Mythic Prelude for July, 2008:

Barack Obama's Astrocartography

Part 2: Europe

Welcome to part 2 of the Universal Festival Calendar for July, 2008. This page continues our look this month as the astrocartographs (ACG) of Barrack Obama. See Part 1 for Obama's USA map.
Calling the Four Quarters
Though we won't cover astrocartography rules and elements here, it will be useful to review in passing the four angles of the ACG. You'll see in the maps that follow here that each line has its own color and planet symbol, and an arrow that points in one of four directions:
Arrows pointing up, to the top of the map, designate planet lines based on the position of the Midheaven, or MC for Medium Coeli, so called because this point at the top of a person's birth chart was directly above the native when he or she was born. The MC thus represents one's spiritual aspirations, both for himself and for the ideal society he or she envisions.
Arrows pointing down refer to the Nadir or IC for Imum Coeli at the bottom of one's birth chart, representing the center of the Earth, the point that is under us at birth. The IC refers, then, to the practical, material dimension of life on the Earth plane.
Arrows pointing right, to the East, are aimed at the Ascendant, which is also called the Rising Sign because this point was on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth. It relates to one's "rising" qualities, the ways in which we project our intentions and personalities in the world.
Arrows pointing left, to the West, correspond to the Descendant, the point opposite the Ascendant, which represents us in partnership (including marriage) and other relationships.
So, just as the positions of planets in the zodiac signs and houses of a person's chart can show his or her areas of strength and difficulty, advantage and opportunity, and the combinations of energy that may assist or impede the gaining of our goals, the line positions on our maps can show where we're most firmly grounded -- or trickily unstable -- in the earthy realities of money and home; where we feel most drawn and energized toward our soul desires; where we'll shine or go dim in emerging as individuals; and where we'll experience our easiest or roughest relationships with others. We'll soon see what some of these areas are for Barack Obama.
Disclaimer! My Astrocartography Maps are Better than the Ones You See Here
A brief word about the maps you'll see on this page from this month to September. The maps I create when I do personal StarMap readings are maximum quality, much clearer, sharper and with brighter colors than the maps shown here. Both of the maps on this page are low-resolution, medium quality images that you can download much faster than the max images -- some of them over 1 MB -- that I make for clients. It seems best on these pages to sacrifice some quality for speed. Otherwise it could take you until the American election day in November to download these maps.
Rebuilding Relationships: Europe and the Middle East
Unlike Obama's USA map, in which four of the eight planet lines point to the bottom of the map, his Europe map has five Ascendant lines among the total of eight lines in Europe, including the red Mars on the Ascendant line passing through Russia well east of Moscow, then down through the Middle East. Ascendant lines have to do with the individual's presence and projection of his will an intention into the "outer" environment, so for Obama the implications of this map are clear. If he is elected president, what will matter most about him to Europe, and vice versa, is the projection of American image and power in new ways. His first priority will be to rebuild traditional alliances that have been grievously strained for the last eight years. Other matters will of course clamor for his attention, and press their claims loudly -- but little progress can be expected in economic and environmental matters until mutual respect is restored and trust is renegotiated. All of Obama's achievements in relation to Europe will flow from his use of abilities -- patience, intuition, subtlety and attentive listening -- that are called people skills when we practice them privately, and are called diplomacy, suave showmanship and high statesmanship when national leaders put them in play, as Obama will have to, both privately and publicly, if he aims to win Europe's good will.
Show Us How Tough You Are: Russia and the Middle East
In this map we see for the first time the red lines that are danger signals in astrocartography, as they are in everything else. The bright red Mars on the Ascendant line at the right of Obama's Europe map is a fighting line, as all Mars lines are. Its position in eastern Russia, then going down through Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, indicates that friction is likely in relation to all of these places. With Russia, it is likely to be payback time, though less grievously than it might be if this line were further west, instead of too far from Moscow to engage it. Putin's puppets will surely pull on Obama not just the provocations and challenges that the Kremlin plays with every new American president, but they will throw in for good measure some revenge for insults, real and imagined, that Russia has been enduring from the USA ever since the Reagan era. Obama's intention to withdraw American armed forces from Iraq may prove excruciating, since countries along this Mars line may choose to inflict maximum agony by making the American withdrawal as painful, intricate and costly as possible. Just as the Chinese once helped prolong America's ordeal in Vietnam, the nations under this red line will at least consider doing the same in Iraq. And from the start of the game, well before the exit from Iraq begins, the countries under this Mars line in Obama's map will want to know one thing about him: How much of a fighter is he? The only way to find out is to run a few macho games on him first. What is Iran's posture in all this? Very unexpected and surprising, as we'll see next month.
There is help for Obama along the lines west of this Mars line, where the dark red Pluto on the Ascendant line passes near Stockholm, Warsaw, Bucharest and Istanbul, then west of Cairo (al-Qahira). Most of these countries form a central European group who have been stressed in recent years by a balancing act of trying to be pro-Washington without having to be pro-war, though the hapless Poles did join the Coalition of the Wishing in Iraq. Power struggles tend to manifest under Pluto lines, so it is likely that the countries in this region, empowered with new prestige and confidence -- and the Euro's rise against the dollar -- will have little patience with the subservient role that the US administration before Obama's expected Europe to play. America's new president may be astonished to find that polite, patient Europe is suddenly behaving like a rival rather than an enabler, as human beings will when they've been taken for granted too long.
At the same time, though, we can expect that relations with some European allies will be well mended, as, wonderfully, a green Chiron on the Descendant line runs parallel to the Pluto line, so that Stockholm and Warsaw are both within an energy corridor between the Pluto and Chiron lines, and Sofia and Athens are only a little west of the Chiron line. Here Obama is likely to enjoy strong success in the Chiron the healer role, and he will be empowered by the esteem of people of power in this part of Europe. Like the Mississippi Valley in the USA, this two-line corridor through the middle of Europe is a recharging zone for Obama.
Time to Get With the Program: Germany and Italy
The purple Uranus on the Ascendant line passing through western Germany and Italy has many of the same nuances as the dark red Pluto Line, though tension is apt to express itself in different ways. Here, as Uranus is the planet of upsetting, surprising, revolutionary change, Obama and his country may find themselves in the reactive role of handling pressure from old friends who are now fed up with America's refusal to get in step with the rest of the world on everything from the Kyoto Accords to the metric system. Now, centuries after the new American republic challenged Europe to see that the world had just been turned upside down by the power of human ingenuity, liberty and determination, the industrial Ruhr in western Germany may be one of those places whose people believe it's time for the United States to behave much less like George III, and more like George Washington.
But here too, and wonderfully again, there is excellent, friendly news, because parallel to this Uranus line, and forming a second corridor through Europe, is a gray Moon's Node on the Ascendant line. Within this pair of lines are western Germany, portions of the Netherlands and Switzerland, and half of Italy. Rome is exactly between the two lines, and very strongly affected by both. So not only is some forgiveness and good humor likely among traditional allies, but America's old friends, viewing Obama's success as truly vital for their own interests and the world's wellbeing, will probably network his vision powerfully with others. Here as well, even more than in the USA, the reconstruction of good will is vital to Obama's prospects.
Less Than One Bargained For: England and France
There is one more line in Obama's Europe map that is highly significant -- though not, alas, highly encouraging -- for relationships with old allies: the vertical pink Neptune on the Nadir line that passes east of the British isles near London, and just west of Paris and Barcelona. As Neptune is the planet of dreams, fantasies, wishes and the illusions that may bubble in their wake, Obama's line here represents our ways of mis-estimating our prospects on the practical plane, and generally deluding ourselves about the material condition of our lives, so that what we attempt and build here has "foundations of sand," as Jim Lewis put it. Obama may find, in both western Europe and farther south in Africa, that while good will may revive and even abound, it will still happen that devious associates, and our own expectations, may make the road ahead slipperier than we expected. This is not a line under which others are rock-solid colleagues, apt to keep their agreements with Obama.
However, among the three countries this line crosses, Spain is by far the most successful arena for Obama's efforts, because of the yellow Sun on the Descendant line that we see crossing west of Madrid. This line designates one of the places where one will develop his most effective partnerships. While some of this happy action could be waiting in Spain, there could be much more of it to the south, as the line goes all the way through Africa.
Song of the Ancestors: Africa
While we won't visit Africa on this trip, it will be fascinating to go there if Obama is elected. The one line in his Europe map that we've postponed until now -- the vertical gray Moon on the MC line that passes near Minsk, Bucharest and Athens -- will be more interesting to watch when we track it south to Obama's ancestral homeland in Kenya. He has a total of ten lines going through Africa, more than he has in any continent except Asia. His line combination in Africa is much more favorable than it is in Europe, as it includes the dazzling duo of the blue Jupiter and green Mercury lines that we see entering Morocco. There will be much more to see about this, and it will surely be a pleasure to see, if and when President Obama first visits Africa. For now the road goes east, where Obama meets the Beijing Opera, the Shanghai Acrobats and the Hong Kong Movies in his Astrocartograph for Asia.
Best, perhaps, to start adding a few East Asian scales to our morning music meditation, now that Grandfather Peach and the Plum Princess have already danced across the world stage at the Beijing Olympics, and are only waiting for the right time to invite Barack Obama to a pas de trois.
We'll look at the choreography next month. Until then, Keep Holding That Frequency.
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