June, 2012


Mythic Prelude:

Light Bodies
Hail, and welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for the momentous and powerful opportunity of June, 2012, when a whole cascading runway show of astral dynamics will culminate in what could prove to be the most important month before the much anticipated Mayan calendar date of Dec. 21. As you know if you read the UFC regularly, it is all going precisely according to the scenario we can expect in this highly dualistic density, as we rocket into the times of fusion and union. It keeps happening, as it must happen, that those who wish to maintain dominance over our planet and her people continue to do what they do best, stoking fear in order to prop up their ever more fragile illusion of control, and spreading lies about how those who envision a better world are small, isolated pockets of mentally fluffy dreamers.
And it also keeps happening, as it must, that those who are awakening into spiritual consciousness, and combining into empowered communities, move more purposefully each day toward mastering the intentions and telepathies that give us the advantage because we can ride and direct the energies of the Field, instead of merely bumping helplessly against the imagined limits of a world of mere things. Our numbers increase and our collective power grows daily, and finds expression in hugely compelling ways. The achievement of heroic Iceland in forcing a forgiveness of debt to the bank cartel -- a story that corporatist media have predictably ignored, but which galvanizes new action all over the European Union. Want a thrilling 7-minute dose of inspiration? Watch last month's speech by Victoria Grant (age 12) to the Public Banking Institute, and join the millions who've made it go viral in only a few weeks.
Want to know how the years ahead unfold? Then keep your eye on the planets who'll make the end of this month electrifying, and will play their act seven times more in the years ahead. To an astrologer, 2012 is only the end of Act 2 in an ongoing drama of planetary conflict that began in 2010 and continues into 2015, as the irresistible force of Uranus the Revolutionary forms a set of 90° "squares" with the unstoppable covert power of Pluto, the artist of death and regeneration. While squares are often considered "difficult," they can be better understood for our purposes now as decision and action points that compel us to effect long-overdue change. Thus the more proactive we are as we accept change and use a square's energy to shape and direct it, the better the outcomes we create. There is basic information about the Uranus-Pluto squares in Astral Notes, and a list of all seven of them in "Full Fathom Five," the UFC mythic prelude for January.
How June is Bustin' Out All Over
Here is the celestial menu that makes this month so exciting:
June 4 brings the Sagittarius Full Moon opposite the Gemini Sun, anchored and amplified by a partial lunar eclipse that will be visible over Australia, rising over eastern Asia and setting over western North America. The energy of convergence and communication that comes at any Full Moon in Gemini month is complicated this time as Mars in Virgo forms the middle leg of a T-cross with the two great lights -- rendering this moment less harmonious than it might be, if not for a mollifying conjunction of Venus with the Sun.

June 5 - 6 (depending on your location) presents the rarest and most brilliant star event of the month, as the second and culminating Venus passage in this set follows the first Venus passage of June, 2004. The basics about this transit are in The Mirror of Venus, and we shall explore it more below.

June 11 is a major planet ingress day, as Jupiter moves from the money and status sign of Taurus to the communicative sign of Gemini. He'll tour Gemini, with his predictable effect of expanding, enriching and enlivening all kinds of communications, until June 2013, and on his way to Cancer, he'll form tough love combinations in square to Chiron and, this month, Neptune in Pisces.
The week of June 19 - 25 is the spectacular climax of the month. It begins with the Gemini Dark Moon of June 19, followed by the Summer Solstice (in the north, Winter Solstice in the south). The goddess feast of the Summer Solstice -- the day when masculine solar energy begins to wane, and feminine lunar energy waxes -- is in perfect alignment with the month's Venus Rising theme. The first Uranus-Pluto square in the parade of seven is on June 24, St. John's Day, and is followed the next day by a less-noticed but certainly notable event -- another square, between Jupiter and Neptune. The cosmic crunch point of June 24 - 25 is so important that it will be useful to look briefly -- promise! -- at a chart cast for the moment when the Uranus-Pluto square will be exact in relation to Damascus, Syria: the country now so violently blind and crazy that its diplomats are being expelled by other countries everywhere.
Astrology Alert! If the planets, the mythic zoo and the geometry bore you, you can scroll down to Vital Attraction.
Double Cross: The First Uranus-Pluto Square of 2012 - 2105
June 24, 2012, 7:17am in Damascus, Syria (33N30, 36E18)
Read 'em and may as well weep, as doing this at least washes the windows of the soul. This chart has not one, but two turbulent T-crosses, and the one among Uranus (9th house), Pluto (5th) and the Cancer Sun (11th) is, believe it or not, the less conflictive of the two. The other one has the North Moon's Node in Sagittarius (4th house) opposite a triple conjunction of South Node flanked by Venus and Jupiter, all three in Gemini (10th and 11th), and all of these points are in a 90° square to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, in the 8th house of change and upheaval. It all adds up to one huge smoking, hissing cascade of friction so complex that it would require the diligence of Thomas Aquinas to explicate, and the exuberance of James Joyce and Tom Robbins, locked in a duel of nasty inkhorn metaphors, to describe.
Suffice it to say that we can expect obstinacy, impatience, self-will, trouble-making, upsets, possible accidents, power-madness, 11,000 martyrs, restless irritability, disquiet, noise of all colors, waste, the ham theatricality of forty million dark twins of Brian Cox and Alan Rickman, lakes of oily seduction and desperate seducibility, unfastened gambles and enough dopey risks to make bringing the Trojan Horse inside your gate look like a prudent move, financial megaconiptions and political chicken games, precipitate dumb mania, crafty clowns, fevered fools, knaves in stentorian fulmination, and the entire human comedy on the scale of a galactic circus written in fire and fear. And these are only the headlines and the bones.
Yes, there are redeeming features to this cosmic moment. It is not all odious, and about as welcome as a fart in a sweat lodge, or a fanatic in a hot tub. The Sun in Cancer is in a compassionate, altruistic 120° trine to Neptune, inviting us into a mystical union that asks us to see and feel the universal heart that embraces us all. And Venus is in a beautiful, harmonious 60° sextile with the Leo Ascendant. This brings us back to her Passage of June 5 - 6, for the fact is that the better we play this critical opportunity, when billions of us all watch the same wondrous event, and the more lovingly we find communal joy and loving resonance with all beings, the better we will navigate the challenge coming three weeks later. That's why we'll look a little more now at the Venus passage, what it offers and what it means.
Vital Attraction, or . . . Come Here. I Want You.
This Venus passage has received a lot more notice than the last one, and not surprisingly, as we have had eight years to awaken, evolve and prepare since 2004. There is much good material in the stream now about the mythic and spiritual meaning of the Venus myth, and what she asks of us now. One place to start is with The Lunar Eclipse & Venus Transit of 2012, by the Children of the Sun Foundation. It sees the Venus transit as an opportunity to see and resolve sexual issues of need, insecurity, possessiveness, control, distorted sex imprints and gender identifications, and everything else that lurks and lures in the impatient, desire-bound bordello of the lower self.
Astrologically, the higher harmonic of Venus as pouting siren and inconstant lover is Venus as patient, nurturing mother. This is why she's the daughter of Neptune, and is exalted in the sign Neptune rules: Pisces, the most spiritual and mystical zone in the zodiac. Energetically considered, Venus is, more than any other planet, the master of attraction. That's why she is identified with wealth, art and pleasure as well as love. Every planet has its way of getting what he or she wants. Jupiter buys it, Saturn earns it, Uranus pulls it out of a hat that isn't there, Mars takes it and Mercury steals it -- but Venus looks it in the eye and says Come here. I want you. It's easy for her, as she has a surprising gift for holding one thing only in her mind so intently that it has to show up, and she's irresistibly playful. If we can learn her light focus in early June, and keep it through the coming weeks, we can handle anything that comes on our way to July.
There's a gold mine of esoteric yet useful lore in Richard Merrick's article "Uncovering the Ancient Science of Sacred Spaces," one of the best online presentations of the sacred geometry in which Venus has starred since very ancient times. There is much more in his new book The Venus Blueprint.
As he shows here, the 5 conjunctions that Earth and retrograde Venus form every eight years -- that is, the interval between each pair of Venus transits -- create a perfect pentagon. As seen from our point of view on Earth, the looping curves that Venus traces as she moves retrograde draw a figure known as the Venus Rose.
It's also called the rose line, as in Rosslyn Chapel, the mysterious sacred site near Edinburgh that is full of subtly encoded Venus symbols and pentagons.
One of the more intriguing figures of five is in the two recently-discovered stone beehives that were built into the roof of Rosslyn chapel, and were likely used for centuries by the bees who flew in and out of the five-petaled flower. It all fits. We saw a year ago in Lifting the Lid, based on the teachings of Jerry Freeman, creator with his wife Nancy of the Sacred Valley Apiary, now relocated to Huaran, how the superorganism of the beehive has been for centuries a symbol of thrift, efficiency, selfless communal life, ideal social and political economy and immortality. The bees are also linked with Venus, and not just for the honey and the gold. Her astounding fecundity as a birth-giver has naturally appeared in bee images associated also with Hathor and many others.
She is perhaps most relevant to us during her passage this month as the Lady of Light. She was the original Lucifer -- that is, light bearer -- long before this name and myth got twisted terribly wrong. The Maya, and other peoples of Central America, associated Venus with Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent, Lord of Light, and the Maya created a calendar based on the synodic cycle of Venus. As we saw in The Mirror of Venus, it has been truly uncanny how the Venus passages of the last five hundred years have all enclosed or heralded breakthroughs in the theory and technology of light. We wonder, then, what new frontier of light have we found in the last eight years, or are we about to find now?
Gimme Some Light!
There's a clue in this image, from UCLA Physical Sciences, of a nebula formed by magnetic forces in our galaxy that shaped these strings of gas and stellar matter into a DNA helix shape that is an astonishing 80 light years long. First observed in 2006, it has now become better known because of David Wilcock's The Source Field Investigations, which covers a huge array of information on discoveries made over the last century -- many of them suppressed until now -- in technologies of free energy, space and time, the nature of mind, and the energetic Field that is the Source of our allegedly "real, material" world.
Among the topics Wilcock covers that are most relevant to us right now, at the Venus Passage, is his reportage on the "DNA Phantom" discovered by Peter Gariaev, and Fritz-Albert Popp's experiments in the ability of DNA to absorb, store, transform and release coherent light. The implications of this -- about how we may choose activities and states of thought and feeling that can bring more light into our DNA, how we may choose practices that increase and refine the light in our DNA, and how we may release light from our DNA in ways that can be perceived by others, and can impact them, are staggering at first. But when we recall how often we have seen people who are literally glowing, and how works of sacred art depict divine beings and saints with aureoles of light around their heads, even their whole bodies, this idea is not entirely new. What is new, though, is the scientifically proven fact that light is right inside our DNA, and that we may amplify it and send it out for the benefit of other beings and the Field we inhabit.
This leads us to a whole great vein in the mythic mine about how adepts in India, Tibet and the Middle East learned spiritual practices that could build their inner light, and how the mystery schools of ancient Egypt trained their students in practices that were said to have been taught by Thoth himself, for the purpose of creating a khu, or light body, that can survive the decay and passing away of the physical body. Gurdjieff taught similar ideas, about the premise that we are unconscious machines who do not possess souls at birth, but may acquire souls through our spiritual practices, and thereby evolve into light beings who can escape the common outcome of being only "food for the Moon" when the mortal body dies.
We can perhaps explore this more another time. The practical point for now is that the main discovery about the nature of light at the Venus Passages we experience now may not be a technology, but a spiritual practice that enables us to co-create a Field of light that clears, lifts and transforms those who are willing to enter it and contibute to it. There is now a clear practical basis for the theme that Thich Nhat Hanh and the Dalai Lama have been teaching: that the next Buddha is all of us, "a community practising understanding and loving kindness, a community practising mindful living." It may not be long before friends in the Aquarian Age greet each other by sliding their hands together and saying, "Gimme some light!"
How to bring as much light as we can into our DNA? We already know. One crucial step is to turn our lead into gold, as the ancient alchemists taught, by bringing the old emotional weight and pain into our awareness, so it can be dissolved and released. I have benefited greatly over the last month from my work with the master Akashic Record reader Grace Lindsay, one of the most luminous souls I've been blessed to encounter in this life, who has helped me to face and begin clearing old wounds of rejection and betrayal that recent travels have opened again, and have moved to the top of my spiritual menu.
Pisac, the Sacred Valley and Cusco are wonderful places to be right now, as they abound with brilliant practitioners who teach me. With Conscious Cleanse fasting. Yoga and Thai massage by Samantha Thrower. Chiropractic, cold laser therapy -- another light practice -- and counseling by John Thomas Emerson. Sacred Sound medicine by Jose Antonio, and others who join the sound medicine circles I'll guide this month, and help make them so effective and joyous that they practically perfume the garden, and light the room. The cleansing vibrations of sound, after all, can loosen and lift the old weight of guilt, pain and fear, and send it into the forgiving body of Pachamama, and back to Source. This is why we would all do well, before we enter the bumpy ride of late June, to join the Global Harmonization organized at the Solstice by Circle of Sound. Play those bowls. Open those pipes. Keep Holding That Frequency.
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