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January, 2013


Mythic Prelude:

Planting Time
Hail, and welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for January, 2013. Well, we've come through. The trump of doom did not sound in 2012, the globe did not crack in two, and everything is about the same as it was before Dec. 21, except for two things. One is that some doom pimps are richer than they were before, and they continue to squeeze for fear and profit the ridiculous scam of the "fiscal cliff" that we explored last month. The other, as reported in many accounts of what we experienced on Dec. 12 and 21, is that many of us have felt, and achieved new habits, of lightness, clarity, acceptance, forgiveness, grace and serenity. Even if one does not live in Pisac, in this miraculous intentional community that unites so many health practitioners and artists, spiritual voyagers and masters of love, the potential for creating like-minded soul alliances is present everywhere. Those who hit and sustain such happiness can also be very persuasive, even if they make no effort to convince anyone. One reason why the Shift has begun, and gains momentum, is that those who are stuck in misery, and feel it's our universal condition in this vale of tears, will be sorely tempted to see if bliss can be felt not just for a heartbeat or an hour, but can last for years at a time.
What did I get to do for the alleged End of Time on Dec. 21? When in doubt, and even when not -- celebrate!
I was the Green Man -- here with yoga master Colleen Boveri -- for the solstice, then got to play crystal bowls for the inauguration of the new temple just opened by ayahuasquero Diego Palma (at center of the middle tier, in white).
The roll continued through Christmas Eve, when I played Santa Claus at a party that seems to have attracted almost every kid from toddlers to ten-year-olds from all over Pisac. They've been greeting me and hugging me as Papa Noel ever since. So -- has my life turned a curved corner into total ease and light at every moment? Not quite. One other event that transpired on Dec. 24 was that someone in Atlanta Georgia, with a less than perfect concept of the Christmas spirit, somehow compromised my credit union debit card, and used it to make fake charges of almost $1,000 at Home Depot, Nordstrom's and, perhaps the unkindest cut of all for a man now in the 40th day of a Conscious Cleanse juice fast, at . . . Arby's. For God's sake. The crook could at least have treated himself or herself to a lobster and snapper feast at McKendrick's. After all, it's only money, and this time it's not even yours. It comes and goes like the wind, except that the wind is more substantial.
No worry. Many of us experience such weird and instant reversals now, and glitches that remind us how we've been in the transition from technology to telepathy since two years ago, when Egyptians pioneered the new Aquarian Hive Mind on the Aala Bridge leading to Tahrir Square. The people of the Nile were, it appears, the ones who invented a science of polarity that has often been mistaken for duality, and they are naturally much on our minds now in this interval of swoops and switches that are truly Nilotic in their suddenness and intensity. We may not expect at this time that Heaven, and nothing else that contrasts with it, will now arrive on Earth.
Why? Because, as we've seen in these UFC pages before, we are only halfway through the cosmic drama that runs from July, 2010 through March, 2015.
The Turning Point
Dec. 21, 2012 is not the end of anything. It's not even, in Winston Churchills's famous phrase, the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning. It is that moment in the play when the currents of plot and passion reverse, and begin to sweep us with ever-increasing speed to the crises and climaxes that crowd thicker and faster now. In the grand mythic history that we are privileged to play now with everything we've got, we have come to that moment when the dying Piscean Age, which started in such deep spirituality, mystery and beauty a century and more before Jesus was born, reaches its final and toxic pole of hierarchy and separation, scarcity, secrecy, deception and reactive, isolated passivity . . . and turns now at the arrival of the Aquarian Age in the forces of synarchy, unity, abundance, transparency and the proactive, communal co-creativity that enable each of us, and all together, to work and wield the potential of the entire intentional field to create the New Earth that is now in our hands.
The planting and reaping of the physical field still happens in the rhythms of Earth and Sun, as it always has. But in the psychic realm, the sowing of the seed and the cutting of the grain happen simultaneously now, as Saturn and Ceres work side by side. Thus, as we see our roles and opportunities with clearer eyes than we've ever had, we also awaken, more of us every day, to the extreme dangers that threaten us now that once-secret agendas of genocidal mass-depopulation become well-known and so blatant that they can no longer be ignored, any more than the truth of Sept. 11, 2001, and the fascist and financial chicaneries that have unfolded since, can still be denied, or hidden under fleeting images of celebrity fluff and fake "news."
We visited this dark Malthusian business three years ago in "The Sorceror's Intern," about the fake flu panic and vaccine stampede of autumn, 2009. And a year ago, the January 2012 UFC prelude featured this section (adapted here):
Saying Goodbye to AS IS
"It could not be more evident that whether we call them the masters of the universe, the 1%, the power elite, the Illuminati or the Archons, those corporatists who have concentrated into their control our money and our medicines, our educational institutions and our food supply, our popular "cultures" and our communications, have devised a cunningly clever system for keeping as many of us as they can AS IS. The letters stand for Angry, Sick, Ignorant, Scared. The controllers use chemtrails, HAARP frequencies, addictive poisons and pharmaceuticals, dumbdown media, and relentless pushing of all our fear buttons, to hold us in the lower emotional band between rage and shame, to keep many of us demoralized, divided, easy to fool and control, and ready to harvest as what Gurdjieff called 'food for the Moon.'"
Now, as we all know, the same conditions are even more grievously in effect, yielding an even more divisive polarity as moribund power structures implode into secrecy and illusions of control, and our ever-awakening consciousness explodes outward into newly-empowered alliances. While many New Age types naturally seek to focus only on the "positive," we can now ignore the "negative" only at our peril. The trick is to integrate both, accepting the dark side in ourselves and thereby seeing it for what it is in the "outer" environments that mirror us. It is time to look at Saturn, who rules this month of Capricorn, and significantly enough, will be in the sign of Scorpio until 2015, thus intensifying the action of Uranus and Pluto in sweeping away what can no longer be sustained, and bringing in what can no longer be ducked or denied.
The Scythe Sings
Besides the late medieval style of this woodcut, what identifies this Saturn image as emphatically Christian? It's in the goat's hooves, that show how the lord of time (Tempus, or Chronos in Greek) became identified with death and the devil. Another clue is the Latin caption, which means "Only virtue dulls this blade" -- claiming that salvation by righteous action defeats death itself. There's also that scythe. While the ancients typically depicted Saturn with a sickle (see Jan. 1), the middle ages, ever obsessed with devising ways to terrify the credulous into obedience, armed the Grim Reaper with a weed whacker big enough to knock off a rhino, or star in a Tarantino bloodfest. The symbol's meaning, though, is the same: that Saturn, or Time, or Death, is going to harvest us all. The main difference now is that if the power elite's darkest plans come to fruition, most of us will soon be in Death's ultimate bumper crop.
The essential video of the month, for anyone who seeks nonviolent and sustainable strategies that go far beyond mere survival to healthy, communally-empowered life on the New Earth, is "Dr. Rima Laibow Exposes Genocidal Plot," a Dec. 10 interview by DiscerningKate of the New York "drug free doctor" who contends that "every drug works by poisoning enzyme systems," and observes "how dangerous pharmacology is for human beings, though very beneficial for the pharmaceutical industry." As the medical director of the Natural Solutions Foundation, Dr. Laibow is a practitioner of "frequency medicine [that aims to] create conditions under which people can heal themselves [through] motivated intentionality" -- the only approach that can bring effective results by addressing the conditions in the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies that manifest as unwellness in the physical body.

Dr. Laibow's voice is clear, concise, comprehensive, surgically eloquent and precise in demonstrating how "a war [is] being waged against us and our bodies through the method of taking away our personal freedom to make choices about our own health care, our food and what happens to our own bodies. . . . Either you own your body, or you are a slave, because whoever owns your body owns you." This material is not for the faint of heart. By the time Dr. Rima is done with her passionate and convincing case, it is overwhelmingly evident that corporate, statist, globalist powers bent on creating a "neofeudal world" -- as they've been doing for 140 years, from Commodore Vanderbilt and John D. Rockefeller to Kissinger to Gates and the Bushes (who own Pfizer Pharmaceutical) -- have already achieved much if not most of the "clear, well articulated and very well developed genomocidal agenda" that aims at nothing less than the reduction of the world's human population by 90%, eliminating billions of "useless eaters," leaving only the controllers, their managers and technicians, and a docile labor pool of cooks and bakers, maids, waiters, porters and garbagemen.

Though most of the material in this interview is unavoidably grim, there's also much to be optimistic about. "Solutions is our middle name," Dr. Rima notes about her foundation, which mobilized literally millions of supporters almost overnight at the time of the 2009 Flu Scam, and helped to stop dead the US government's move to mandate universal vaccination of all its people.
All Farmers Now
Getting to work is the key, really. As we've seen in several other UFC pages before this one, among the inescapable Aquarian tradeoffs is that we'll have to get down and dirty, working harder than we did before, in unpredictable pickup teams, with a lot of people we've never met, pitching the old Piscean passivities, entitlements and other egoic dead weight away, and learning anew what General Maximus (Russell Crowe) in Ridley Scott's Gladiator meant when he longs for nothing but his farm and his family, and says to his incredulous chief of staff, "Dirt cleans off a lot easier than blood." A lot of us are going to be in this position now, no matter how accomplished, educated and sophisticated we are or imagine we are.
Believe it or not, want it or not, many of us will find ourselves in the months ahead looking like these patient workers, even if less elegantly enameled, and less balletic in our teamwork than the scythe-bearing men in the background who do the hard and heavy cutting while the women closer to us do the more skilled and delicate work of shaping the new hay, and bonding with each other as they do. After all, the point of the feminine teamwork we gain now is not competition or conspicuous effort, but the bonding that comes from steady, shared effort in the service of worthy goals. The southern hemisphere is the place where much of the most useful innovation comes from now, as it is rooted in cooperation and the practices that Andean peoples call ayni -- that is, a relationship of reciprocity with Pachamama, and implicitly a way of life based on two questions that trump all others: What does Mother Earth want? And what does she want us to do in relation to her?
This recognition of Gaia as a conscious, living, sacred being imbues one of the most passionate -- and so far least known -- statements of what Dec. 21, 2012 was all about. Here is a piece of the "Manifesto of the Island of the Sun," delivered by Evo Morales, president of Bolivia: "From the Island of the Sun, from our sacred Lake Titicaca, we tell you that we are here on December 21, not to await the end of the world . . ., but on this new dawn to give hope to the people. . . . This island is where time began and history began with the sons of the Sun. . . . Today from this island, the birthplace of the Tahuantinsuyo [Inca Empire], we proclaim the end of that age of darkness and ‘non-time’ and the beginning of the age of light, the Pachakuti [renaissance, new age, and regeneration of cosmic harmony]. Once again it is time for the peoples of the world, social movements, and all those who have been marginalized, discriminated against or humiliated to unite, organize, mobilize, become aware and rise up as in the times of the Pachakuti."
The rising is underway. It gathers momentum now, everywhere. It happens slowly in places where masses of people who are stunted by fear and poisoned by lies are still easily manipulated by controllers. But here in South America, it goes much faster, as we come to understand we are all farmers now. It happens fast too in places where the awareness of our unity in a telepathic Hive Mind grows day by day, and where people have always known we're all farmers. Places like Egypt.
The Sun Rises at Karnak
A few last bits from Leslie Zehr and me as we get ready to guide Sacred Sounds Egypt 2013. We've opened the journey to Egyptians and to expats living in Egypt, at special discount rates that will apply for those who stay in their homes in Cairo or Luxor, but will join the group's activities each day. Other good news is that Vantage Travel, who will manage our journey, has extended the due date for deposit payment from Jan. 11 to Feb. 6, and balance payment from Feb. 11 to Feb. 27. For more on this, please see our registration page.
And finally for now, a little information and imagery about one of the famous sites we'll visit, and some sacred sound too. If you've visited Egypt, this place is indelible:
While Giza's pyramids are the most massive structures ever built, the Karnak complex is Egypt's grandest center of worship, Luxor's equivalent of St. Peter's in Rome and St. Paul's in London. This Hypostyle Hall, with original colors still blazing from its pillars and roof after 3,200 years, was designed by Hatshepsut during the brilliant 18th Dynasty, and was completed a dynasty later by Egypt's most grandiose ruler, Ramses II (the Great).
Archaeologists still unearth today wonders that have long been buried at this sprawling complex, which has chapels to the Theban Triad of Amun, the "Hidden One," his consort Mut and their son, the Moon neter Khons, and also to the lioness-headed Sekhmet, shown here. The late Abdel Hakim Awyan, with whom I had the honor to study when I lived by the pyramids, used to estimate that only 23% of the art and architecture of Egypt has been found so far. Why 23, not 22 or 25? He never said. At the height of the New Kingdom (16th to 11th centuries BC), Amun was merged with Ra, lord of the Sun, to form the deity promoted by the all-powerful hanuti, the priesthood who effectively ruled both temple and palace before and after the reign of the religious revolutionary Akhnaton, formerly Amenhotep IV.
Each morning at Karnak, the priests of Amun-Ra walked in a stately procession and sang a beautiful hymn to welcome the Rising of the Sun. Now, thanks to the research of Egyptian musicologist Maged Samuel Ibrahim, we know exactly how the melody went. Through meticulous parallel study of ancient hieroglyphics and Coptic texts that are still sung today, Maged has demonstrated his key premise: that some of the music sung in Coptic services is in fact the same music that was sung much earlier, in the pharaonic era. When the Christians brought their ritual music into Egypt, the people rejected it, claiming that it was an adulteration of the pure harmonies that the Greeks had borrowed centuries before -- as did Pythagoras, who spent 20 years of travel and study in Egypt, learning principles of mathematics and music that have been credited to him ever since.

Instead of accepting the Greek music that sounded strange and impure to them, the Egyptians threw it out, and reset the Christian texts to the old music they had known well and loved for centuries, if not millennia, and this is why some of today's Coptic church music is rooted in, if not nearly identical to, the very ancient music of the pharaonic era. One good example is the Aripsaleen, which Maged reconstructed by comparing Coptic texts with nearly identical hieroglyphics at Karnak. The Coptic Aripsaleen is now sung only once every year in the Easter service, at the moment when the women arrive at the tomb of Jesus and discover he is not there. The words of this hymn, presumably the music too, are a very close match for the hymn that the priests of Amun-Ra sang every morning to greet the Sun. Thus the old Karnak music for the Rising of the Sun became the Christian music for the Rising of the Son.

It all fits, as we've just passed the turning point, and we see the light that grows now for what it is: not the Sun or the stars or even the Source, but an energy we stoke and release from within until it becomes a co-created aura that embraces us all. And we see what planting time really means too -- not just a season of the Earth year, but a seeding and release of potential, and a musical rhythm that gets easier to feel and sing. Please join us in it. Keep Holding That Frequency.

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