Scene Thirty-Five:

Set says I'm Here for Action

and Horus sings I Fly For Joy

The First Battle Begins.


I'm Here for Action MUSIC begins. SFX: horses neighing, chariot wheels. SET enters in his CHARIOT, dressed in armor of copper, silver and lapis azuli, and armed for combat.


I'm Here for Action



I'm here for action, I want a thrill. (Repeat.)

I'm gonna teach you some motion

That you'll never forget

In the severest explosion

That you ever have met.

I will smack you with the power

Of the stroke of the sun

And bounce you off a mountain

When I am done.

I'm here for trouble.

I'm here for pain.


 I'm here for trouble.

 I'm here for pain.

 I want some action.

 I want a thrill. (Repeat.)

SET: (Over MUSIC as singing continues:)

Ladies and gentlemen, the time for language is gone. We're here to flamdazzle you with the finest combat entertainment in the visible universe. And now, please welcome (MUSIC shifts to I Fly for Joy:) the most promising young talons to step on our stage since the wave particle of Being itself, the Hawk of pure intention, Horus!

HORUS enters, enveloped in a cloud, armored in turquoise, amethyst and gold, with the MIRROR SHIELD on his left arm, the LIGHT SLING in his right.


I Fly for Joy (To hear this song, click here.)




I fly for joy, I live in love.

I've got spiritual frequencies

That guard me from above.

If I could only be like Osiris,

With lotus flowers in my shoes

And a mind so light, and heart so bright

That they were never introduced to the blues.

I need your help, I need your prayer.

I've got metaphysical alliances

That are waiting in the air,

But without your full love energies

I haven't got a rumor of a chance

The only way I win is in the will of your heart

And I invite you to join me in the dance.

The BATTLE begins as I'm Here for Action and I Fly for Joy continue and blend. WEAPON KHU images appear and fly through the space as SET throws his spears and fires his arrows at HORUS, who either dissolves them with bolts from the LIGHT SLING, or avoids them. HORUS also fires LIGHT BOLTS that either miss SET or explode into bursts of light on impact with his body, but do not faze him. Then the two go toward the center, circling each other at closer range, SET now brandishing a sword. ISIS takes her position at SET's back, and NEPHTHYS and ANUBIS move to their points in the square, they and HORUS all moving in a square arround SET.


You have allies.




I doubt it. If you step in the ring, you relish the risk, right?

HE lunges suddenly at NEPHTHYS and swings at her. She barely jumps out of the way, and backs away. The square reforms and keeps turning.


(To ISIS:) What are you sending at my back? (Turning, his back now to NEPHTHYS, and ANUBIS:) And you? And you?

SET turns, and sees HORUS scooping a ball of light from his heart into LIGHT SLING. SET moves on HORUS with huge, wide strokes until HORUS hits him on the forehead with a bolt of LIGHT, stunning him. HORUS now grapples from behind, holding his own heart directly at the heart of SET's back. SET visibly begins to weaken, then roars and arches into a backward jump. HORUS releases him and the square forms again around SET as he picks up his sword and whirling faster now, swings toward HORUS in immense strokes. HORUS eludes him until SET tricks HORUS by deliberately overswinging and exposing his back. As HORUS moves to grapple him from behind again, SET reverses, swings his free hand and catches HORUS' head. HORUS turns, shouts in pain, and staggers back, falling. SET stops, opens his free hand, and a blaze of blue-white light flashes in his palm. HORUS recovers, looks toward SET. The left eye socket of HORUS is dark. SET has taken HORUS' left eye. THOTH exit as soon as he sees this. SET now advances again on HORUS. HORUS eludes SET a little, but SET soon has him down, and pinned for the last blow. As he raises his sword, THOTH KHU, in Ibis form, swoops at SET, buzzing him and sending him off balance.


(To THOTH:) Will you stop that?


(To THOTH:) Are you crazy?



THOTH KHU buzzes SET again. This time SET swings and takes off a few tail feathers, which fall from above into the Space as THOTH squawks and his KHU appears directly over Center Space. He is startled, not wounded. A LIGHT TETRAHEDRON now appears, with ISIS, NEPHTHYS and ANUBIS at the floor corners, MA'AT at the apex, enclosing SET and HORUS. THOTH KHU vanishes, and THOTH re-enters.


Will you please stop this? If I hit you, and I will, your bird meat body will be a holiday dinner for some lucky family of six.


I believe you. This combat business is not for the faint of heart. Did you always have no fear? Or did you learn by the warrior's art to transmute it?


I have no fear.


What does drive you?


I am joyous at the moment when life becomes death. I feel rage at betrayal. That is all. And I won't even feel that if I keep talking to you. Nice diversion, Beakster. But it's decision time.

He turns, lifting his blade, to discover that ISIS is seated with HORUS' head in her lap, with NEPHTHYS and MA'AT flanking her. ISIS has dressed HORUS' eye, and has covered it with a gold patch held by a headband. MA'AT steps into SET's path as he winds up to swing.


I invoke the truth.




(Simultaneous:) What?

Another Impasse!


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