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Yes, showbiz is once again the main metaphor of the month, as it was eleven months ago, when spiritual evolution activists all over the planet called Places, Please for the runup to the Harmonic Concordance of November 8, 2003. This month two very rare and beautiful Grand Quintiles will be essential alignment dates for planetary transformation ceremony.

John and Jan Mirehiel, who coined the term Harmonic Concordance for last November's Grand Sextile alignment and were instrumental in organizing worldwide meditations and ceremonies to link the intentions of people everywhere with this rare moment of spiritual synchronicity, are working now to spread word as rapidly as possible about two equally important alignments coming this month, as discovered by astrologer Jill Whitman:

On Oct. 1 and 28, the planets will form Grand Quintiles -- that is, pentagrams in which five or more planets are aligned at angles of 72° all around the zodiac wheel, forming the shape of a five-pointed star. The second Grand Quintile on Oct. 28 is extremely rare and auspicious, coming as it does at a Total Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon. Jill Whitman reports that in the 2,500 years of astral alignments she has researched, this Oct. 28 star display is the only Grand Quintile to coincide precisely with a Total Lunar Eclipse. At the Harmonic Concordance website, there is excellent analysis and astrological charts for both of the Grand Quintile patterns.

So excellent, in fact, that there is no point in trying to reinvent the five-pointed wheel here. Only a few additional notes are in order.

One is about the significance of quintiles, and of Grand Quintiles in particular. While there is no clear consensus among astrologers about what quintiles mean, two general ideas prevail: one is that a quintile, like a 90° "square," has an energy of tension, though not necessarily disharmonious like that of a square, and implies a certain decisiveness and finality in bringing to an end something that is due to pass away. This feature of the quintile is clearly emphasized and amplified at the Oct. 28 Grand Quintile, which comes in the month when the Sun is in Scorpio, the sign of death, transformation and rebirth.

The other interpretation of quintiles, more commonly held, is that they are the emblem of creativity; that highly creative people tend to have quintiles in their natal charts, and that in more general terms, each new quintile that forms in the sky may offer individual people, and humanity as a whole, opportunities to make creative changes that come about because human beings work proactively to direct and produce the change they want, instead of merely reacting helplessly to changes that seem to come about even though we do not want them.

The three "permanent members" of both Grand Quintiles are Saturn in Cancer, Uranus in Pisces and Pluto in Sagittarius. The Sun in Libra and Moon in Taurus complete the planet quintet on Oct. 1; Jupiter in Libra and the Moon, returning to Taurus, are the other two planets in the Grand Quintile of Oct. 28.

As Jupiter is the planet of government and law, Saturn brings deep spiritual instruction and karmic lessons, and Uranus and Pluto are both connected with mass political and social movements -- and Uranus in particular is the planet of revolutionary change -- we can now connect a few dots.

Are these Grand Quintiles connected with the American election on Nov. 2? Obviously. As everyone realizes by now, this moment of decision -- or of what may prove an act of fraud and larceny in which the people's decision is highjacked again by illegal and unconstitutional means -- is an event of crucial importance for everyone: for Americans and all of the planet's people, for all living things on Earth who are affected by a present regime that refuses to sign the Kyoto Accord, and for beings on other planets who are watching now with extreme attentiveness because the strategic plans of the neoconservative Project for a New American Century include American military hegemony in outer space as well as on Earth.

What do the Grand Quintiles tell us about how the election will go? We could look at it either way. If we focus on the "difficult" or "decisive" features that some astrologers see in quintiles, on the traditional view of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto as "malefic" planets and on the coming of the far more momentous Oct. 28 Grand Quintile in the death-and-renewal month of Scorpio, then some could claim that the thing that is due to pass away is American constitutional freedom. The election could indeed decide whether history's finest experiment in liberty and democracy will dissolve over the next few years into the dogpatch dictatorship of an evangelical Christian police state, or perhaps a more radical mediarchy, that is, a state run by livid pit bulls from political talk shows, who will replace professional politicians as the only public voices anyone still respects as tellers of the truth, whatever that is. The mediarchs will make the life-and-death decisions while Congress lives on as a body of pork traders and pitchpersons for recreational products.

If Americans do indeed re-elect Bush, or he succeeds again in stealing the election, then the "war on terror" will go on and on, still unwinnable, as America's people remain blind to the plain truth that one does not have to be Tom Robbins to see: that America invites terrorism, through policies that impoverish and enslave other peoples, and force them to fight back. The extreme and bleak possibility is that the United States will transmute into Sparta, a military security state engaged in perpetual war, preparation for war and profit for death merchants and blood entrepreneurs.

Enough of this. We must, as you know, focus on the opposite, positive outcome that the Mirehiels believe "can readily be seen in the current discourse within the Spiritual Community. More of us each day, from across the Spiritual spectrum, have been coming to an awareness of ourselves as One Body. The collective imagination seems to be poised on the edge of creating a shift in consciousness to a new level of recognizable awareness."

The currents of progressive change are stirring mightily now, and the signs are most encouraging. One exciting piece of news is that while the global meditations and ceremonies held at such crucial moments as the Harmonic Concordance of Nov. 8, 2003 and the Venus Passage of June 8, 2004 were months in the planning and publicity, the word about Oct. 28 is spreading not just like wildfire, but like consciously directed fire that doesn't burn the brush at random, but lights up the prairie on purpose, and at once. The Aquarian teamwork is obviously happening, and plans are being laid and relayed in new rhythms that are responsive, effective and fast.

And other very significant trends are underway:

Creative political activism is soaring in the United States now as people from all points in the ideological spectrum are working with a determination and intensity never seen in America, not even during the Vietnam era, to elect the people they want and bounce the ones they don't. Many thousands of "civilians" who have little or no experience in the legwork and wordplay of partisan politics are in the thick of it now. Witness the passionate effort that New Jersey computer expert Alex Howard has put, and keeps pouring, into his Beat Bush site, now increasingly visited by people seeking a well-stocked ammunition depot, and cited by other bloggers. Google "beat bush," and one thing becomes unmistakeable: never has the web been as actively used for political communication, teamwork and combat as it's being used now.

In 2004 voter turnout in the United States will be the highest in decades, so much so that Republican officials are working frantically to block registration by new voters who are most likely to demand and work for change. Young people, so long disgusted with the political process, will awaken to the bizarre fact that doing something that has been distasteful up to now may prove less dangerous than doing nothing at all. Action at least fosters the capacity for more action, while inaction breeds only the habit of accepting whatever one gets.

The bottom line here is that the Grand Quintiles, especially the one on Oct. 28, are extremely promising, offering enormous possibilities for success to those who will take action to create them. As always, the stars do not decide or deny anything. They only help us scout the terrain and decide how to move on it. The signs for planetary awakening and evolution are exceedingly favorable on Oct. 28. It is time for action.

There is nothing in the stars that indicates the calamity of Bush's re-election, nothing to suggest the worldwide reaction of shock, horror and indignant, explosive rage that this catastrophe would trigger. There is nothing to signal a constitution-killing seizure of power, if only because the Bush regime is so utterly detested by the upper ranks of the American uniformed services that a coup by martial law might very well be met by a military counter-coup. Therefore, in the absence of any star signs that point to cataclysm or revolt, it appears that the election will go as the world wants, and we shall all somehow yawn and laugh the morning after, and focus on bringing about the new.

It is also worthwhile to look ahead briefly, beyond all the noise and fever, and perceive October 2004 for what it is: the portal to the time between now and 2008. The bald truth is that this month and November are not the climactic event in our quest for true freedom. They are only the complications of the play, not the crisis, and the next few weeks are only the beginning of a wave that crests four years from now. The main action in this story is not the election of 2004. It's the showdown vote in 2008. Enjoy this one while you can. The next one will be shallower and sillier -- and enslimed with so many lies that what we are going through now will look simple, truthful and pure -- and far more urgent than what comes this year.

Look at the larger time scheme this way:

1999 - 2004 are the years of Signs and Wonders. The Grand Crosses of August 1999, the Grand Stellium in Taurus of May 2000, the magnificent star alignment of the Harmonic Concordance in November 2003, the Venus Passage of June 2004 and the Grand Quintiles coming this month are an extremely unusual close grouping of sky pictures so spectacular that we naturally wonder what they are meant to communicate. While no honest person presumes to speak for God or say what She is trying to show us, we are clearly meant to notice, and to ask what comes next.

2005 - 2007 are for navigating at night, under cloud. It is noteworthy that for the next three years and a little more, while we do get a few interesting star combinations, there are no more of the dramatic sky pictures that we have seen over the last five years.

2008 - 2012 are Grand Opera in the Zodiac. Grand Crosses and brilliant Stellia come again, and all of the outer planets change signs, as Uranus enters Aries, Neptune enters Pisces and Pluto enters Capricorn. Momentous events not only occur, but are consciously created by the aligned intentions of those who are determined to bring about progressive change.

So we enter soon the interval years between the two thrilling star revues of the early 21st century. What are we supposed to be doing, now that the sky has got our attention but is not providing any clear sight of what is just ahead? We're about to find out our assignment, or even better, make it up. For all we know, the point of the next few years of sailing on strong winds and currents, but with no beacons, is to force us to take action without being shown what to do, and deliver the scary, empowering point that we're about to get much more resourceful and responsible in what we create. We may have to discern the will of God by seeing and owning what we, the God in all of us, most want to do.

So the Rock the Vote and Four More Fears scenarios of the moment are not the main event of the decade, galling as this may be for American politicians and media moths who believe they are the axis mundi itself. The actuality is that America, even with all its thrilling action, heroic creativity, lurid violence, sexual glamour and bozo appeal, is only one of many major motion pictures now playing or about to open on the planet. The American pageant, in relation to the rich plot of the present and near future, is like the latest Diehard movie at the 16-screen multiplex. It pulls in the thrill seekers and those who love explosions, and makes a ton of money doing the same thing all over again. The special effects are killer in every way. The marketing tie-ins are, as always, for somebody to die for. This product won't win any gold statuettes for quality -- that's what Chinese movies are for now -- but it keeps the studio execs securely employed, at least until they try to pull a leveraged buyout on everybody else.

But the quality work, the pictures that will capture the world audience and decide what kinds of films get made in the decades and centuries to come, are down the corridor: Isis Returns and Mother Earth Cleans House, each on two screens. Also Smart and Smarter. Wild Wired. Slackers Unite! Plasmates. Tough Love Sucks. Binary Blues. Remember Sex? Rave for Rapture. Sirius Repercussions. The Dragon Awakes. White Moon Rising. And, in a midnight sneak preview -- Here Comes Aquarius.

So much to see. For the moment, let us be loving and kind, even toward those who act most appallingly, and be grateful that they give us a chance to burn away the lower emotional sludge in ourselves, and uncover the pure gold of love. I appreciate Bush. I love him, if only because, for only a few more months, he helps me crack others up as the funniest beginning speaker of Arabic in Cairo.

Consider this vocabulary: break the expression mish muhen, for "no problem", in two, then add "Bush" to each word, and you get mish Bush -- No Bush! -- and Bush muhen for Bush [is a] problem. Now throw in bash (pronounced "bosh"), which means stop, and a few other words, and you can have a fun conversation with any Egyptian in Cairo:

Cabbie: What is your country?

Dan: America.

Cabbie: Ah! America very good, Bush no good.

Dan: Bush muhen! (Bush is a problem.)

Cabbie: Hahaha! Ana fahem. (I understand.)

Dan: Bush suda. 'Andi Hasasiya Bush! (Bush is a headache. I'm allergic to Bush.)

Cabbie: Hahahahaha! Your Arabic kwayyis! (good.)

Dan: Bush chomar. Bash Bush! (Bush is a donkey. Stop Bush.)

Cabbie: 'Inshallah. (God willing.)

Dan: 'Inshallah. Yanayir, Mish Bush. (God willing. In January, no Bush.)

Cabbie: Kwayyis. Mish Bush. (Good. No Bush.)

Dan: Mish Bush, il Hamdu lillah. (No Bush, thanks be to God.)

And so on. John Kerry will not be anywhere near as useful for learning Arabic. But thanks to Bush, some Egyptians think I'm the most entertaining American they've ever met. Allah be praised for silver linings and precious laughter. Anything to relieve the shame and agony of every day that the world must bear until Bush plays out his scene and leaves the stage. Bless him for playing the merciless Pilate role so well, and making Arabic so much fun.

Mish Bush. Bash Bush. Keep Holding That Frequency.

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