Scene Twenty-Six:

At the Temple, The Rain is Free!


The Rain is Free MUSIC starts again. The ENSEMBLE and CELEBRANTS have finished building the temple pylon. ISIS and NEPHTHYS take their positions to the right of the pylon entrance. ANUBIS stands at the prow of the BOAT, which other ENSEMBLE and CELEBRANTS are pulling into position at the left of the pylon. MA'AT and THOTH KHUs appear, circle the Space and descend when the singing begins. During the following ISIS comes down from the BOAT as chief mourner in the procession. She, the other NETERW and ENSEMBLE lead all CELEBRANTS in the singing; and ISIS, NEPHTHYS and MA'AT lead WOMEN CELEBRANTS in the dance of grief.  


Thank you for bearing us this far. Please join us now in consecrating this new temple to the Lord of Life, Osiris. We encourage the women to walk here at the front, where our ladies Isis, Nephthys and Ma'at will show you the dance of grief. We ask men to assist us with incense, banners and bells. Let the hymns begin!

The Rain is Free MUSIC up. ISIS and NEPTHYS lead the mourning dancers at the head of the procession. Behind them ENSEMBLE assist ANUBIS in carrying a casket shaped in OSIRIS' image -- but half his size -- out of the boat toward the temple gate. ANUBIS and ENSEMBLE now carry down from the BOAT a large, superbly crafted DJED, the symbol of the sacrum of OSIRIS sacrum. They will place it inside the temple gate.

The Rain is Free


The heat!  (Repeat)

The clouds have come red at morning,

The dry leaves dance their warning.

On the ground, the dust is burning.

In the wind, the dry blood smell is turning

Life away.


The fear! (Repeat)


The golden wheat is dying,

No one hears the cracked Earth crying,

Cobra's eggs unhatched are lying.

Even love will soon go flying

To the sky again.

MA'AT and THOTH KHUs descend and vanish, and the two enter, singing. MA'AT goes to help teach the dance of grief.


Lady Isis, hear your country.


Feel her thirst, her longing, her pain.


Lady Isis, hear your people.

Hear! (Repeat.) Hear their hearts!

Hold! (Repeat.) Hold their dreams!

Save! (Repeat.) Save the grain!

ENSEMBLE have guided CELEBRANTS to their positions at the pylon and gate. ISIS stands in the gate, at the top step. NEPHTHYS and ANUBIS bear the DJED up the steps, where ISIS blesses it with water, incense and lotus petals, then places the DJED in a socket that will hold it later when it is raised upright. For now the DJED leans to one side, supported by poles, draped in white linen banners.


Thank you, beloved friends. We all feel our grief for our Lord Osiris. I feel it every time we build a new temple to our beloved King, and the people there come to help us sanctify it. I see in their eyes what we believe we have lost because my husband's body has not been here with us. Osiris will tell you in the time to come, when you take the journey he's about to take, what he is. You may know this now. He is not his body. His power doesn't live in his meat and his bones. He has no meat. He's energy now. I'm energy. So are you. This image of the center of Osiris' body is the symbol of all your possibilities, of what you can do when you commit your energy. How are Neterw and human beings different? The Neterw commit their energy.



Those who accept their power and work toward it become gods. It's that simple. Is Osiris a very great Lord? No, not yet. He is still only a King. He will become great soon. Is Osiris really the source and the shoot of life? No. You are. Am I the universal river? No. You are. My lord and I only point toward the best you can dream. You are the creators here. You make all things. If you knew how mighty you are, you could walk together in green life and pristine water everywhere, you would sing in whole nations at a time, you would hear the thought of the dove. You'd see the colors of the farthest, smallest star.

The Rain is Free MUSIC resumes under.


Osiris is committed. He keeps millions of forests and gardens and wild green places alive all over this immense globe. His power is that great, and if you're going to live on the land, you have to balance it. If you let him, Osiris will give you green flood and grain enough to live and prosper and welcome grandchildren. And then -- he'll keep flooding and sprouting everywhere, and give you even more green than you want. Balance him. Work with him.

The Rain is Free (Reprise) begins. NETERW and ENSEMBLE now lead CELEBRANTS in a ceremony of stretching white cords across the pylon gate, first marking the dimensions of pylon and steps, then raising the DJED upright. The cords are then attached to the DJED. ENSEMBLE then leads a ceremony of passing the cord, touching it to the body, and then handing the cord to the next one.

The Rain is Free (Reprise:)


Work with him! (Repeat.)

The corn and the wheat are waiting

For your hand.

In the river life is teeming,

And the sand

Has her gifts of stones and spices

For a light heart, light surprises

When the flood is green.

Lift your head! (Repeat.)

Can you bend to the ground beneath you?

Can you reach to the life before you?

Can you sing the joy of learning

And the sweetness of returning

When the rains are come.


(SFX: distant thunder, growing a little louder:)

Will you fly? (Repeat.)

Clear your brow of fear and waiting,

For the field is waiting on you.

The work is hard, but the rain is free.

The sun's got time to work with me

'Til the corn is high, the swallows rise

And in the skies larks are winging,

Through the air their songs are ringing,

And joyous souls are singing

To lift the things of earth that long to fly.


(Light RAIN begins.)

Fly! (Repeat.)

CELEBRANTS carry the DJED and the COFFIN through the pylon gate, which now rotates on its base and moves across the Space to the opposite wall. As all pass through the pylon, they are bathed in green light through color healing gels, and aromas of thyme and other root chakra herbs. ENSEMBLE lead CELEBRANTS to seats as THOTH re-enters through the pylon, scans the horizon, waits for ANUBIS to enter. RAIN increases for a minute, after the climax of the music, then clears to MOONLIGHT.


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