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Welcome to the Theatre of Empowerment.

     The Play of Freedom covers a range of products and activities, from such large-scale production pieces as When It Rained in Egypt , a full-length play with music based on the ancient Egyptian legends of Isis and Osiris; to smaller musical and educational events such as Sacred Sounds.

     The common element in all the Play of Freedom experiments is a fusion between the energy and excitement of live theatre, and the transformative power of holistic healing modalities. The Play combines specific frequencies of color, sound, aroma, flavor, dance and sacred geometry to provide a multi-sensory experience of powerful mythic stories and a deep cellular cleansing in which the images, sounds and other medicines of the play get all the way into the cells of the body. The aim of the play is simple: to dissolve and flush away  the ancient, long-stored fear, guilt and pain, and lift each one and all who are joined in the experience into power and freedom.

     In theory, this should be easy. Figure out how the chakras or energy centers of the human energy field respond and correspond to colors, musical tones and instrument families, aromas, herbal teas and other ritual food and drink, sacred dance movements and geometric shapes, then arrange them in order with a story so the whole chakra column is opened and the whole person lifted into a higher state of frequency and consciousness.

     It is obvious now, in the year 2000, that this knowledge is somehow being seeded into thousands of human beings all over the planet, with so many now working on art-and-healing experiments that only God knows “whose project” it is. The main question is whether any of this linkage between theatre and holistic medicine is a new discovery, or only a rediscovery of knowledge that has been lost -- and lost so repeatedly that it’s easy to wonder whether such dangerous knowledge, with such power to help human beings be healthy and free, might have been suppressed by other powers who prefer to keep the people sick and obedient.

For more on this see Relighting the Lamp .

     The Play of Freedom project originated in 1995 in a series of meetings among artists, designers, engineers and investors who have a common interest in fusing theatre, music and painting with holistic healing arts for the liberation of humanity into higher densities of consciousness. This page will include, among other things, a listing of new events and discoveries by those engaged in the liveliest art, of spiritually-charged theatre.

    The whole Play of Freedom design will be presented in this space.