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Dramatis Personae



Persons of the Play, in Order of their Appearance:



Isis, Queen of Egypt, sister and wife of Osiris, mother of Horus, Neter of fertility and birth, and Mother Goddess revered from Egypt throughout the world. Her cow's horns represent her role as nurturer; the lunar disk between them symbolizes the forces of intuition, compassion and renewal. Her headdress is in the form of a vulture, the most fiercely protective of all birds.


Ma'at, Neter of Truth. See Ma'at the Merciful.

Osiris, King of Egypt, brother and husband of Isis, father of Horus, Neter of masculine vitality, love abundance.



Thoth, Neter of the Moon, inventor of letters, astronomy and prophecy, Prime Minister of Egypt, husband of Ma'at. See More About Thoth



Set, Lord of the desert Red Lands outside the Nile Valley, Neter of chaos and destruction, brother and enemy of Osiris, brother and would-be lover of Isis and uncle and would-be lover of Horus


Nephthys, Neter of love and beauty, keeper of the well of secrets, sister and wife of Set, sister of Isis and Osiris



Anubis, Neter of Medicine, Conductor of Souls to the Duat, Son of Osiris and Nephthys


The Blind Harpist Agir, who comforts Isis

on her journey across the desert

to Byblos




Melkarth, King of Byblos, hunter of lions, creator of the Army


Astarte, Queen of Byblos,

Goddess of Love

from the Country of the Sun



Horus, brother and son of Isis and Osiris, nephew of Set and Nephthys, half-brother of Anubis. He is the Neter of Light, the falcon-headed hero who protects the realm from Chaos, and is embodied in every living Pharoah.


Ra, Neter of the Sun, whose rule maintains the order of the visible Universe


Various Citizens, Soldiers, Servants, Conspirators and others are played by an ENSEMBLE of actors, accompanied in parts of the play by the CELEBRANTS, who have the freedom to participate actively in the story, and are also free to sit and watch. The Celebrants have the most important role of all, as they are the ones who collectively decide the outcome of the play.


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