Scene Seven:

Uncle Set Wants You!


 THOTH KHU appears as the ENSEMBLE become People from the Red Land, hereafter called REDS, prepare OSIRIS' and ISIS' Throne Room


Some of the events you are about to see unfold, and which you may help to create, may be surprising for you, but they are not at all new or disturbing

to the Neters. We know how all of this must go. The story does not carry

for us the same emotional charge that it had the first time, when we didn't

see it coming. After that, we knew what Set would do, how to prepare,

others even knew how it would feel the first time.

MUSIC: We All Are Free! SET appears. LIGHTS up as REDS move the BOX in. It is covered but clearly resembles a coffin.

It is easy to look back and wonder how Osiris could mistake another Neter for his own wife, how he didn't notice Anubis was his son, and didn't smell what Set was up to. The sentiment was heard among the people that there were brighter gods than Osiris.



Thanks, Bird Boy. And with that, ladies and gentlemen--are you done?


Almost. The only thing left to tell you all is that this is a free land, and here Neters, humankind and animals are free to say and do what they will. The question now is: how far will you stretch your ethics? If you're inclined to give them a real workout, well, the master of all recruiters is here.

SET: No pain, no gain.
THOTH: Set will not ask you to sell him your soul. Just be very careful about renting it to him, even if for only a few minutes, since he doesn't like to own anything very long. And now, without further delay, the Chaos Principle, the Muscle Master, the Director of Death himself, Set!


Thank you again. Are we complete with this?


I only present my own view of Osiris before we go.


I knew this was too good to be true. Take your time. Singing excuses over here, please. Dancing excuses here.


No need. Osiris was so completely tuned to the frequency of love, he had it spinning so actively inside and near him all the time, that there was no opening in his energy field where fear could get in. Everything he saw was a mirror of the love he gave. He did not know how to get out of the way. How could he be suspicious?


Good evening. (All KHUs vanish as SET enters the space. To REDs:) Here, give these people something to drink. They're about to drop from this endless talking. Does anyone here know how to treat the body? (To CELEBRANTS:) As you can taste, we have some cool tea made with Basil, thyme, peppermint and red raspberry.


(KHU's appear at once.) What?!


I try to give the people what they want, my dears. How come you didn't play the herbs any sooner? It's called stealing your material, ladies. Welcome to the Earth. (To CELEBRANTS:) Ever notice, ladies and gentlemen, how those who represent Truth here keep interrupting me whenever I want to speak with you? Is that freedom? (KHUs vanish.) Thyme is good for resolution, ladies and gentlemen, for waking up your body and your spirit again. If you want to know the other herbs, my sisters are far more expert than I. For now, please just enjoy the tea. I like it. As you can see from our play, everyone, when there is too much order and peace in the world, then the tempo of things gets so slow and dense that it starts to drive us crazy. Have you had that feeling too? It's called:

SET and REDs:

Boredom! (They laugh, then lead audience in stretches during the following:)


So we don't waste your valuable time, folks, and please loosen your bodies here with us if you like. You will soon have a choice between Osiris and me. Only one of us may live, that is, up here, on the Earth. My petition to you is based on the proven injustice Osiris has worked against the Red Earth and its people. When the five Neters were born, and I don't know why Thoth didn't tell you about this too, maybe he was asleep at the quill--

THOTH: (Off:)

He was not. The Link is Here, and as usual, you weren't paying attention. And Bird beings do not use quills.


Whatever they use. Here's the story.

 Thoth KHU vanishes. SET alone with CELEBRANTS:



Hey. I'm just here, ladies and gentlemen, let's understand one another, to get rid of all living things. That's right, I carry them away. Have you seen anything on Earth not die yet lately? Me neither. Someone has to pick it up sooner or later, and that's where I come in. Nobody runs sanitation better than me. Who is running this show? I know, sometimes it seems even we don't know. But you know. Osiris is the ultimate vitality, so for me, he's the biggest challenge there is. What else can I do? When we were born, the laws were that the Black Land by the river, the lotus land where the river spreads in branches to the sea, belongs to Osiris and his people. The Red Land, where the lions run, belongs to my people, and to me.

But now the Black Empire spreads every year. The flood plain grows. It swallows the Red Land. Our country is flooded, and then it belongs to Osiris and you. And then more floods, more farms, and we lose more land. Am I to watch in silence as our whole country is taken? Would you? You probably would. What is the point of telling this to you, when you're the people of Osiris? Osiris loves humans. He wants to have as many of you as possible. But the more of you there are, the less of the Red Earth we have. We have no quarrel with you. We're fighting for our lives. Osiris is not a bad Neter, but his power must be balanced by something. You know in your bones this is right. Give one person all the power, and not only will he sneer at you later, he'll start to turn stupid and incompetent almost overnight. In a week or two he won't even know how to peel a mango. I won't lie to you by trying to hide what I think you don't want to hear. The country is in danger because the King neglects it. The monarch who "rules" Egypt (REDS laugh:) stares at books and stars for days at a time. He has a brilliant mind. But as a king? This is a man to whom, and I'm as amazed by this as you are, all women actually smell the same. Now please don't misinterpret me, I have all the respect in the world for the King. But we do need a more ahhh, grounded individual in the seat of power. And we need a little commotion here! Ah. When some of you hear this, your breath draws deeper and your eyes light up. Some of you are still a little wild, you hate living in all these boxes and rules. You know who you are. If you'd like a little excitement, or if you don't want this tortoise of a story to put you to sleep, we have an adventure for you. It's called

 MUSIC up: We Are All Free!


If you'd like to kick up some dust with us, the hunters and warriors who've come with me have tokens here for those who'd like to join us. Those who don't join had best be off at the side. For now, we ask you to join us as the people from the Red Earth. We invited Osiris to feast with us while Isis and Anubis are away. I'm going to get him interested in this.

 He pulls cover off BOX. It is fashioned of precious, fragrant wood, covered with color and design in carnelian, lapis lazuli and gold. The BOX is made exactly to the proportions of OSIRIS' body.


I know. It entices me too. Ladies and gentlemen, we ask you to resonate with the theme of our feast: We Are All Free! This is the anthem of our country, and we are honored to sing it here. Sing with us if you want. The good news is that you get the excitement of being in a revolution. The challenging news is that if you join us, you have to do what I tell you until the scene is over. Hit it!

 SET and REDs sing and dance, and get CELEBRANTS to join them.


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