Mythic Prelude for July, 2011:

Hive Heart

Hail, and welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for July, 2011. With this issue, the UFC begins its 14th year since it first appeared in July 1998.
We are poised at the exact midpoint of the year, and at a more prodigiously powerful Dark Moon in Cancer than we have seen in many years, perhaps in my lifetime of almost 67 years. While a Dark Moon always represents a new beginning, and a psychically-charged moment of opportunity for conceiving intentions to be launched into action a few days later when the New Moon appears -- and a Dark Moon in Cancer carries in addition the energy of the Mother who now births what is due -- this lunation is loaded. It's packing a partial solar eclipse, a Grand Cross like the ones that formed last summer in The Crosses of 2010, and is said also to fall on a major Mayan calendar date that marks the opening of a transdimensional portal. It is likely, then, that this summer, like last year's, will accelerate the momentum of change and awakening that will culminate in late 2012 and 2013.
We may not recognize the most seminal events right as they come, any more than we were able to understand the Wikileaks Bomb of 2010 as the Uranian critical flash and Plutonian thoughtquake that continues to resonate all over our planet in tottering regimes, queasy economies, imploding belief systems, fulminating crowds and more weird news than we have seen in decades. It is as though individuals, mass movements and countries are moved by some hidden collective intention to prove that when traditions and cultural forms go decadent, artists and "ordinary" people alike will throw up caricatures of reason and order in grotesque actions that demonstrate the decay, even the total absence of any true legal compass or ethical center of gravity.
Consider the North Carolina man who robbed a bank of $1 in order to get himself jailed, and thereby get access to the healthcare he couldn't afford otherwise -- and that the Guardian in the UK scooped the story, and thereby forced corporate-controlled US media to cover it too. Or consider what may have been going through the minds of TSA officers who forced a wheelchair-bound, cancer-ridden 95 year-old woman to surrender her geriatric diaper before she could board her flight. Or this, from Italy, where the Supreme Court has now ruled that Italians can no longer be punished for growing marijuana on their balconies and terraces. Why, we may wonder, not just legalize it? Perhaps some giudice with the comic imagination of Machiavelli, Goldoni or Dario Fo will explain this in a way that makes sense, at least in the imaginary realm of comedy in this most theatrical of Leo countries. Or try to hoist aboard this one, just in from Florida, where -- as reported in another Guardian UK scoop -- Mayor Buddy Dyer of Orlando has branded as "food terrorists" the members of Food Not Bombs who have been distributing free vegetarian meals to the poor and homeless in Eola Park, where so far 21 FNB members have been arrested for the crime of feeding wholesome food to other human beings.
How to begin getting our bearings amid all this, and the rising torrent of jokes, outrages, hoaxes, unfastened rumors and lies that beset us now? One way is to take a brief look at the Dark Moon and eclipse of July 1, so that we can see why many astrologers are writing about this extraordinary moment, and its capacity to bring about changes in our personal and collective lives. If you'd prefer to skip the brief analysis of this chart cast for Athens, Greece, scroll down to Incoming!
Grand Cross of July 1, 2011:
10:53 am EET, Athens, Greece (37N58 / 23E43)
Why Athens? Because the Greeks are now the latest people to have to accept an austerity plan that has been foisted upon them by their politicians and the financial forces who own them, none of whom will feel the pinch as acutely as the people who are now in Syntagma Square, agitating for their freedom in the heart of the civilization that gave us the original idea. The Grand Cross consists of Sun-Moon in Cancer in the 10th house, Saturn in Libra in the 2nd, Pluto in Capricorn in the 4th, and Uranus in Aries in the 7th.
As most of these players are the same suspects who met and delivered such explosive mischief a year ago, there is no need to rehash the details about how the revolutionary power of Uranus, the astringent stroke of Saturn the Reaper and Pluto's role in bringing about the endings of what is due to pass away, and the beginnings of what must now come to birth, will continue to promote change, and will impel it to happen faster. Even as Saturn moves ahead into mid-Libra and out of stressful alignments with the other main agents of change, the 90° "square" between Uranus and Pluto will not only remain powerfully in effect, but will intensify as this destabilizing duo forms exact squares in September 2012, May and October of 2013, April of 2014 and March of 2015. Those who've been hoping that things will somehow get back to some new definition of "normal" after the end of next year had best realize that we are in for an ongoing process of transformation, and that it will ask of us the best that we can give as proactive creators of a New Earth, not merely as reactive victims and survivors who cope as we can with conditions that we assume we have no power to affect.
This last detail is what makes the Grand Cross of July 1, 2011 different from the other cross alignments in this series, as the position of the Sun and Moon is critical in announcing our personal, individual responsibilities for what will now unfold. "The Sun," writes astrologer Lynn Hayes, "is a powerful force that illuminates our lives with nourishing warmth, but . . ., when strongly aspected with the planet of revolution (Uranus) and the planet of endings and new beginnings (Pluto), will likely reveal to us areas of our life where these different facets of ourselves require integration." Add to this the role of the Moon, in conjunction with the Sun and eclipsing him, and we can vision this Dark Moon as a moment when the perception and clarity of the Sun are complemented by the Moon's capacity to help drive intentions with feeling and thereby bring them to realization. In other words, brilliant as the Sun's light may be, it is not enough to make a difference now. The Moon and her emotional force, coursing through brave and committed hearts toward a shared goal, is everything. More on this in a moment.
Of one thing we can now be sure. The closer we come to activating a Hive Mind that enables us to shape and direct the intentional field of our world, like an artist's medium, to the goals of peace, planetary health and liberation that it is our holy destiny to realize, the more certain it is that we shall be served one fear bomb after another by forces of domination, manipulation and control who recognize this moment for what it is. Do you wonder if the B-shes, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and other megaplutocrats and death merchants have heard about 2012? Of course they have. The last disaster they want is a planet united in love rather than divided by dread and distracted by scandal, gossip, consumer toys and lies. That's why a disgraceful movie about 2012 is easily made and widely distributed. That's why corporate-controlled media are working so hard to discredit and destroy the unstoppable momentum of our awakening by cranking out endless black herrings and scary rumors.
The latest colorful float in the Fear Parade is comet Elenin, named for astronomer Leonid Elenin, who discovered it last year. Elenin will pass through our inner solar system this fall, and travel through the area between Earth and the Sun in late September and October. What will happen when it does?
The answer depends on whether the source you read or hear wants to inform us, or scare the hell out of us. According to Don Yeomans of NASA's Near-Earth Object Program Office at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, "[T]hese long-period comets that come in from way outside our planetary system . . . make these long, majestic, speedy arcs through our solar system, and . . . put on a great show. But not Elenin." Why not? Because Elenin's orbit will come no closer than 35 million kilometers (22 million miles) from Earth, not near enough to influence our weather patterns, much less stir tidal waves, shift tectonic plates or trigger massive Earth changes. "So," says Yeomans, "you've got a modest-sized icy dirtball that . . . will have an immeasurably miniscule influence on our planet. By comparison, my subcompact automobile exerts a greater influence on the ocean's tides than comet Elenin ever will."
Simple enough, at least for those who define a near miss as something closer to 22 feet than 22 million miles. Yet the worldwide web is sizzling now with "the real science" and "the truth" about Elenin. About how this little frozen mudball has already caused natural disasters on Earth, even though it was hundreds of millions of miles from Earth at the time. About how Elenin is a wayward planet or brown dwarf star, as though such bodies somehow break free of their stars or galaxies and move at such impossibly high speed. About how, according to a Russian source that is not named or linked, Elenin is in fact a "controlled" object being remotely guided into a collision with Earth. This last item, at least, would explain a few things. Since any comet is at least the size of a truck, driving it would require the skills of a teamster, so maybe Jimmy Hoffa is at the wheel, and now, at long last, we know where he is and what happened to him. If he's out to settle a score for organized labor, in the USA and elsewhere, then union-busters everywhere have got a really Big One on their grid.
What a dilemma. We can either believe a US government agency that has been notorious for decades for suppressing data on the Face and pyramids on Mars, anomalous Moon phenomena, and whatever else does not conform to the conventional "scientific" view that evidence of extraterrestrial contact and civilizations is invalid unless and until it arrives right in our faces and won't let go. Or we can believe those who warn us that we're toast, it's all over, the game is up, and our best bet is to arm ourselves to the teeth and go to some cabin with an unobstructed field of fire way out in the wilderness.
Which way to lean? The obvious way by now, as those who warn us to "Wake Up! Time is short!" are almost invariably asleep themselves, utterly blind to what is really going on, and so trapped in leftbrained fears and fantasies that they can't respond to their intuition, their hearts, or anything besides reams of "facts" that they sift, sort and shuffle endlessly, as though information, or what passes for it, is what we most need now.
Learning It by Heart
It isn't. Only those who remain stuck in their heads will be prey to fear, and will try to infect others with it. The actuality that will in time be plain fact is that we have not arrived at this point in our history, after all the beauty and glory, horror and wonder and brilliance and agony -- the last of these best understood in its Greek sense as the maximum effort that the athlete or other hero makes at the moment of reaching the goal -- only to be obliterated by a dirty slushball. That is not why we've all come here now to fulfill the contract that draws us together to be the ones we've been waiting for, to create the change we seek to bring about in the world. How will we nail it? Not through the level of consciousness that has brought us to the point of crisis, and not by trying to think, plan, design or calculate our way through. We'll get there by linking in the heart, and accepting the mounting evidence that the brain, for all its utility, is, as Joseph Campbell called it, "a secondary organ." The heart, so long dismissed as nothing more than a Valentine's Day vessel for unclassifiable and otherwise messy feelings, is in fact the main avenue of perception, and, for all we know, the keeper of our memories as well.
There is nothing new in this. The ancient Egyptians, whose lost wisdoms are gradually coming into focus now, conceived the heart, or ib -- as shown in this image from Ruth Shilling's Egyptian Insights -- as a jar filled with a feeling designated in the root glyph above the ib. Here awt, the symbol for Offering, combines with the heart to form awt-ib, the combination that spells Joy, the opening and expanding of the heart.
As any student of the Khemitian spiritual culture knows, the heart was also a kind of akashic vault and ethical library that stored the soul's decisions and actions for its entire lifetime. This is why, when it was time for the newly-departed soul to find its proper station after the passing of the physical body, the organ that was weighed in the presence of Ausar (aka Osiris) was not the brain, but the heart -- for a picture of this scene, click here -- that held all the memories that the mind would prefer to forget. We may not understand the precise implications of the heart being weighed in the balance against the feather of Truth, and whether a weightless heart was free of guilt, shame and other heavy emotions, or whether it was filled with the highest frequencies of joy and bliss, and thus already vibrating high enough to enter the presence of the divine.
What we do know now is that the heart was far more important than any of the four other components of the spiritual body -- the shadow (sheut), name (ren), soul (ba) and spirit (ka) -- because the heart was the seat of thought and will as well as feeling, the principal guide of one's motion and action on the Earth plane, whose perceptions and choices are crucial to our temporal life here, and our eternal life beyond.
What we're about to understand much better soon is that the heart will mean everything to our evolution from here on. The essential text this month, in its revolutionary view of how we perceive the world and vice versa, is Stephen Harrod Buhner's The Secret Teachings of Plants (Bear & Company, 2004). Consider this, only the opening lead in a detailed view of the heart as much more than an indefatigable but unconscious muscle: "The heart possesses its own nervous system and, in essence, is a specialized brain that processes specific types of information. Heart neurons, just like those in the brain, cluster in ganglia, small neural groupings that are connected to the neural network of the body through axon-dendrites. Not only are these cells involved in the physical functioning of the heart, but they also have direct connections to a number of areas of the brain, and produce an unmediated exchange of information with the brain." (p. 87)
The implications, as they say, are staggering. What if the heart is far more complicated, versatile and decisive than we've ever known until now? What if the brain is little more than an elaborate calculator that performs the math sent to it by its executive producer, the heart? What if our way to cohesion and progress is to bypass the relentless differences, divisions and opinions of the intellect, and trust instead the heart's priorities of union and inclusion, acceptance and love?
What if the heart can even create, remember and hold a tune, and all those pop song metaphors about how "Wild thing, you make my heart sing" turn out to be literally true? What if the Song of the Heart, like the one that Hetty Driessen evoked from me not long ago in a Theta Healing workshop here in Pisac, can move from the privacy of its own pain to the harmony of mirroring other hearts, so that we pass through the heartstorms, the organizational interval of the Hive Mind, and arrive at the Hive Heart where we somehow have always just known the song, and can sound it easily now. That may be, for all we know, why we are said to learn the melody by heart.
Time to listen for it. And learn it. And voice it. Keep Holding That Frequency.
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