Scene Forty:

The Garden of Love


Now that the human CELEBRANTS have resolved all dualities into unity by their mastery of love, most of the NETERs have exited. As THOTH and MA'AT KHUs fly away and disappear, Only ISIS, HORUS and ANUBIS remain. As he speaks, HORUS hands his crown and regalia to ENSEMBLE.


What now indeed. Our play is over. And you people no longer need a King. All you really need is a surveyor. That's what this stick is for. You are free. Good luck with that. Please use it kindly. (To ISIS:) Is it time?


He smells like a whole orchard.


Yes. (Simultaneous. OSIRIS' voice is Off in VO.)

OSIRIS KHU appears. He looks as he did in his last scene: green face and hands, dressed in white, but now in with a gold and green pharoah's headress, holding the crook, flail, ankh and uas symbols.


My work has just become effortless. Are the humans suddenly practicing love with great skill?


 They are getting the hang of it.


Yes. They were made and born for it.


You're no longer making war on hemp and vines and the brothers and sisters who give us cloth and medicine?

Congratulations. I don't need to watch the plants all the time? I can do something else for a while. Don't need these!

OSIRIS KHU pitches the crook and flail upward, and they vanish. His face and hands rapidly change color from green to flesh tones as KHU dissolves and OSIRIS enters in his natural color, dressed in a priest's skirt. He hands his ankh and uas to ANUBIS, embracing him, then goes to ISIS.






A little walk after we sing?


In the garden under the moon, we might think of something. (To HORUS and ANUBIS:) Will we see you tomorrow?


Maybe. It's time to run. (To CELEBRANTS:) Bless you! I could smell your goodness all along. (Exits. ANUBIS KHU appears, runs away.)


I believe you should have some private time. Have an exhilarating evening there in the orange trees.


(To CELEBRANTS:) When you are light, I am with you. I see the divinity in you.

Exit. HORUS KHU appears with The Garden of Love MUSIC, then flies to the top of the Space, flying in a small circle at the center, then fades as the last song begins.


We bid you good night now, and we thank you for the honor of your company.


We invite you to join us in one more song before we go. Please sing with us in the place that you have created: The Garden of Love.

MUSIC up as ISIS, OSIRIS and ENSEMBLE form CELEBRANTS into a circle. Words to the song appear, projected on the walls.

The Garden of Love


In the garden of love

In the breast of the Earth

In the voices of freedom

And the beauty of birth

In the warmth of the sun

And the kiss of the moon

When the mind is in stillness

And the heart is in tune.

We practice love to heal the land

We hold the joy that calms the sea

We know the holiness of freedom

And of all the life we see.

We practice love to heal the sky,

We accept divinity,

  For men and women everywhere

   Must surely have the right

And the duty to be free.

As the song proceeds MA'AT, THOTH, HORUS, SET, NEPHTHYS and ANUBIS re-enter and take their places in the circle. They and ENSEMBLE repeat song with ISIS, OSIRIS and CELEBRANTS. NIGHT SKY appears. NETERS move through CELEBRANTS and exit, The Garden of Love MUSIC continues, led at end by ENSEMBLE.

In the Garden of Love (Conclusion:)



In the garden of love, the waters are laughing.

The lion, enchanted, is greeting the dove.

The children swim and sing on a crocodile's belly,

The ibis dances, the flamingo's on tour.

In the garden of love, every language is holy,

Every lover is burning with a flame of delight.

The trees are thick and green with the sap of the morning,

Bees in the meadow, crickets at night.

In the garden of love, the people sit listening,

The nightingale sings his caress to the moon.

The grain keeps coming, and the shoot and the glory

Of seeds in explosion,

Of grapes in their purples

And ducks in desire

And lovers in tune.


All blessings to all! And good night!


End of Play



Copyright 2002 Dan Furst



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