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How Accurate Do You Really Want It?


Hello, and thanks for coming to cast your vote in the How Much Truth? Referendum.


Our actors are all on break now, so we ask you to read a few things, take your vote, and you'll be on to another papyrus in no time.


Here's the Question:


Should Anubis should be allowed, at this point in the play, to join the storytelling -- through clairvoyant images, voice, or any means -- of scenes at which he was not present?


Should We:


(1) Allow Anubis and his clairvoyant images to appear now.

(2) Forbid Anubis to appear yet, since he wasn't in this scene in the original story, but allow his clairvoyant images to be seen when appropriate later.

(3) Forbid Anubis to appear yet, and do not allow his clairvoyant images to be shown at all, as they have no bearing on the story.


Cast Your Vote Here!


THOTH KHU appears, followed by others as SET and ANUBIS speak.



Thank you. I agree with you that Choice Number 2, to let Anubis show his images later, is the fairest.


Well done. We look forward to seeing your images, Anubis. Later. And he has some snazzy images, doesn't he?


Set, if you say as I'm leaving that I have the best Nose on the Nile, I will say an obelisk of words before I go.


No Need. Thanks for giving me the solo scene.

SET KHU vanishes, returns to Scene Eight:We Are All Free, We're Sure of It! THOTH and ANUBIS KHUs fade as the Earth bodies of the two enter the Space.


I still don't grasp it, Anubis. How can you try to enter this scene when you know you're not in it? Please say it's just to irritate Set, and I'll understand.


It's not that.


Then what? This has never happened before.


Doing this same show the same way every day is about to drive me mirage. I just got into this story, and already I want to get out of it, and just go run.


What happened?


I thought as long as I showed up in one of Set's scenes, it would be all right. He could do all the talking. But I can't stand it. We became Neters to do something of value for the Earth, right? Did we become Neters to see how many million times Set gets to call you the Beak with the Streak, and says to me, The Nose, I Suppose? How does this have value for the Earth?


Who proves the value of anything in the first act? And -- (Gestures toward CELEBRANTS:) -- what about them? You may be tired of this show, but to them you're a fresh new face that they've just met, they hardly know anything about you, and you just want to check out?


Hello again, everyone. It's nothing personal against you. You know that. I'd be more comfortable if I were one of those who talk so well. But I'm not a mouth, I'm a nose. It's getting so boring.


Then take a run. Go on! Now. Come back you know when.

(ANUBIS exits, his KHU appears, transmutes into a DOG, vanishes.)


Well, everyone. To go forward in the story, you're going to be in Set's clutches -- I'm sorry, in Set's hands -- for a while. Good luck to you all.


If you'd like to continue, your two recommended choices are:

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For Background, go to Stories of Thoth and Ma'at


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