Mythic Prelude for October, 2011:
Global, Viral, Decisive
Hail, and welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for October, 2011. If you are a regular reader of the UFC, a student of prophecy and interested in the unstoppable momentum of change and awakening that now accelerates all through the conscious Field of our being here on Earth and beyond, then you already know why this month is considered so hugely important by so many, and is even thought by some to mark the "End of the Mayan Calendar" and the End of Time itself. We are about to find out who is "right," if anyone is and as if that actually matters, about when the moment of enlightenment into a more spiritual consciousness may or not come for some, or all, of our people.
We may have a clearer idea a few weeks from now about whether the correct date for the end of the Mayan Long Count is the "mainstream date" of Dec. 21, 2012, or Oct. 28, 2011, when the Galactic Creation Cycle as described by Carl Johan Calleman comes to its completion point in the alignment of all nine "Underworld" cycles. Or we may not do this, unless by some sudden miracle of collective good will, human beings link with each other in a spirit of love, acceptance and unity, and realize the opportunity for alignment with the Divine Plan. The moment of opportunity coming this month is not, Calleman emphasizes, a co-creative act of transformation by Divine, human and other conscious beings. It is a use-it-or-lose-it choice point in which we'll either see and act upon the chance to accept God's will, and thereby accomplish a purification of our planet into a world that is whole, loving and free; or we shall miss the cosmic bus, and get a decidedly less pleasant result.
So -- should we all get ready to join in meditation, ceremony and celebration on Oct. 28? Yes, of course -- and no, not quite. Yes, because it is clearly in our interest to use the soul focus point of Oct. 28 to amp the intentions of millions of people who will be holding space and energy for the Awakening. And not exactly, because we no longer have the luxury of waiting for an opportunity coming a month from now, much less at the end of next year. The thrust and lift toward the moment of liberation are ours to create now: every day, and moment to moment, as we anchor the frequencies of courage, compassion and mercy in every interaction we have, both individually and communally.
Of two things we can now be sure. One thing we know for a fact, from our own direct experience and the testimony of trusted friends, is that political, social and environmental events of very high import are happening now, and that more and more of them, like Singing Alive -- more on this below -- are tribal, communal, highly intentional, and close to the Earth. And they are getting viral, as more of us become actively engaged in resonating our individual bodies, our societies and our planet toward the holistic goals that we all seek. The other truth, this one an ice-cold fact, is that actions that challenge the hierarchies and control agendas of the corporatist power structure are now ignored and systematically blacked out by news media that have shown themselves to be thoroughly, irredeemably corrupt, committed solely to the agendas of the money elite, rather than to their traditional role of reporting, for the benefit of their people, news of legitimate interest and importance.
As I complete the first month of my Living Aquarian tour, which finished its initial west coast leg last night at The Bodhi Tree in Los Angeles, and I talk with one audience after another about the quickening tempo of change and the rising wave of conscious evolution, in everything from Wikileaks to Tunisia, from the Intention Experiment to Tahrir Square, from Madison Wisconsin to Awakening the World, from the Blooming Humans Heart Peace Project to the Days of Rage now continuing on Wall St. and in Boston to the momentous plan that will soon draw people from all over the USA to the Washington Mall for what will begin there on Oct. 6, two comments seem to come consistently, and inevitably now: "There sure is a lot more going on, a lot more positive and encouraging news, than I had any idea about." And -- "You live on all the way down in Peru, yet you know a lot more about what's going on in this country than we do!"
Why is this? Am I uncommonly diligent, even for a German-American Virgo with a passionate sense that the time is at hand, and maximum effort is due, even if one burns the candle at more ends than it actually has? Not really. I do have the advantage of living in the telepathic and amazingly vibrant community of Pisac, Peru, well outside the Dumbdown Dome of a US media system that keeps the rage and hate in and screens the truth out, or dresses it in silliness and murder (Kurt Vonnegut's phrase), or works methodically through social media, as well as search engines and "news", to keep each one of us sealed inside the routine of our own habits and pleasures.
Be Careful What You Browse For
The essential video on this subject is Eli Pariser's TED Talks speech, "Beware Online Filter Bubbles." Pariser shows how web companies, as they strive to tailor their news, search results and other services to our personal tastes, are serving us a steady diet of the contacts and topics we already know and like, so that we will not be steered to anything of "general interest" unless it's so shocking that it can't be ignored. The result is that each of us can be trapped in a "filter bubble," so that "we don't get exposed to information that could challenge or broaden our worldview." Pariser may have been charitable in describing this isolation as an "unintended" effect, as filter bubbles could be the latest of the divide-and-conquer tricks that power elites have devised for millennia now to prevent us from acting upon, and now even hearing about, events and conditions that affect us right down to the core of our being.
I decided to test Pariser's premise on Sept. 18, the day after the Day of Rage action began, by searching "Sept. 17 2011 New York," to see which of my usual activities would show up in my personal bubble as Google perceived it. There was nothing about demonstrators occupying Wall St., even though I've been writing online as an Aquarian activist for 11 years now. Instead, there was a link to Justin Bieber. College football stories, major league baseball scores and a boxing match preview. A Dilbert comic strip. Daily devotional pages by Father Dominic and Rev. Adrian Rogers. And, as we might expect in a Google search by the guy who writes a Universal Festival Calendar, there were links to articles about Constitution Day and shabbat times in the Jewish calendar for Sept. 17. But nothing about Wall St. bankers, or those who find them vile.
A second search, for "Sept. 17 2011 Day of Rage" brought links to the Day of Rage website itself, to other pages about related protests in state capitols and music events in synchrony with the main action on Wall St., and an Inquisitr (sic) page that would soon be followed in the days to come by daily text and video reports from Truthout, Reader Supported News and other online news sources. It was only to be expected on Sept. 18, as Jason Easley reported in Politicus USA, that there would be a wholesale blackout of the Wall St. story on national print media and TV, and that Yahoo would block its members from sending their friends invitation messages about the Wall St. protests.
The five national TV networks in the USA are still ignoring the news story, though some of their commentators like to slime the Wall St. protestors, and others who object to corporate criminality, as "aging hippies." This naturally happens, as none of the media giants remains an independent voice, and all of them are now components of conglomerates who are all linked through cross-directorships and other collusion. One result is that, ever since CBS caved to pressure decades ago to withdraw a solidly-documented 60 Minutes story on Big Tobacco, national news organizations have forfeited their role as exposers of wrongdoing by the powerful.
Another voice that remains silent, even though the Days of Rage have been happening on its home turf for weeks now, is the New York Times, caught in a classic dilemma. If the Times reports on the Wall St. protests, then it risks offending corporate sponsors who can slash the paper's revenues by pulling their ads. If the Times ignores the story, then it violates its declared mission to publish all the news that's fit to print. By now dramatic writers everywhere have imagined a meeting in Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger's office, a la the famous Declaration of Principles scene in which Jed Leland (Joseph Cotten) wonders how long the future Citizen Kane (Orson Welles) will honor his commitment to fight for the truth, and the wellbeing of the people. Did one or more Times execs vent their sadness at seeing the "paper of record" violate its own honor? Possibly. Did one or more of the men in the room say, "We're survivors"? Very likely. What did Charles Foster Kane say? He hasn't appeared yet. He's on another continent, impersonating Rupert Murdoch.
What's one weird signal that the doctoring of news is not as "unintended" as Eli Pariser believes? Look at this intriguing exhibit, from the Inquisitr story cited above. When I first opened and saved the story to my desktop, the picture was unobstructed, showing in the center of the sign a rather insectile capitalist who resembles David Rockefeller or Conrad Burns from The Simpsons.
When I opened the story again, "Ads by GumGum" had covered the image in the center of the sign with a beauty salon ad, and had apparently matched my "rage" keyword with a UA Rage Backpack, thus negating a powerful news photo by layering ads over it. Who is GumGum, and how did it insert its ads into a closed file on my MacBook while it was sleeping? I have no idea -- but I do have a hunch that we can expect more of this dilution and diversion in the weeks and months ahead, especially around Oct. 6, when the Human Needs, Not Corporate Greed demonstrations begin in Washington, DC. The aim of this effort, which will draw tens of thousands of participants from all over the USA -- I first heard about it from friends in Eugene, OR who are planning to go -- is to occupy the mall around the Washington monument, the entire area from the Capitol to the White House, and to demonstrate peacefully, and to speak compellingly there until constitutional law and liberty are restored, the authority of the people is reaffirmed, and they reclaim the power that has been usurped by corporatist vampires and the politicians they employ.
The Difference between Live Aid and Live Sound
While it is not yet part of the main Human Needs agenda, what seems to be emerging spontaneously in many localities is a plan to organize communal singing in synchrony with the main events in Washington. This represents a major departure from the old Live Aid and Farm Aid models of a generation ago. Worthy as they and similar efforts were, and perfectly appropriate to their moment in time, they aimed only to broadcast music performances to millions of viewers who would be engaged solely in the passive Piscean role of listeners, rather than the new Aquarian role of active co-creators who are resonating their bodies in synchrony with many others.
It does not matter, really, whether everyone is singing the same song at the same time. The main idea is to engage as many voices as possible in singing the transformation into being. This is why, when Felina Lune Kavi and I lead Water Rites in Omaha on Oct. 7, the celebrants will not just be watching a TV screen and singing along with what is there. Rather, like thousands of other gatherings who will be conscious of us as we are conscious of them, we will be singing the songs that stir and lift us in each place in resonance with a common intention focused from all over the world on Washington DC for the purpose of making Tahrir Square global, viral and decisive.
We could be doing, in short, something very much like Singing Alive, which gathered some 200 people a month ago in Cosmopolis (City of the Universe!) WA for four days that proved to be much more than a chance to sing day and night the sacred chants of Earth, Sea and Sky from many traditions. My days here were perfect preparation for the Living Aquarian tour that will continue for five months or more in the USA and a month in Europe before I go back to the Sacred Valley at the end of April. Singing Alive, larger in scale than it had ever been in its five-year history, was a combination of a joyous love feast for everybody from infants to octogenarians, a laboratory in environmental arts -- particularly in the care and honoring of water -- and an adventure in ritual theatre, ceremony and celebration, conscious evolution and the focusing of intention toward the purification and healing of the collective human heart, the soil, air and waters of Mother Earth, and all beings who live within and upon Her.
That was the aim of the Water Rite I co-created with twenty other singers, players and priestesses -- as the point of ceremony in the Aquarian Age is to be synarchic, like a play that utilizes well all the available talent. It began with tossing out of the heart everything that is not love, and sending it back to Source on Pa!, the Tibetan tone of release.
We continued with the water communion shown here, as the Triple Goddess -- embodied by the Wise Woman and Maiden in front, the veiled Mother and her Child behind -- poured water to a dozen other water bearers who then distributed it to the entire circle, as each one affirmed the unity of all waters -- in the cups, in our bodies, everywhere -- and our intention to purify them all.
You never know, even if you're widely experienced in ceremony, what you can learn from a group like this. One of the highlights of this early September afternoon was a beautiful ritual guided by Victory Lonnquist, who invited all the young mothers to introduce their children to Water, to help the little ones to be conscious of Her preciousness and her holiness, and to see her as a fully conscious being who is not so much part of our little family as we are of Her much bigger one. The Water Ceremony culminated in a dreamtime with didjeridoos, in which all were invited to vision, and then speak aloud, the images they saw of a cleansed, healthy Earth where pure waters flow free again, and we see all of Earth's waters as a single, sacred Mother whom it is our role and privilege to protect.
Why all the emphasis at the end of this prelude on 200 people celebrating in a meadow, when momentous events involving thousands and even millions of people will unfold this month in great cities, and will affect people all over the world? Because, frankly, it's time more of us began to understand that our emotional posture, our frequencies of vibration and the effects they produce in others, are far more important now than questions of who's right or wrong, good or E-word, innocent or guilty. The actions now ongoing on Wall St., and coming next week in Washington DC will not succeed as they are presently designed, and not just because corporatist media won't cover them. As long as those who want to effect change are operating from a fulcrum of judgment and hate, and the blame and condemnation of others whom they can see only as separate from and utterly unlike themselves, they will continue to fail, as hate and rage repel, and love attracts and unites. One does not have to be the Dalai Lama to see that without inner peace, there can be no world peace.
So I do ceremony and celebration because they are joyous and forgiving, loving and inclusive. They allow breathing room and they have a future, for they are acts of alchemy which focus the concerted will and intention of human and other conscious beings toward lifting the vibrations of all beings in the field, and altering physical conditions along with them. Adepts have been doing this for millennia. The good news is that you and I can learn to do it too. The tough news is that working it requires a high state of serenity. I make the effort now, if only for the sake of safer, smoother travels.
Will the World Wake Up While I'm on the Road?
As I talked with family and friends last summer about my plan to be on tour for a staggering total of eight months, their concerns sorted into two main kinds of questions: (1) Won't that be completely exhausting? How in the world will you do it? Are you sure you're up to it? And (2) What if the Earth changes and other dire events people expect to see this year and in 2012 happen while you're on the road? What if the US economy tanks, and the whole world economy collapses? What if the American dollar goes belly up? What if the price of oil skyrockets, and the airline industry ceases to exist? What if this? What if that? Don't you worry at all about how weird it may get?
In a word, No. I envision the opposite outcome. I wonder what it will be like if the world wakes up while I'm in motion, and when and where it could happen. Will it be when I'm in Saint Cloud or St. Louis? Santa Fe or San Antonio? Asheville or Charlottesville? Phoenix or Providence? Will it really happen on Oct. 28, when I'm in Sylvania Ohio? Will it come at the November Full Moon, or the next day on 11/11/11, when I'm in Raleigh NC? Or on the day the Chinese Year of the Dragon begins, a very good bet as I see it, as that's when I'll be at Unlimited Thought in San Antonio, Texas?
We can look at this a little more in another prelude. For now, the main idea is that whatever happens will not be only the result of what you and I do. It will flow from the brave, collective action of many people we've never met, but we know they're there because we feel the energy wave that we and they create together. "You should view the world," wrote Robert Anton Wilson -- thanks to Michael Costuros for the tip on this one -- "as a conspiracy run by a very closely-knit group of nearly omnipotent people, and you should think of those people as yourself and your friends." Indeed. Time to sing with our friends, including the ones we don't know yet. Keep Holding That Frequency.
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