Scene Sixteen:

The Mystery of Seeds and The Map of Love


 As before, ISIS is alone in the great hall of the palace. Lights up on the PILLAR, inside which OSIRIS waits to be released. MUSIC: Have You Seen Osiris? in its major key as The Mystery of Seeds.

The Mystery of Seeds

ISIS (Sings:)

Have you seen Osiris?

Have you danced with the King

In the breath of Creation

And the beat of the Spring?

Have you gazed in amazement

At the flood and green reeds

Have you looked on eternity

Beholding the Mystery of Seeds?

Will you grow so strong

That your loins will teem

With the life that your lover feeds?


Have you seen Osiris? (Repeat.)

OSIRIS (OFF, as light grows on the Pillar, Sings:)

Have you known fair Isis,

And the bounty of grain,

Has her warmth so enclosed you

That you melted to rain?

 SOUND: Swallow's cry. ISIS embraces the PILLAR. LIGHTS fade to black in the Space as NEPHTHYS KHU appears. ISIS exits during this next speech:


Sooner or later Isis has to tell the Queen what's really in that pillar, and get her help in getting Osiris out. So far the way to do this hadn't come to her. As she kept looking for an answer, she taught the daughters of the Queen the spiritual arts of womanhood: herbs and medicines, divination and prophecy, and dance, and other essential matters of learning to live with courtesy and respect for what is loving, and to honor what is sacred.

ASTARTE, her SERVANTS and CHILDREN enter with chairs and cushions, position themselves on the floor. The SUMMER SKY is shown on the upper dome of the Space.


Hathor, as Isis continued to call herself, taught these things by day, and some- times by night. She is about to give a Star Lesson that does run long, even by the standards of this story. We offer you only a taste before you decide where to go next. Ladies and gentlemen, Isis teaches the Map of Love in the Summer Sky.

 ISIS enters and NEPHTHYS KHU vanishes.


 As you get older and keep looking at the Sky, you see that there are four maps in the night, each one placed there by the One God who drew the whole sky, and filled it with pictures that contain messages. The symbols in the sky are the hidden codes of wisdom and of life for the teaching, empowerment and advancement of all conscious beings on these planets.

Learn these maps in the sky, and you can fly into lives of compassion, mercy and unalloyed pure love. Imagine holding love in your heart for a lifetime, without once letting any lower, lesser, heavier feeling ever get into the heart at all. No anger, no fear, no grief, no hate, nothing in the heart for a lifetime but lifting, healing, embracing love. Every human being can do this by mastering the four elements of life.

Each season teaches one. Autumn is the Map of Abundance, winter the Map of Light, spring the Map of Creation. And what you see above you now, the summer sky, is the Map of Love.


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