November, 2011
Mythic Prelude:
The Joy Standard
Hello, and welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for the momentous month of November, 2011. The writing of this prelude begins on what those who resonate with the ideas of Carl Johan Calleman have anticipated and dreaded as "the end of the Mayan Calendar," which addicts of Armageddon and doom inevitably garble and twist into the End of the World itself. As you know if you're a regular visitor to the UFC, Oct. 28, 2011 is the day Calleman has calculated as the climax of the Galactic Creation Cycle, when all nine "underworld" cycles will end simultaneously, and we human beings will have the opportunity to accept -- but not to co-create -- a Divine Plan in which all separation and duality will dissolve into unity and universal acceptance.
I've waited until late afternoon to start writing, hoping that the Great Change would happen in the morning or early afternoon, and be palpable by now. Funny -- it doesn't look or feel as though anything has shifted much. Maybe it's too early in the day. Maybe the Change has begun, and it's so subtle that my 67 year-old male Virgo, type O carnivore bandwidth and body are too dense to have noticed it. Maybe everyone except me nailed the opportunity and boarded the Palenque Express, and I'm the only one who hasn't zoomed up the local vortex and taken wing. Maybe, Quetzalcoatl forbid, we've all blown the chance and can now expect what we had before, only worse.
Or maybe . . . today just isn't The Day. Maybe Calleman's design, elaborate as it is, just doesn't fit the time and the terrain. After all, Dante's geography of Hell, Purgatory and Paradise in the Commedia is even more intricate than the intellectual architecture of Thomas Aquinas, or the Winchester Mansion in San Jose -- but it doesn't prove that the Inferno exists. Maybe the transition will not and cannot come on one make-it-or-break-it day, like the turning of a page or the flipping of a switch, but will be more like a cross fade from one movie scene to the next. Maybe we're here to play a proactive role that is more challenging because it's co-creative, asking us not only to wake up, but also to orchestrate our hearts into the same chord. Maybe we're here to do something more than just say yes to an offer from a God whom the more dogmatic types among us still see as separate from ourselves, rather than as the incandescent core of an energy mandala that unites us with all conscious beings. It may be time, as if we're not already aware of this, to rethink our relationship with the Ultimate Frequency.
The New Churches
Or maybe I'm just tired. This is unlikely, however, even though I've been on the road for more than two months since I left Cusco for Lima on August 25, and now, on Oct. 29, I've just done the 16th event of my Living Aquarian Tour (see also the Facebook page on my Inspirational Speaking Tour 2011). Am I exhausted from moving to two new places almost every week? Not really, even though it's a blessing to be in the same place for a whole week -- thanks to Pam Rezk, my good friend from years ago in Cairo, whose Blue Lotus Wellness Center is a perfect base for tour events in Sylvania Ohio, Ann Arbor Michigan and Toledo. This tour, like the one for Dance of the Moon, is energizing rather than tiring, and uniquely so. I'm blessed to be the only person in the world who gets to spend over five months speaking, signing his new book and doing astrocartography readings at metaphysical bookstores, yoga studios and other spiritual centers in 42 American cities.
Thus I get to move from one highly conscious, communal minded and open-hearted zone to another. It's like playing baseball, except that each base is not a canvas bag, but a bubble of light. As long as I can get efficiently through the fear and frenzy of the base path, I'm fine when I get to the next base, and I feel again that curious mix of eager anticipation and serenity that I felt some 55 years ago when I was a boy sitting in church, wondering if I had a vocation to be a priest. It's no wonder I feel this again. At a time when the old hierarchic churches are closing, and turning into youth clubs, community centers and theaters, and people in their 20's tend to think of themselves as spiritual rather than religious (more on this in the Aquarian Spirituality chapter of Surfing Aquarius), the plain fact, as much as anything can be a fact in times as fluid as these, is that the metaphysical bookstores are the new churches.
They do what churches used to do, and are supposed to do. They provide a quiet experience of the sacred and a sense of comfort and belonging among like-minded people. Yet they also do what churches never did. They are open to people of all faiths, who can meet each other across their differences of background and belief in interfaith spaces that may contain Buddha statues, pictures of Lao Tzu, Isis, Yogananda and Jesus, and strings of prayer flags with the star of David, the crescent and the Earth Mother. They are dynamic, aimed at individual expansion and evolution in the directions that are best for each one's highest good, rather than conformist, trying to squeeze one and all into one box of dogma. They encourage the free expression of each one's creative gifts, so they're filled with exquisite new works of sacred art, and the bravest among them, like Alchemists in Richmond Virginia, are like small, elegant temples that celebrate the beauty of Earth and humanity as well as the Divine.
They're also synarchic, meaning that power is shared in relationships based in equality, rather than held in unequal measures, depending on one's rank in a hierarchy, with all that this implies in the openness of information in new communities that are no longer arcane, but transparent, and teachings that don't flow downward, from articulate shepherds to silent flocks, but sideways in teacher-student relationships that are mutual and constantly mutable, so that anyone can inform or challenge anyone else, often in practical terms that are relevant to what we're seeing and handling now, and next week. Meetings of such people are, in short, exactly like the talks I've done so far on my tour. I often learn as much from the other people there as they learn from me, and they often point me in new directions I hadn't considered. Like our next topic. When it was clear to us, at Angela's Angels in Sylvania, on the evening of Oct. 28, that the only thing that had ended this day was some opinions about what was going on, the group's focus shifted at once to what's ahead in November, especially on the much awaited 11/11/11.
11/11 is a big deal every year for some people, and no wonder. The numerology of eleven is compelling, as it signifies the new beginning that comes after the completion point at ten. The new beginnings rarely occur, as 11/11 is more an appealing coincidence of numbers than a true serendipity or synchronicity that is echoed and confirmed in astrology and other time reckonings. Yet 11/11 is still worth some attention, if only because any way of aligning the energies of millions of awakening minds is all to the good. And this time 11/11 really is packed with some powerful planetary charges. We'll take a brief look now at an 11/11 chart cast for Cairo, Egypt. If you prefer to skip the astrology, please scroll down to Changing the Standard of Value.
Smelling the Opportunity: 11/11/11
11/11/11: Nov. 11, 2001, 11:11:11 am, Cairo, Egypt (30° N 03, 31° E 15)
Why Cairo? Because that's where today's surging wave of change began a birth cycle ago in late January, and also because 11/11 will be right in the runup to the Egyptian election of Nov. 28. Thus Cairo and its brave people get to host this chart -- but note that we won't focus here on the Ascendant (24° Capricorn here) and the other angles, as they and all the house cusps change when the chart is cast for other locations. We'll have a brief look here only at planet positions in zodiac signs, and their relationships to each other.
At the left, in the first house, is our old friend the Chiron-Neptune conjunction that now dissolves slowly as the faster-moving Chiron moves into Pisces. This suggests that at long last, after almost three years now, we can move beyond the Neptunian fog that obscures the road ahead, and makes priorities much harder to set and decisions harder to take, if one indeed has the confidence and upbeat energy to attempt anything. We may also be able to shift our focus from the Chironic terrain of our own woundedness and the woundedness of others, and all other ways of obsessing on what we don't want so intensely that we can only get more of it. We may even be able, in time, maybe sooner than we imagine, to see ourselves and others as whole, and as one, and to create new synergies that get us what we do want.
The Chiron-Neptune show is unlikely to exit graciously, but is likely to pull a whine, a whimper and some drama rather than an overt fight before it goes, as the Taurus Moon is at a 90° "square" to Chiron the Healer and Neptune, who can switch from mystic to con man in less time than it takes to say shape-shifter, and can even, in his crazy wisdom, play both roles at once. Thus, like the agonized lover who knows in his head that it's all over, but hangs on in his heart, hopelessly in love with the one he can no longer hold, we too may find that letting go of the old judgments, the old adversarial postures, the old self-righteous passions, is easier said than done. It is easy to see and condemn the red-hot violence of a cop encased in kevlar and rage. It's harder to notice the subtler violence that an ego commits every time it sees another human being as utterly unlike itself, and of lesser value and goodness. But we'll have to see this. It will take conscious practice and patience, but can no longer take time.
The most powerful and positive alignment in the chart is the grand trine of Jupiter in Taurus (3rd house), Mars in Virgo (7th) and Pluto in Capricorn (12th). This alignment combines the best energies of the ruler (Jupiter), the warrior (Mars) and the transformative force of mass movements (Pluto) in clusters that emphasize practical achievement and concrete results because the planets are located in earth signs. What is especially encouraging here is that institutions of authority, their enforcement agencies and the broad mass of the citizenry may be able to shift their old adversarial roles to the kinds of dynamic new alliances that occurred in Tahrir Square, as protestors who affirmed their admiration of the army soon wound up sitting on tanks, sharing shawerma with soldiers and taking their pictures. Once this kind of fusion occurs, the game is up, and this is why moribund regimes resort in the end to Cossacks, baltageya thugs (see UFC mythic prelude for April, 2011) and the Oakland police.
What makes it more likely on 11/11 that excessive force may now give way to affirmation and even celebrations of unity? The superb conjunction of Venus, Mercury and the Moon's North Node in Sagittarius, in the 11th house. As this combination weaves together the energies of the communicator (Mercury), the seductive master of attraction (Venus) and the urge to meet and celebrate under the Moon's Node, the cohering force that draws small groups and communities together. Thus 11/11 offers us more uniting forces than divisive ones, and ways to direct our creativity to the shared goals of the Aquarian Hive Mind rather than the desires of rogue egos who are usually enraged because they are not getting what they want only for themselves, at a time when our emphasis is shifting to what we all want for us all. How do we get it? In several ways.
Changing the Standard of Value
We notice the moment of opportunity, and nail it in an impactful way. On the way to 11/11 comes Guy Fawkes Day on Nov. 5, sacred to revolutionaries and the inspiration of the masks the original Occupy Wall Street protestors wore. This year Nov. 5 is International Bank Transfer Day, when Americans are encouraged to withdraw their money from the big banks and deposit in a local credit union. Millions have already done so. For those who have only thought about it until now, Saturday morning is the time to make a move.
Second, it's time to change the game so that everybody wins it. The adversarial style of protest that has been in use since the labor struggles of the 1930's, and the Vietnam war protests of the 1960's, is fine for blamers who feel righteous in endlessly screaming Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Whatever We Hate Has Got to Go, and then wonder why others are not joining them in a cause that is so clearly right. Such people are too stuck in the head to see that the emotional current of the event is everything, and that appeals driven by hate and rage have never worked, and never will. When Mother Teresa was invited to an antiwar event, she replied that if you want me to go to something that is against war, I will never go to such a thing. But if you want me to stand for peace, I'll be there.
It's time to see, as activists in Oakland recently had a chance to learn, that when we're facing the boots, as shown here in the Odessa Steps sequence from Sergei Eisenstein's The Battleship Potemkin, we will not beat them at their own game.
Rather, we need to uncork the most dangerous cocktail of them all, as in the Wall Street Money Zombies show we see here. Corrupt, tottering regimes have always feared comic theatre more than any other kind of protest because it's creative, its bond with an audience is one of with rather than against, and its flow of sympathy and laughter, in time, is irresistible. When it opens the eyes and hearts of the police -- like the Oakland cops who turned in their badges to express their disgust at what their brothers were doing, like the Georgian cops who responded much better to roses than they would have to bricks or shouts -- then the game is up. It's time to play the show for love and laughs, and get the footage of it out there where everyone can see it and be inspired.
We could even go beyond the primal, heady fix of revolution to our worthier goal of Evolution. There is more about this in the 11 Principles of Aquarius in Surfing Aquarius. The point for now, as Alan Sasha Lithman delivered it in An Evolutionary Agenda for the Third Millennium, is that the problem with revolution is always the same. Like anything else that revolves, it keeps going around and around rather than up or beyond or better, so that nothing really changes. The activists who've just expelled the old crooks find themselves subjected at once to the same pitfalls and pressures, and soon they become the very people they've just replaced. And the great mass of passivists, not much more engaged now than they were before, get swept along by forces in which they hardly participate, and cannot hope to shape or affect.
What is needed is a wholesale change in the rules and posture of engagement, and a change in the primary standard of value. One very encouraging sign is that the music at the Occupy events in many cities is not the same old show played and sung for an audience of mute onlookers, but a new ceremony of communal singing. While it went unnoticed by the "progressive" media who invariably pick up on everything except the spiritual dimension of events, it is significant that just before the Denver police attacked the Occupy gathering on Oct. 28, the demonstrators were singing a kirtan together.
Those who wonder how people who are a few minutes away from tear gas and clubs can do a "singalong" are not getting it yet because they never use their voices to vibrate their bodies and their emotional fields. If they did, they'd feel what is really going on when we tune ourselves and one another into unified activity and lift our emotional frequencies, so that with time and practice, and in growing numbers, we lift the frequencies of the others around us. This is not mere wishful thinking. It is a proven fact that lower vibrations will entrain with higher vibrations near them. If we have not created this outcome yet, it is only because we are not yet skilled enough in the sounds, and in a consistent practice of holding the higher frequencies we wish to induce in others. But we will do this. Sooner than many of us can imagine.
Once we do, we will realize in practical terms what Bhutan had in mind back in 1972, when its king declared Gross National Happiness the new standard for evaluating the quality of his people's life. Owen Waters has written about the same thing in "The Spiritual Age," which he sees as a shift "from the material tier into the spiritual tier of evolution, [where] everything changes. The old rules no longer apply, and the ways of the new reality have to be understood and acted upon." This is a complete change away from the old misperception of the world as material turf to be acquired and defended, and toward a new, true perception of the universe as a realm of energy that we generate, give and receive freely, as we understand that love is inexhaustible. "In the New Reality," Water writes, "success will be measured, not by money, but by the amount of joy in your life." Once we pitch the gold standard and switch to the Joy Standard, it will all get so much easier.
The Default Setting of Love
We will even develop with it the unconscious competence that represents the highest standard of mastery, as we see it lived rather than done by devas like the one I met two months ago in Seattle, who prefers to be named here only by my nickname for her, Vitamin M. As she drives around each day to the people who need her skills in reiki, deep tissue massage and shamanic healing -- and soon acupuncture too -- she does not think much about where the money is coming from, but only knows that it will, and somehow it keeps increasing. She lives in actions and metaphors of love. She handles difficult situations by "decorating them with love" until they come to resemble more closely the thing she wants. Love is her "default setting," as she puts it, the base frequency or home key that seems to reset itself without a conscious thought or desire.
How to make love the default setting? She has no idea, and imagines that it just happens with time and practice. As it can for everyone, if we get in tune and stay there. If we Keep Holding That Frequency.

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