Calendar Sources, Astrology and Prophecy,
Global Events Sites and Network Resources

Calendar Sources

The Universal Festival Calendar is compiled and checked from various web sources. The principal calendar books and websites used here are these:


The Interfaith Calendar is comprehensive, and has clear definitions of holy days of various traditions. See

Calendars of Various Cultures and Religions is especially good in outlining calculation methods. See

Calendar Zone has the most complete list of sacred calendar sites, at

The Mystic's Wheel of the Year: A Multifaith Calendar Reflecting Eco-Egalitarian Spirituality (Page Two, Inc.) has grown immensely in scope and quality since its first calendars were published several years ago. See

Nigel Pennick's The Pagan Book of Days (Destiny Books, 2001) is useful and very influential, and filled with wonderful illustrations. Note, however, that a few movable lunar festival dates are misidentified as fixed solar dates.

Buddhist: Buddhanet has admirably clear, concise data on the timings of festivals among Buddhist countries. .

Tibetan Buddhist: Sakya Resource Guide,

Celtic/Druidic: Angel Fire,

Chinese: Chinese Astrology Online,

Christian: Saints' days at For unusual lore on Christian saints, see the also Encyclopedia Mythica at Angel Fire, under Celtic/Druidic above.

Egyptian: Rev. Harold Moss, "Festival Calendar of the Egyptians," in Jean Houston's The Passion of Isis and Osiris. Ballantine, 1995.

Greco/Roman: Walter Burkert, Greek Religion, Harvard University Press, 1985. Robert Graves, The Greek Myths. Penguin, 1960.

Hindu: Hindulinks,

Islamic: The Muslims Internet Directory,

Jewish: United Synagogue,

Mayan: The main sources used here are the works of John Major Jenkins and Carl Johan Calleman. For links see 2012.

Native American: Among the excellent Native American websites created in recent years, there is as yet none that has comprehensive information about this. The best source is the Mystic's Wheel of the Year, above.

Santerian/Yoruban: Migene Gonzales Wippler, Powers of the Orishas. Original Publications, 1992. Also Santeria. Llewellyn, 1994.

Wiccan/Pagan: Witchway.

Astrology, Prophecy and Personal Awakening

The weekly PlanetVisions Update by author and astrologer Mark Krueger is invaluable for checking the main astral data clearly and concisely. Subscribe at and see

Rob Brezsny’s invaluable Free Will Astrology website and newspaper columns are one among the world’s most respected resources for spiritually-based astrology. See

Kelley Hunter’s free Cosmic News bulletins are a mine of insightful astrology and mythology. See

One of today's most insightful predictors is Pat Paquette, a writer and astrologer living on Vashon Island, WA. Her blog, The Pisces Chronicles, is a mix of astrology and social commentary on the turbulence in the world as the Age of Pisces draws to a close. See

The Inner Cosmos by Starman Joseph Mina is especially valuable for information on relationships between astral events and Earth phenomena. See

Carolyn Brent's Shamanic Astrology website, especially for her article "Chiron in Aquarius: The Kindness Revolution Elixir." See

Sally Spencer's Light Waves newsletter carries valuable information on Vedic astrology, spirituality and health, and links to numerous writers. See

Philip Sedgwick writes a valuable Galactic Astrology newsletter. Subscribe at

Kingdom of One offers accurate live Psychic readings from Ron Ray. Ron also teaches Energy Work and is an Energy Healer who teaches the Chakra System, Visualization Tools, Energy Work and Energy Work. See

Global Events Sites and Network Resources

Global Meditations provides excellent coverage of the current and following month, and of major events on the 3-to-4 month horizon. Barbara Wolf of Global Meditations also sends a free monthly events list to subscribers. (e-mail: See

Historian and calendar scholar Sepp Rothwangl was among the first to circulate advance information about the Taurus Stellium of May 2000 and the "Millennium." For his writing on 2012 and the Aquarian Age, see

Michael Lightweaver's Planetary Awakening Network (PAN) numbers more than 1000 people interested in working locally and globally toward lifting the planet into light. See his Network 2012 site at and his Spiritual Endeavors site at http://www.spiritualendeavors/pan/ring-info.htm.

Closely allied with PAN is the Earth Rainbow Network, which since April 2000 has been coordinating a series of Sunday global meditations, linked in synchrony across many time zones, each aimed at a specific Meditation Focus topic. For more, see

Mark David Gerson, who organized the Freedom Portal events of October - November 2005, decribes his work as "Activating your Mastery Through Sound, Light & Spiritual Teaching. Inspiration, transformational art and language of light singing to open your heart, awaken your divinity and rekindle your creative fire."

The Peace on Earth Movement ( publishes a monthly listing of peace-related events. Ongoing updates: The weekly PlanetVisions Update by author and astrologer Mark Krueger is invaluable for checking the main astral data clearly and concisely. See and

The website of sound healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman is the most useful resource for information about global chant and toning ceremonies. See

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