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November, 2012
Mythic Prelude:
As the Crow Flies
Hail, and welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for November, 2012. We are now in the heart of the Scorpion, that is, the middle of the Scorpio month that runs Oct. 22/23 to Nov. 21 in this leap year. It plays true to form yet again as a turning point in time and in psychic and emotional space, as the falling leaves, shorter days and colder air mirror the inner journeys we take now in darkness, borne by the Scorpio element of water to the deepest, most silent part of the cave, wherever that is for each one, so that we can see there what we must change now, what must be transmuted in the service our own soul contracts, our creative gifts and missions, the communities we serve, and the angelic and Divine frequencies that we aspire to match and sing.
This is why mid-autumn abounds in rites of introspection like the Jewish high holy days, which can offer insights that lead to deeper transformations now in the month of the Scorpion and her ruling planet, Pluto, the lord of death and regeneration who sweeps away what no longer serves, shines and vivifies. This time of passing and renewal begins at Hallowe'en, when the doors are open between the lands of the living and the dead. It continues through Celtic New Year at Samhain, whose bonfires -- so-called because they burn away the bones of the animals consumed in the past year -- to a dia de los muertos that gives the living a chance to sing and play with those who once were with us in the flesh, and whom we remember in their favorite stories, jokes and songs. Every four years, another possible rite of passage is enacted in an American election, which gives the country's people a way to replace inept, venal and corrupt officials with photogenic new actors who appear sincerely ready to attempt a new path and program, and can actually seem determined to get something done in the service of their people. More on this in a moment.
The Scorpion may be the bravest, most tenacious and passionate of all zodiac personalities, though also an example of the exceptions that apply in every sector of the zodiac wheel. While it has the courage to dare almost any risk in its hunger for extreme experience, a Scorpio does fear one thing: being seen to have made a mistake.
This is why Scorpio is the most secretive of all zodiac types, and holds its truth close to its black carapace, opening its heart to a few trusted ones while revealing little to others. Scorpio is thus naturally at home in the darkest, remotest part of caves like this one. Where is this undisclosed location? Who are these men in military and civilian uniforms? And what's in all those bags? We will follow some numbers and find out soon.
Who's That Crow?
The American election on Nov. 6 is naturally of keen interest to billions of our people, as it does matter in some ways who will become for the next four years the leader of the world's most heavily-armed and aggressive nation, or at least will be selected in a process of vote tabulation, vote suppression, and election propaganda costumed as election reporting, as the glittering hood ornament who will stand atop the front of the huge black limousine of American empire, and will seem to decide which way the car is going -- while the actual driver remains, as always, well hidden behind those tinted windows.
George Wallace, running for president as a third-party candidate in 1972, famously remarked, as he had in 1966 when his wife Lurleen ran for governor of Alabama, "there's not a dime's worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican parties." He was right, stone racist though he'd been in his early and mid-career. And now, if we adjust for inflation forty years later, it would be more accurate to say that there's not a penny's worth of difference between the two major parties. They are, as becomes increasingly clear, two ensembles of actors who pretend they're opposed in ideology, principle and everything else, while they cut whatever deals are needed to pass each other's legislation, and keep their corporate masters happy and generous.
While leaders of national stature -- Sens. Bernie Sanders and Carl Levin, Congressmen Dennis Kucinich, Henry Waxman and Ike Skelton, US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren and a few others -- are acting in service to their people, most of their colleagues are only playing together a theatre script that is full of bitter conflict, stoked by corporate media into nonstop political gossip and drama, but in the end only a fiction designed to hide the levers of power and the faces of those who really hold and move them. This is why, yet again, an American election offers a choice that Michael Moore once called "the evil of two lessers," between two players who, under their superficial differences, are as alike as Tweedledum and Tweedledee.
We remember them from Alice in Wonderland, as the kinds of mythic figures who are so familiar that we've forgotten their context, and the elements of the story that are easy to overlook because they're often concealed. Alice first meets them as two balloon-bellied boys who look, dress, talk and act exactly alike, yet are always finding something to quarrel about. Their names were first used in print in the 1720's by John Byrom, writing about a feud -- both political and musical, by Whigs and Tories -- between supporters of Georg Frideric Handel and his rival opera composer, Giovanni Bononcini. Byrom's doggerel verses may have been inspired, if that word can be used for such lines, by an older nursery rhyme like this one, which appeared in Original Ditties for the Nursery (1805):
Tweedledum and Tweedledee
Agreed to have a battle;
For Tweedledum said Tweedledee
Had spoiled his nice new rattle.
Just then flew down a monstrous crow,
As black as a tar-barrel;
Which frightened both the heroes so,
They quite forgot their quarrel.
It is easy to imagine that we're looking at yet another political allegory about rival leaders who are too addicted to squabbling against each other to help and serve their people (Alice), but who will respect the Monstrous Crow. Who or what is that Crow? As we've seen in "Hiding the Spider," about the giant spider who appears in Frank Baum's original Wizard of Oz story as a symbol of the Morgan bank cartel and its threat to the Scarecrow (farmers), the Tin Man (industrial workers) and the Cowardly Lion (William Jennings Bryan), the key element that has a way of disappearing from the story is the powerful financial combine that Frank Norris called The Octopus (1901). Like the Big Bad Wolf, like Milton's Satan with a looming torso more massive than Hugh Jackman's, like Voldemort, the danger usually comes costumed as a predator who is huge and black, often sexy and thoroughly e-word.
So -- what's so threatening about a Crow? And is this really a better symbol than the usual predator of the threat that faces us now? For one thing, a crow is large and can be cruel, fond of pecking smaller birds to death for the sheer sadistic pleasure of it. And it is so voracious that if the farmer's field does not have scarecrows or other ways to keep them away, crows will descend into the furrows and eat all the seed that has just been sown, dooming the farmer to a poor crop, or no crop at all. Are there any entities in our fields now who are doing their best to gain control of all seed crops worldwide, trying to patent and sell for their profit the sources and substances of life itself?
Yes, there are, as you know if you've read the UFC preludes about Voldemort, Inc. -- the biotech firm that must not be named -- and its partners in plunder. The challenge they pose, and the efforts now cohering to defeat them, make California's Proposition 37, which if passed will require food producers and retailers to list all GMO components in their products, far more consequential than the question of who will be the next president of the United States. This is why, even if no election were bring held next week, some other scandal or controversy would have to be invented now to keep everyone distracted.
The given circumstances of the play, as dramaturgs call them, could hardly get more slippery, wild and weird. Believe it or not, it is literally true that Mercury will go retrograde, with all the confusion and misunderstanding that this implies, at 6:05pm Eastern time on Nov. 6. Thus, during the last hours of voting in most states, and the hours when media conglomerates agree on what story they will present, Mercury the Messenger will be affected by mechanical malfunctions, careless assumptions, bad timing, typos, hasty dumb mistakes, random human bozosis, and everything else that can get the story out too fast and fragile for it to hold. Not only this -- but Mercury will be retrograde in Sagittarius, where he is said to be in detriment: not only weakened, but even turned against his own truest values, so that he can become for these three weeks a weaver of lies and a glib entertainer rather than a conveyor of truth. On election day he will be in a 90° "square" with both Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, thus doubly tempted to lies and deception (afflicted Neptune) and words that aim to wound rather than heal (afflicted Chiron).
The Numbers Get Ineffable
The difficulties of predicting this election go far beyond the issues that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has raised in "A Hostile Takeover of Our Country," about the potentially fatal effects of money considered as free speech, and Greg Palast's book Ballots and Bandits, about voter disenfranchisement measures, voting machine tampering and other tricks that have already suppressed millions of votes, rendering the outcome of the US election so uncertain that whichever way it goes, it won't be believable or acceptable enough to make governance feasible at all. The scenario even goes beyond what Tacitus had in mind when he wrote, early in the first century AD about the Roman empire at its zenith, that "we are corrupted by prosperity." As the US is the most prosperous country in our planet's history, it is also the most unworkably corrupt, in the sense that its Corruption does not grease an easy flow of money to many hands and favor banks, but concentrates it in the hands of only a few.
This election is especially unpredictable because our standards of value and of defining reality itself now shift and melt, and old Piscean beliefs dissolve, and new Aquarian values arrive. Consider the measuring stick of numbers. One number that would have interested Tacitus, who wrote that the more laws a government has, the more corrupt it is, is that the US Code of Federal Regulations has now grown to 50 volumes, occupying a total shelf space of almost eight meters, not counting the index. Over 25 feet of federal laws. And they wonder why change can't be effected.
Here's a modest personal example of how the numbers are melting. I've just looked at the Emirates Airlines website to see if I can fly through Vienna on my way to Sacred Sounds Egypt 2013. To fly me round trip from New York to Vienna next March and April, Emirates Air is proposing a low, low bargain fare of only $15,544. But this month has far more controversial, fascinating numbers. A story proliferating on the web claims that Spire Law Group LLP has filed a "$43 Trillion Racketeering and Money Laundering Suit against Major Banks, Governmental Officials and Their Comrade Capitalists" -- and the Wall Street Journal's Market Watch has relayed the story.
While we make an effort to hoist this one aboard and test our hoax meters -- remains strangely silent -- another big bomb has just dropped in Germany, where the Court of Auditors has demanded that the Bundesbank audit its gold reserves, at home and in foreign banks, to determine how much of the gold -- like that shown above, stashed by the Third Reich and found by the American army at the end of World War II -- really does exist. It is likely that this proposed audit will spark proposals for audits of other banks, whose gold holdings are regularly "reported," but never independently verified.
What would such audits find, if they were actually to be done, and the demands for them were not just routinely ignored by the banks, as they are now? Would the auditors find the vaults empty, and wonder where all the gold went? Would they find a scene like this, which many Americans would rather see, casting themselves as Scrooge McDuck in spite of all the available evidence that few of them are likely to find themselves diving into this much treasure any time soon?
After all, anyone can imagine himself a Disney character. "Socialism," John Steinbeck wrote, "never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”
All Right . . . So Who Wins?
Obama does. At least he gets more votes, and will stay in office unless he gets shut out by vote fraud, the electoral college, the thrillingly corrupt Supreme Court -- is Justice Antonin Scalia the reincarnation of Pope Leo X himself? --or one of the other mechanisms that the USA maintains for circumventing the will of its own people. The president's birth chart is full of synastries with the Scorpionic America birth chart that I believe to be a far more accurate image and representation of the USA, in its personality and core values and historic decisions, than the alleged Cancer country born on the 4th of July. Obama is meant to be president at this time, and in the years ahead, as Saturn crosses the crucial Scorpio points in both the country's and Obama's charts, raising in 2014, with some notable intensity in all directions, the ultimate questions of who and what the country's people want to be, and whether they intend to sit on, utilize, or play full out the mission this planet gave them 200 years ago.
This election will be truly historic, though not in the terms most observers expect. We have seen in these UFC pages, notably in "Quantum Economy" in Feb. 2009, early in Obama's first term, how every Great Age in our mythic history begins in its most empowered and optimistic possibilities, then hits a middle point where it devolves to its negative pole, and in the end reverses its core principles. What we are seeing now in the American election of 2012 is the utterly toxic and unsustainable end of the Piscean Age, and of this sign's least worthy values of hierarchy and secrecy, scarcity mind and deception, and all the old Piscean dualities in every kind of opposition, hate, enmity, lies, dirty tricks, fantasy, fakery, denial and bigotry that a people can possibly sustain for as long as their need for a fight fix continues to overcome their longing to be happy, and free. America now has the duty, the honor, the blessing, the challenge and the curse of having to change itself into what it was supposed to be all along.
This election will serve notice, as no comparable event before ever has, that the implacably adversarial American political style and process are obsolete. The new telepathic consciousness of the Aquarian Age will render all the lying a thing of the past, and children in the time to come will be amazed when they research this time, and see how easy it was to get away with saying things that are completely untrue.
The new inclusive communal consciousness we have now, the recognition of the abundance that is within and around us all, the insight that we are all the teachers now, will awaken us to responsibilities and chances we had not yet seen, as we notice what the Aquarian Age requires of us now. It demands more effort from us, yet it also increases our capacities, which grow as we find our best mirrors in the eyes and hearts of those who call forth our best.
The time of the American election, within the more powerful, sacred engine of the peak of Scorpio month of 2012, will evoke our sense of new missions as well, as it does for me now when my communications with Pachamama here in the Andes make it unmistakably clear that the main thing I'm supposed to be doing now is singing to the Sacred Valley the songs that are healthy, and holy, and true, to the lives I touch here and to others I serve in other places, to sites in the Nile Valley and Sinai where Leslie Zehr and I will guide Sacred Sounds Egypt 2013 next March. This is where my main energy will go, from now. After all the work and the words, the lessons and the intentions, the song is what remains sacred, and grows in its reach, and its resonances with the tones of others. Some may be amazed in the weeks ahead to hear themselves singing, without fear of ridicule, for their first time. Welcome. Keep Holding That Frequency.

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