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February 2013


Mythic Prelude:

Before we begin, the main news from here at Hermes3 is that the site is about to transmute for the first time since it was launched 13 years ago, thanks to my old friend and brilliant colleague Mark Wilcox.
You may remember his name from the September 2012 UFC, as the orchestrator of the rock song "We're 2012-ing." Now he's done it again, as exuberant creative characters will, by designing a new home page to replace the existing one. All traffic to the old will soon be redirected to It is time, for as we're about to see, the Snake will shed his old skin, and come to renewal.

Cunning as Serpents
Hello, and welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for February, 2013. This month begins a dramatic build toward the next of the crises and climaxes that will come from now through the spring of 2015. The next big event in the series, coming in May, will be Round 3 of the recurring 90° "square" linking Uranus in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn. This explosive alignment, short on wiggle room and with no room for nonsense, will likely shake and stir societies, economies and everything else as profoundly as the first two acts of the play did in June and September 2012. Will there be turbulent and violent events?
Yes. No way around it. Some will be flameouts of passion among people who believe soccer matches are important enough to fight over, or that owning more guns will keep their families safe. Other shocks will come from revelations that bloody occurrences like the Sandy Hook massacre were no mere pustules of hate and rage within a climate of violence, or the unfathomable actions of "loners," "crazies" and other ticking time bombs waiting to go off. Ever notice how the alleged killer is conveniently dead when the police arrive, as he was at Sandy Hook -- about which bizarre discoveries proliferate faster than they can be suppressed -- or are incarcerated for good, so that no understanding of their motives and actions is possible? The controllers will not make again the same mistakes they made with the Kennedy assassins, whose responses to interview questions clearly did not add up, and match the official version of their stories. Sirhan Sirhan, whom witnesses could identify as the man who shot RFK, responded when questioned that he had no memory of being in the passageway of that Los Angeles hotel, or of having any interaction at all with the man he fatally wounded.
Ready or not, accept it or not, we're in the Aquarian Showdown. As individuals, and as a species within the Intentional Field that extends beyond our planet, we will make the choice between Fear and Love, and more importantly, will act in the courage and conviction of our choices. The more of us who awaken in love and service, and brave commitments to the concentric rings of intentional community in which we live locally, globally and galactically, the more horrific events we'll witness until enough of us constitute a critical mass that moves us all from being reactive and divided, wondering what's coming and how we'll respond, to being proactive and united, understanding that from here on we write the script, direct the play and deliver together the outcome we all agreed long ago to come here and play now.
Still in the turning point of the cosmic drama, we are racing toward climaxes that come, as they always do, in sudden, searing new perceptions that make new choices not only possible, but unavoidable, and compel us to actions that are no longer so heroic that only extraordinary individuals can attempt them, but are now achievable by those who are willing to dissolve their differences for the sake of the worthiest goals. We are, in other words, in a time of molting, and it is thus fitting that a Serpent Year begins this month.
Sloughing the Old Skin
The new Year of the Water Snake begins at the Dark Moon of Feb. 9 - 10, when Moon and Sun are in conjunction. This moment in the annual dynamics of sky and soil has been pivotal since very ancient times, since it is now that we move through the Great Cold of early and mid-winter, and the seeds of spring begin to quicken in the womb of Mother Earth, and the field of human intention and imagination. Great numbers of little Aquarii are born now, from the acts of love and longing that conceived them in the lusty month of May. Significantly, this is the month when the Sun is "in detriment," opposite to the sign of Leo that he rules, so that the feminine is in the ascendant, and the Triple Goddess shifts her shape again -- as she does in all of the air signs of the zodiac, this time from the Wise Woman to the Maiden who will become the Mother in June. And every 12 years, in the Chinese sacred calendar, the feminine is closely associated with the Serpent who will rule the year ahead.
As always happens, cultural archetypes differ from East to West. For the Chinese, the Snake is not at all "evil," but in her sinuous mutability, is clearly a yin animal. In the Christian west, as we see in this panel from Notre Dame de Paris, the Snake entails everything that Churchmen feared -- still do -- in women.
Curiously, the Snake, like the Rat, is a much more popular brand in China than in the West. Both these animals are said to be prosperity attractors, and China's conventional wisdom says that finding a Snake in the house is auspicious, for the family will not lack for food or money. Snakes are also said to be intelligent, discreet and emotionally reserved enough to keep confidences well -- thus they are excellent psychiatrists, detectives, astrologers and spiritual leaders -- and they are conscientious and hard-working in business, though often enigmatic on work teams because they prefer to work alone, and may resist the sharing of information with others. Then there's that reptilian sex vibe. "The Snake, " says Chinese Horoscopes, "is a nice oversexed normal human being," and can exude enough hot sexuality to burn down a bank. A visitor to Japan can be startled the first time he hears a Japanese man tell an attractive woman she's a real Snake -- and sees that she likes the charming compliment. This year's type, the Water Snake, is known for holding grudges so long and deep that if you cross one, you had best buy a helmet, and invest in a few disguises. Good luck.
If we had to decide which Western zodiac sign is the best match for the Snake in the Chinese year cycle, it would be the Scorpion. The snake is, in fact, with the eagle and the phoenix, one of the symbols in Scorpio's very rich mythic cluster. Another common feature between the Snake and the Scorpion, often associated with the serpent's forked tongue, is their double, even seemingly duplicitous personality that is at perfect ease and cheer with family and close friends, yet retreats into acute discomfort with strangers, especially when it has to speak to a crowd. The ambitious ones (5 US presidents, RFK, Hillary Clinton, Columbus) can navigate the stress of the spotlight for the sake of the Big Goal, but will then switch as soon as possible to the controllable public scenarios they prefer. The awkward pause, the prolonged silence, could have seen invented by a Scorpio or a Snake.
Why all this emphasis on the silence of these two subtle beings? Partly because there is a discipline of silence that applies to much of what we do now, as more of us understand what Lao Tzu had in mind when he wrote, "Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know." And also because, perhaps, we'll see more clearly what Jesus meant when he famously told his disciples to be as "wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." (Matthew 10.16). This statement has always puzzled devout Christians -- why would the animal who pulled the fruit trick on Eve be considered "wise"? -- so Bibles since King James have preferred other adjectives. Shrewd, crafty, cunning: they all suggest, if not necessarily a certain dishonesty, then an instinct or art of knowing when to speak -- and even then less rather than more -- when to listen, and how to decide with a skilled, clear severity whether the words one is tempted to put into the air are really an improvement on silence.
Sometimes it's a matter of self-preservation, as it was for Stephen Dedalus, the hero of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, which James Joyce was busy crafting 100 years ago. “I will tell you," wrote Joyce at Stephen's emergence into the world at 22, "what I will do and what I will not do. I will not serve that in which I no longer believe, whether it calls itself my home, my fatherland, or my church: and I will try to express myself in some mode of life or art as freely as I can and as wholly as I can, using for my defense the only arms I allow myself to use -- silence, exile, and cunning.” Imagine that. Instead of shouting or shooting when danger threatens and unpredictable changes come, being quiet. This challenge to our patience arrives in a timing as strategically perfect as it can get. If there is to be an interval, after the relentless chatter and yelling of 2012, when we would do well to say nothing at all, or sing and tone instead of talking, it is here. It is now.
Shut Up and Dance, Shut Up and Ah
The discipline of silence would be easy if the months and the whole year ahead were going to be uneventful. But no. In addition to all the seamy odors that are about to affect our air quality as the unstoppable rhythm of Disclosure Now continues, consider these astonishing items, some of them very new, some only now starting to be known. An automatic book writing program that can write a new book literally within minutes has already created hundreds of thousands of new titles now available at Amazon. The United States FDA, which Dr. Rima Laibow astutely labels the Fraud and Death Administration, may soon approve the production of the first genetically-modified fish, a salmon that we are told will be perfectly safe and wholesome.
Watching little ones grow up in the time ahead will surely be more entertaining as they grow fins, and gills and speckles, and jump upstream, we hope avoiding bears as they go, though of course they'll be too small and genetically rigged to spawn. Is this mere black fantasy? Hardly. It's now been a 9-month birth cycle since it was first revealed in May, 2012 that human genes have been engineered into GMO rice grown in Kansas. There is no telling now what may come from Kansas -- I grew up there -- which evidently is not nearly as stolid and sleepy as it has always looked, full of tight-jawed Republicans wearing glasses that KGB officials would think unstylish. Who knows? As the controllers proceed with the agenda we explored last month of depopulating our planet by more than 90% -- see Rima Laibow link above -- then for all we know, they may be able to grow all the new mechanics, menials and robo-troops they need from Kansas rice, thus dispensing with all the messy, noisy business of birth and growth as we used to know them. It's a new world, honey, as Firesign Theater once put it.
So -- when do we start to get some indicators of just how wild it's about to get? Very soon, as the middle of this month is one of the most extraordinary event clusters to come along since the UFC first appeared as a newsletter in 1998. The Chinese New Year on Feb. 10 will be followed three days later by this set of rare serendipities. Ash Wednesday begins the penitential season of Lent on Feb. 13 as the Kumbh Mela rite in India reaches its climax. The next day may engage hundreds of millions of people in global activist events, if their organizers can hit their intentions. One of them, by far the most ambitious event of its kind that has ever been attempted, is One Billion Rising, which aims to get one billion women dancing at the same time throughout the Earth.
"To be black and conscious in America," James Baldwin wrote, "is to live in a constant state of rage." The same thing could be said for being female anywhere on planet Earth now, as women and the men allied with them realize that our evolution as a species now requires that we pierce and discard the traditional ignorances that have limited and wounded us all. The slogan of this watershed event -- "Strike Dance Rise!" -- says it all about whether we are going to remain stuck in the old adversarial postures of Piscean separation, blame and hate, or evolve beyond them. One does not need to be Angela Davis or Sergei Eisenstein to understand the fighting implications of Strike. It's hard to Dance if one is in her or his head, arguing and condemning. So the value of this grand event may all come down to how Rise feels to us, and whether we see ourselves as rising Against something, or Toward it. Will the dance gatherings of Feb. 14, like the one that women here in Pisac could convene and welcome men to join, feature Love anywhere, or will they only be what Jonathan Goldman terms "fractured" or "fragmented" fields of intention, when what we need most at this crisis in the cosmic comedy is a way to come together in cohesive fields of frequency?
Feb. 14 also offers us an opportunity to join with each other in sacred sound, as Jonathan and his team coordinate the 11th anniversary of World Sound Healing Day, the global sound meditation that aims to unify the world's people in chanting the heart syllable AH for 5 minutes, starting at 12:00 noon in our respective time zones. This is not a synchronized meditation, coordinated for different starting times in different zones, but is designed instead to generate a standing wave of sonic energy that will gather strength as it moves around our planet.
This year's innovations for stoking the sound and intentions of World Sound Healing Day include an "AH Training Wave" mp3 available for free download. If we're lucky and clever, people throughout the planet will link in the AH, then uncork the dance. As if all of this were not enough -- also on Feb. 14, a number of religious organizations will gather for United for a Culture of Peace Through Interfaith Harmony at the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations. And Christine Arylo, creator of the wildfire book and self-empowerment movement Madly in Love with Me, has declared Feb. 13 Self Love Day. It is going viral at 1,000 simultaneous events, and climbing. Are we in danger of dividing focus at a time when we ought to be cohering into a single vision? Not at all. The main idea here is to recognize that Feb. 9 - 14 is a time to get in the game: spiritually, socially, creatively, emotionally, in every cohesive way we can find.
For our more modest purposes here at Hermes 3, Feb. 13 matters because the Sacred Sounds Egypt 2013 journey starts a month from now, on March 13. Preparations go as they must now, as some travelers who are frightened by fear propaganda drop out, and others attracted by love jump in. More on this in my Jan.28 Evolving Spirit radio interview. And so it goes, as though it were all directed by the Lady of the River herself. One thing we can be sure of -- and we can explore this at another time -- is that surges in consciousness and upheaval in Egypt go together like hummus and paprika. It must happen that this cradle of unity and polarity will go through its rebirth pangs in the years around 2012, and the cobra's skin sloughs too. It also fits that the Mayan Long count cycle began 5,125 years ago, in the birth pangs of dynastic Egypt. The water wheel turns.
The plain fact is, despite the dire lies of Western bogeymedia whose principal export now is fear, that metaphysical tour groups travel in safety now through Egypt, as we will next month, as we did even in early 2011. If anything, this is the best time to go, as those who do have the great sacred sites all to themselves, and can hear the harmonics of their silences. It's all in how we view it, through the dark lens of corporatist panic and poison, or the clear, limpid eye of our highest possibilities.
Seeds and Stars -- or, Why Do They Call It the Milky Way?
The Permaculture Institute of Australia does know how to get one's attention. "Bombing Cairo with Seeds" is the title of its report on how Nawaya, a Cairo-based enterprise that seeks to teach sustainable agricultural practices in ways that can make Egyptian farmers more conscious stewards of their "Black Land" along the Nile, can raise consumer awareness about farm products, and can ultimately reclaim the desert land that was fertile thousands of years ago, and can be again. We visited the practice of "seed bombing" last September, when we saw how the Center of Natural Farming in Edessa, Greece applies the "do nothing farming" ideas of Masanobu Fukuoka to revitalize infertile mountain areas. When will Nawaya launch its next 12-day farming course in Giza? Feb. 14, of course.
One last literally stellar item for now, to show how thrilling the news can be when we look in the right place. Some curious agenda kept this item under "embargo" until Jan. 2, but Radboud University in Nijmegen in the Netherlands (God bless the Dutch) has since revealed that "Giant outflows from the Milky Way centre" are being caused by millions of new star births in our galaxy. On Dec. 21, while we were staring at what the Maya call Xibalba-Be, the dark rift in our galaxy, the Galactic Mother was blessing us with an abundant blaze of new milk.
Funny how almost everybody seems to have forgotten why it's called the Milky Way. In ancient times everybody knew. But today, even audiences of women laugh in disbelief at first when they hear about the link between mother's milk and the Milky Way, and the ancient universal myths about how Hera/Juno and a thousand other mother goddesses lifted their breasts to their child's mouth, and the stream of milk that streamed forth was so rich that it flowed all the way across the sky. Is it any accident that at the same moment Egypt is about to get more crops, millions of women are about to dance their freedom, millions of stars are being born, and millions of voices are about to tone the vowel of the heart? Hardly. It's time to look up at the Virgin in the night sky, and remember. And to warm up. And tune up. Join us. Keep Holding That Frequency.

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