The People's Choice:

Cast Your Vote on What to Do About the Grain Secret,

At Least for Now


LIGHTS UP as OSIRIS moves to his throne, sits, and is soon joined by ENSEMBLE, who enter to assist him. Note that when NETERS are not present, ENSEMBLE members may appear costumed as them, this time as (L-R) NEPHTHYS, AMENET and ISIS.


Knowing what I know now, I want to ask what you would do. Do I release the Grain Secret, knowing how much pain it will cause you? Or do I keep hiding it, and block your creativity? How do I serve freedom, yet do what I can to protect you? Any idea? As you see, you have the power of decision on this.

Instructions appear on screens as SCRIBES poll CELEBRANTS and note results with styli on wax tablets. .


Even if we can't always deliver royal treatment, at least you do get the royal scribes, who are passing among you now, and will ask you to choose one of four positions: (1) Reveal the Grain Secret at once, (2) Reveal the Grain Secret later in the story, (3) Reveal the Grain Secret when human beings are wise enough to use it responsibly; (4) Conceal the Grain Secret indefinitely. We ask you to make your decision quickly, and give it to one--only one!--of the scribes.

OSIRIS crosses back to his terrace. MUSIC from "Discrimination" plays softly as SCRIBES complete the poll, reporting their counts to the CHIEF SCRIBE, who goes to show his tablet to the King. At his signal, SCRIBES exit. MUSIC transmutes into "We Are All Free!" as soon as OSIRIS refers to SET.


You've decided to hear the Grain Secret at a later time. My choice too, by the way. And then there's Set, and the question of how and how soon he'll get the Grain Secret to you. You will get to be at one of his recruiting events in a little while, and you can change your mind then if you like.

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