Scene Thirty-Eight:

Finally, The Last Battle. I'll Burn It Down!


HORUS emerges from the Cave, and meets THOTH, who restores the right eye of HORUS.


 This means Set is whole again.


 Yes. He burns to punish you for making him the wine waitress.


(To CELEBRANTS:) Friends, and it is my intention that we be friends, even if I keep taking you for granted--

SET enters, now armored in black, copper and jade. The back of his heart is now heavily armored with a spiked metal plate.


Such modesty! You're doing splendidly. (To CELEBRANTS:) Hello, everyone. Have you ever seen anyone place himself on the hook like this? Neither have I. Don't be surprised what Horus does. He's a boy, and boys can say and do silly things. If he were really a dimbird, would he have survived against me? Ha! (To HORUS:) In five? (HORUS nods, exits as Neters enter to their places around the Frying Pan as before. To CELEBRANTS:) How'd you like the wine? Me too. While Horus is getting into his crystal pants, I get to tell you the rules have changed. You may join in the battle. Those who don't want to join either side can watch from this fortress (LIGHT reveals Wall assembled from PYLON STONES). Whichever side you choose, the rules are that you may not touch your opponents. You may touch the ones on your side. Since you can't strike anyone, how can you help? By singing. Right?

HORUS enters as before, with MIRROR SHIELD and LIGHT SLING. He applauds SET.


Absolutely. Beautifully presented. (To CELEBRANTS:) Good evening.


Take it? (Exits.)


There is nothing duller, friends, than doing this story with a fort full of people who hide in there so they don't have to sing. Your body is the finest musical instrument in nature. A person who won't sing is deaf to his own beauty. He can't be free. We ask you to join us here and sing. We will each ask you to help us. Whichever side you join, please make up your minds and move quickly, whatever you do, or the next person who says good evening may as well say good morning, we've kept you so long. Set?

ENSEMBLE brings in MIRROR SHIELDS for themselves and AUDIENCE. Each has an easily switchable black cloth cover, which the user can pull into place or remove to side with HORUS (the MIRROR which reflects light) or SET (BLACK CLOTH that absorbs light). I'll Burn It Down music begins under.)


Hello and here we go, everyone. (Picks up SHIELD.) You don't need to be a priest or a poet to figure this one out. With the cover pulled back and the Mirror showing, this reflects and increases light and what else, I wonder? With the cover on, it swallows light and absorbs heat. So if you like your life a little hotter and riskier, then get your shield, put that black condom on it and join me here in the center. This is where people like us belong. Other than that--hey. We're beyond persuasion now. You know what I stand for: if you'd like to sweep through life and burn it down, come on in! The best thing is, you can join my army and then desert a minute from now and fight on the other side, and get away with it, right? (Exits.)


Last call on the fort, ladies and gentlemen, for those who don't want to join the Battle. You can go there and watch. Our main question is, if you only want to watch, what are you doing in this story? If you've fallen in here by mistake or an energy dip from some other density, and you're wondering how to get back out, we'll help you. Why do we tell you all this? The fort wasn't in the story the first million times we played it. We had to put it in when people started to feel shy and embarassed about doing anything in front of other people, even things that are so natural, like singing and dancing. There were so many of these people that we had to have a place to get them out of the way. For a while we kept up the illusion that the ones who wanted the fort were helping us build it. Now, who cares? These blocks are made of what? Baked air? A pigeon could lift one. We ask you all to take a side, ideally both. Conflict is the weight and peril of this density. How can you not experience it? It is inescapable here.


We're about to begin.




Please sing and move with us. Black shields with Set in the center, Mirror shields in the outer circle. You may touch another person only if you are on the same side. You can turn your back on me and not get hurt. But can you turn your back on--!


(Sing:) I'll burn it down. (Repeat.)

ENSEMBLE actors and CELEBRANTS who join SET at the beginning, take black shields and lead the circle, moving right [counterclockwise].)


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my terrifying opponent, my appalling adversary, the principle of pain and the mover of doom--


The time for action has arrived!

SET enters costumed for battle as before, but this time with a terrifying black helmet in the shape of the Desert Dog's head, with large, angular ears sweeping back and up, and a sharp snout thrusting forward. LIGHTS: Red, with Fire Light effects. AROMA: thyme.

I'll Burn It Down


You want to play with fire?

And you can stand the heat?

The burning hand of desire,

The hunger in your feet, to move now.

Come take your power. (Repeat.)



Come take your power.

I'll burn it down (Repeat.) Now.


And they will honor your name.

And cut your name in the wall,

To leave your track in the sand

To make your memories,

To make them whisper your name

In the time coming after.

To make them write your name in fire.

Write your name in fire (Repeat.)


Write your name in fire (Repeat.)

We Are for the Dew of Morning MUSIC begins. HORUS enters as before, with MIRROR SHIELD and LIGHT SLING. LIGHTS shift to blue and purple. AROMA: lavender.

We Are for the Dew of Morning


We are for the dew of morning.

For the grain that waves abundant,

For the soul that flies in ecstasy,

For the life of the river

The joy of the giver

The heart of the lover

And the bliss of the rain.


We are for the lovers' bodies,

For the friends who will embrace us,

For the love that flows in melody,

For the music of laughter

The peace that comes after

The taste of some sweetness

In the garden of love.

Love. (Repeat.)

HORUS and part of ENSEMBLE lead the MIRROR ARMY as they move left [Clockwise]. HORUS and ENSEMBLE begin to put down their shields, touch each other between the heart and throat, and embrace each other. As MUSIC rises, they form a circle, linked with arms on each other's shoulders, surrounding SET and the BLACK ARMY at the center.

We Are for the Dew of Morning Chorus Continues:


The garden of love.

Love. (Repeat in long toning.)

CRYSTAL BOWL in F# and strings reinforce toning in F#. SET is in growing discomfort.


You bet!

He attacks HORUS, who stuns him with a LIGHT BOLT. THOTH exits. HORUS approaches SET. ISIS, NEPHTHYS, MA'AT and ANUBIS take their places at the cardinal points of the outer circle and THOTH KHU appears above. LIGHT beams connect THOTH KHU with the four NETERs in the outer circle, forming a four-cornered PYRAMID of LIGHT. As LOVE Toning continues, SET weakens. HORUS, other NETERS, ENSEMBLE and CELEBRANTS drop their shields and converge on SET. He tears off his helmet, wipes the sweat from his brow, raises his blade halfheartedly once more, then gives his sword to THOTH and stands. HORUS moves toward him, and embraces him. SET recoils, then accepts, bursting into tears. SET embraces HORUS, then others as MUSIC fades out. Very long pause.


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