Scene Nineteen:

Out of the Tree, and into

The Dance of the Light



As the work went on, the Goddesses danced more happily than they had in a long time until all was ready for Isis and her escort to bear Osiris to the sea.

Enter ISIS and ASTARTE, costumed respectively in iridescent gowns of silver and gold. They move through ENSEMBLE and CELEBRANTS. MUSIC: harp and flutes. OSIRIS' body has now been removed from the BOX inside the Tree, and is inside a BOAT which is partially visible.


The people of Byblos said goodbye to the Goddess from Egypt and the body of her Lord.


Will anyone send the Lady Isis a farewell prayer?


I pray that the Lady Isis and her King come back to see us in two years!


That's right. We'll be ready for some more babies any time now, after you've had yours.


Hurry back! (Laughter.)

ISIS: We'll be honored to visit you again. And to receive you as our guests.


We will not hold you longer, Lady. Our love goes with you.

 ISIS embraces the King, then moves toward Queen ASTARTE, who places a vial of oil around her neck, hands her a burning herb bundle and a vessel of herb tea. The Goddesses sing and dance, joined by CITIZENS and CELEBRANTS.


When the Goddess of Love

ISIS and ASTARTE (Sing):

When the Goddess of Love from the land of the Flood

Greets the Goddess of Love from the country of Fire,

Then the nightingale sings, the white dove hovers

And the young seed bursts in the womb of desire.

Then the mud runs black and the flood loves the rain

And the scarab hurries with the ball of the Sun,

And the eggs all hatch in the lap of the River,

The throat of the Earth sings the One Life Giver,

And the dance of the Light has begun.


When the Goddess of Love in the Land of the Flood

Meets the Goddess of Love in the Country of Fire,


Then the Hawk soars high and sings Aha! in the air


And the lotus opens at the kiss of the dawn,


When the Goddess of Love

In the Land of the Water

Meets the Goddess of Love

In the Country of Fire,


Then the breath of Creation fills the sails of the sky


And the boat of Joy rides on their song,


Their song (Repeat) and

When the Goddess of Love in the Land of the Flood

Meets the Goddess of Love in the Country of Fire,

Then my heart soars high and sings Aha!

Aha! (Repeat and fade.)


Then I hold you here, as the deepest treasure

Where the love and the secrets entwine, (a capella):

And I prize your love beyond all measure

If gold is truly love, and silver is wisdom,

Then you are the mirror,

You are the chalice

And in your heart rejoices the wine!

You are mine. 

CHORUS continues as the Goddesses embrace. THOTH KHU goes ibis and flies away. ANUBIS enters and escorts ISIS aboard the BOAT; ENSEMBLE and CELEBRANTS pull the BOAT away to the sea. LIGHTS fade on MELKARTH, ASTARTE and their court.

End of Act Two


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