Act Three


Scene Twenty:

I'm Your Father?

How Anubis Treats Osiris with Sound


Act Three opens in darkness with "When the Goddess of Love" MUSIC reprise, then River and Boat SFX, Music grows more rhythmic, like a work song. ANUBIS KHU appears.)


Isis was so overcome by her hosts' kindness that she couldn't bear to remain on deck as the boat left the palace for the sea. After a last wave, she went within. I stood on deck until all I could see of Byblos was a few points of silver light on the tiny white squares of the palace and the temple. The boat's rhythm felt strange to me. Sometimes, along with or under the regular pulse of the drum and the men pulling the ropes, I could feel, and so could the King's Captain, who was on deck with me, another force that would rock the boat for half a dozen heartbeats, then stop for a while, then come and stir the boat again until the pullers started to look back at us, wondering what was going on in there. It hit the Captain before it hit me. Isis could no longer contain herself as she worked on Osiris, wrapping him in linen, plant juices and oils. All the grief and rage that she'd been holding in for all these months now came out. I would not have believed that one woman's body, even with a Neter inside it, could have shaken everything around it so. The Captain, anxious to help, made the mistake of opening the boat door, and--

We hear ISIS' ferocious, roaring scream as ANUBIS KHU vanishes. LIGHTS black out, then fade up slowly on the CAVE. Enter ANUBIS.


When we reached the delta, we bid the Captain and his men goodbye, and we sailed in an ordinary fishing boat to the caves in the mountains. There Isis and I worked on Osiris, sometimes together, sometimes by turns, to prepare him for the moment when Isis would revive him.

LIGHTS up on the cave. On a couch lies the body of OSIRIS, lit by a single candle. His casket is near the wall. His body is wrapped in a white linen shroud. On a table next to the couch are aromatic bandages that ANUBIS has already removed from the King's body. The remaining bandages cover OSIRIS' chakra centers. ANUBIS puts on his mask and begins the sound healing sequence. MUSIC on crystal bowls as ANUBIS removes the navel bandage, and tones in D. OSIRIS does not move as his voice answers. In the following, the tones of OSIRIS and ANUBIS are anchored on singing bowls, didjeridoos, flutes, joined by ENSEMBLE and AUDIENCE voices. When OSIRIS joins ANUBIS toning on each new note, ANUBIS removes the bandage from that tone's chakra, then moves to the next. ANUBIS has just activated OSIRIS' Navel Chakra. Next is the Third Eye. ANUBIS holds one of OSIRIS' hands, and begins to lift the bandage over his father's eyes and forehead.


Can you see the light, father? Can your eyes bear it? (OSIRIS' hand moves.) And this?

ANUBIS lights more candles, until one burns at each corner of the couch, then lifts the eye bandage. OSIRIS' eyes are clearly conscious as he and ANUBIS gaze at each other. When ANUBIS tones in A (Third Eye), OSIRIS answers. Next ANUBIS tones in E flat (Solar Plexus). OSIRIS answers. ANUBIS removes the bandage over the King's arms, which are crossed over his chest. ANUBIS lifts from a table and places in OSIRIS' hands the symbols of the crook, flail and staff. ANUBIS then tones in G (Throat). OSIRIS joins him.

ANUBIS removes the bandage over OSIRIS' mouth and throat. He has now awakened all of OSIRIS' chakras except the Root, Heart and Crown, which remain covered in bandages. OSIRIS is now able to see and speak. ANUBIS takes off his mask.


There is so much, father, that I want to ask you, but not now. (Begins to exit.)


Isis teaches you well. (Pause.) Wait. You called me father?


Please rest now.


No. I'm your father?


I am the son of the love union of Osiris and Nephthys.


Hohooh. (Pause.) How . . . slow of me.


That's one way to put it. Please. Just rest for now

OSIRIS nods and ANUBIS withdraws. LIGHTS change as ISIS enters and meets him.




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