narcotized, fooled and fatigued into such passivity, or such helpless, impotent rage, that no resistance, no action of any kind either way, is really possible? These questions are much on my mind as the astral dynamics of 1968 -- I was at Columbia University then -- come round again, and show how we have evolved toward a more inclusive compassion, yet how we are still stuck in the old adversarial reflexes, many of us still so steeped in duality that we feel naked without an enemy to blame and despise in a daily fix of media-stimulated fear.
Which way will we go? For a time, we will go both ways. But it will not be possible for those who hold on to bitter, turbulent addictions of the heart to remain where they are for long, playing the same scenarios of conflict and separation even as the price of their heartstorms surges higher into searing planetary pain. Something has to give. Either the accelerating pace of change, and the friction that comes as so many resist it, will heat our world into one continuous scream of exhaustion, or -- we will learn to dance together at higher speed.
We'll join local and global events like the Global Harmonizations that Circle of Sound plays at solstices and equinoxes to attune the planet and align her people in intentions of Acceptance, Compassion, Joy, Love, Peace and Unity. Gatherings like these have a way of uncorking joyous, Quickening moves, like this one by the boy who, his mother reports, ran to kiss his father with a passion he had never shown before.
At the very least, we will form, are forming, new alliances that galvanize our people toward shared goals of empowerment and freedom. We find and spread word of new resources like Go Gratitude's brief but extremely beautiful video, The Blooming Humans Heart Peace Project, dedicated to Joseph Campbell's belief that "One way or another, we all have to find what best fosters the flowering of our humanity in this contemporary life, and dedicate ourselves to that." Blooming Humans, like Awakening the World -- cited here last month -- is a heart project that aims to unite many hearts toward the same goal, until "Humanity re-awakens to our True Divine Nature . . . to live as one heart and thrive by cooperating in harmony with All Life."
Which specific actions will each one take to realize the generous, loving goals that you and I share? For me, the best and bravest choice, as I hit 67 and hear the advice of a dear old friend to give it all I've got, is to begin the journey of a lifetime. I'll hit the road for the next eight months, beginning with an Inspirational Speaking Tour that begins just after my next book, Surfing Aquarius, is published today, Sept. 1, by Weiser Books. From now to March 2012, I'll visit some 42 cities in the United States to talk and sing on the Living Aquarian themes of soul awakening, of collective intention and manifestation, of Earth-loving, active and heart-affirming celebration, and our capacity as individuals and as passionate, energized communities to shape the word as our artist's medium, charge it with the force of our will, cleanse it, tune it and make it whole and new.
I'll lead Dark and Full Moon gatherings, and special events like the Water Rites ceremony I'll do with Felina Lune Kavi in Omaha, Nebraska. I'll do An Evening with Rumi -- a new Facebook page on this will go up soon -- and I'll meet, resonate and play with thousands of people who know that now is the time, we are the ones, and we're here to play it for all it's worth. How do I prepare for an adventure like this, which could be my last, if only because a tour this long and diverse takes so much time that I need for the writing that comes next? I do it, we do it by living, building community and experiencing the daily medicine theatre of my home in the tranquil miracle of Pisac, Peru.
This town and Ollantaytambo are the two ancient temple complexes that enclose the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Urubamba River. What's so sacred about it? Part of the holiness is in the eternal mythic action of Sun and Moon, lightning and rain that bless Mother Pachamama with annual floods and astonishingly fecund soil -- as in the counterpart myth of Isis, Osiris and the abundance of the Nile -- and part of it is in the absolutely uniqueness of the Urubamba Valley. Consider this: it is literally true that maize, potatoes, tomatoes, quinoa, kiwicha and maca haven't just been growing here for a long time. They were born here. They all originated in this verdant nova of life force and explosive creativity.
Small wonder, then, that the people of Pisac are torrentially creative too, and that their famous market, which draws people from all over Peru and the rest of South America, is a riot of colors, sounds, flavors and textures in wool and alpaca, eucalyptus wood and bamboo, flutes and Andean pipes, silver and crystal and turquoise. And that native Pisaquenos and expats work together in practicing ayni, the most important of all the traditional Quechua virtues. It literally means reciprocity, and applies to everything from the bonds of love within a family to the mutuality of care and respect that binds friends together across differences of nationality and language, to the stewardship of the Earth, who returns the devotion of those who care for her by giving back an amazing variety of vegetables, fruit and grain.
The vibrant, authentic spirit of community that vivifies this place is unlike anything I have seen in any other place, where "spiritual community" is at best an assortment of sub-communities who have little interaction with each other. In Pisac, though, there is a constant crossover of beliefs and practices at hubs like Eroca Hunter's Portal Azul, which has its fingers in every empanada there is, and does much more than provide a friendly and safe environment for exploring the world of plant spirit medicine. And at Ayahuasca Wasi, where the master ceremonialists Diego Palma, Milagros Casaverde and German Virguez attract Eduardo Santana, River Sun and other superb musicians to ayahuasca rites that are as beautiful as they are healing and transformative.
Somehow the ones who are meant to be here find their gifts and their role, as ceremonialist, chef or clown, singer or jeweler or yogi, weaver, listener or space holder. And sometimes these discoveries manifest deeply-held longing and dreams, even if they are not understood until one arrives here. Pisac is full of stories like Ulrike Simic, who first came here as a tourist, fell in love with the place, created the town's Treffpunkt -- meeting place -- Ulrike's Cafe, and is still running it 18 years later. Another one whom Pisac loves, Diane Dunn, is the author of Cusco: The Gateway to Inner Wisdom and founder of Paz y Luz, the accommodation, healing and conference center that hosts retreats by visiting teachers and large-scale events that attract pilgrims and students from all over the world. Many come also to learn the shamanic healing rites of Munay Ki (Meaning "I love you" and "Be as you are") from Diane and Hetty Driessen, the Theta Healing master who is one of the stars of the extraordinary group of holistic practitioners who work with Paz y Luz.
Another is Julian Jurak, who leads Andean temescal sweat lodges and Wachuma (San Pedro) ceremonies -- see "Gate of Heaven" -- to various places in the Valley. The journey he guided to the beautiful Kinsaccocha lake valley near Pisac -- here is the mountain I call "God's Robe," with "God's Hat" at right --was my last ceremony before I left Peru. It was essential preparation for everything that now begins.
I was here to open communication and begin building trust with the inner child I'd never much wanted to meet, and simply to listen after asking what he needed to feel safe, and loved. I told him we'd want him back when it would be time to go in the late afternoon, but until then he could play with the sheep and the llamas, the ducks and the herons, and the shepherd boys who are blessed with nothing to do all day but tumble and clown around the meadow. As I watched them the other one who was much on my mind was the woman I loved in my early 30's, and who, I could see now, loved that part of me that now seemed lost, the playful, sexy, wild weird goofy boy I'd been before the worried man with his expectations and agendas appeared, and it was all over. I kept seeing her here in God's Robe, in this place that in its beauty is the closest thing I've seen in nature to the wonder of her face in its Saturn return at 29.
Twice a hawk flew directly over me, slowly, a though inviting me to see this valley, and the whole valley of life on Earth, through his eyes, and to feel what the condor, the eagle and the Horus falcon feel toward all the life that moves in their domain under their matchlessly attentive eye. As clearly as I could, under the powerful effect of the medicine, I wrote this: Here I feel the hawk descending, embracing my back between his wings, lifting me to the vision of what is essential and eternal, under all the flash and flow of the wanting and the dying, the doing and the losing, the treasuring and holding. I see with the authority of ancient eyes that simply hold space without needing to be named or felt or seen. I hold the safety of each one like the jaguar sitting in the top if his tree, like the dog who stays out of sight and works unseen.
This is how I look now, and I look at the world, as shown through the master eye of photographer Michael Costuros, whose coaching and friendship -- and Kundalini yoga taught by his wife Kim Iglinsky -- were invaluable for preparing me for this journey. Pisac has had this effect on them, on me, on all who accept its invitation and challenge to live as we must now, immediately, spontaneously under fluid conditions, playing like an ace, the moment it is dealt, every chance to act at once in joyous service.
I'll start my tour at East West Bookshop in Seattle on Sept. 7, and before I do there's one more essential thing: to join Singing Alive this weekend in Cosmopolis WA with Morgan Brent and others who'll spend 4 days singing the music of Kirtan, Sufi, Orisha, Gospel, Native American, "Omward" and other traditions "are multi-cultural, coming to us from many eras and lands far and near. Together they tell a perennial story, a Gaian dharma, so often forgotten, yet so joyfully remembered, of the Great work of spiritual evolution."

Here's a secret. The best way to get ready to speak is, as it turns out, to spend a few days singing. If everyone who speaks, whether live or over electronic media, had to sing before opening his mouth, the quality of our private and public discourse, and everything else, would change in an instant. We'd be so much more connected in Unity, and in voices that Speak Peace and Beauty. We'd be Holding That Frequency.


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