Scene Twenty-Seven:

Horus is Born!


It is still the moonlit evening after the consecration ceremony. To the He is Born melody, ISIS enters and goes up the steps into the BOAT, where THOTH whispers to her. She takes a very deep breath, starts dancing again, then suddenly dissolves in a whoop of laughter. She goes within. THOTH and ANUBIS place gold screens in front of the BOAT door, then leave the BOAT and move to the edges of the Space.

   Within the BOAT and the Space, red, orange, yellow and green lights flash in sequence, and as the music builds, green blends into blue, blue into indigo, indigo into purple. The purple light grows in intensity, becoming flashes of purple, white and gold light. The BOAT cracks in the center, and the sides fall away, showing OSIRIS on a lion couch. ISIS FALCON KHU arises from behind the couch, and flies over OSIRIS.


FALCON KHU circles OSIRIS, flies over him in figure 8s, then begins to fly slowly up his body from feet to head. On the 3d pass, she hovers as a shaft of light shoots up from OSIRIS' genital area, into FALCON KHU. Reprise of He is Born (Scene 21), ENSEMBLE and CELEBRANTS sing, led by THOTH and ANUBIS:

He is Born!


He is planted, he is born (Repeat.)


He is planted, he is born.

I see him now with the loins of a lion in spring,

And with wings that can race through the earth.


He is born. (Now after each 2 lines:)


He is born with the gaze of a falcon

And the voice of a bullock at birth.


He is born with an eye for justice

And a heart for mercy's rain.

He is born in tune with the Sun and Moon

And planets peaceful in their train.


He is born. (Same rhythm, new harmonies.)


He is born in love's geometry,

He is tracing the lines that lead to the free.


He is born! (Repeat.)

FALCON KHU remains above OSIRIS. As music climaxes, there is a brilliant flash of blue-white light, then HORUS KHU appears above the FALCON, so the three NETERW are aligned. OSIRIS now changes color, his face from flesh tone to green, his bandages from white to green, as hoots and stalks of new plants shoot upward out of his body. OSIRIS KHU appears around his body in white and green, lapis lazuli and gold. All three KHUs rise and dissolve. LIGHTS out.

LIGHTS up. OSIRIS, minus all the plant growth, is at center stage, now inside the small PAPYRUS BOAT. ISIS enters and steps into the PAPYRUS BOAT. It moves, as though powered by ISIS' own energy. HORUS and NEPHTHYS KHUs appear above the small boat and move with it.


Osiris is in the Earth, sending his energy upward, greening the world from below. You'll see him again later, when other royal decisions have to be made. He is hardly dead. The main news now is much happier. The Queen and the King have finally done it. Isis has the manchild, the sunchild of Osiris growing in her now.

ANUBIS enters, walking in relation to the BOAT as though scouting the river bank to protect the BOAT. PAPYRUS REEDS appear to one side of the Space, and the BOAT heads into them. Traces of He is Born music continue under. LIGHTS fade to night.


Finally, after Isis had found all the parts of Osiris and founded the new temples that were sacred to him, where the ritual play of the Passion of Osiris would be performed again and again, as it still is for you right now, the time came for Horus to be born. Isis and Nephthys sailed in a boat made of papyrus, because everyone knows this plant is sacred, and even a crocodile won't attack a papyrus boat, and the fugitives found cover in the densest papyrus swamps along the river. Anubis scouted the land near the river and I watched from up here for any sign of trouble, because Set knew the divine Sun child who could grow up to defeat him was about to be born. He sent patrols of men from the Red Land (SFX: horses' hooves, shouts from male voices; LIGHT: torches flickering) to

find the boy and destroy him. Isis gathered her allies (KHU appear): Sobek the crocodile; Selket the Scorpion, protector of children at birth; Renenutet, the serpent who wards off illness and brings good fortune. Soon, when the men from the Red Land began to find their

comrades floating down the River (SFX: male screams,

splashes in the river), their bodies bloated, their faces and fingers twisted. Or some- one found an arm drifting here or there, still wearing the copper bracelet or arm- band of the Red Land, as if Sobek the Crocodile had devoured everything else but had left this one piece uneaten and easy to find as a warning. Soon the Reds began to think more about self-preserva- tion. They told Set they'd found the baby, cut him in 14 pieces, and fed him to the River fish. Set smiled. So did the Neters who welcomed the Son of Isis. Horus was born.

He is Born music continues as LIGHTS fade on birth tableau.


End of Act Three


NOTE on Intermission after Act Three: ENSEMBLE clear the stage as this relatively long interval begins, and bring the TEMPLE PYLON into the center of the Space. The inside of the pylon portal is a working holistic healing chamber, with color filters and aromas. The PYLON is placed directly over transducer speakers in the floor of the Space, so that those who stand or walk inside the pylon can receive sound frequencies through their feet. Herbal teas are also served during this interval.


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