How You Can Help Hermes 3
Hermes 3 gratefully accepts sponsor contributions from subscribers to the Universal Festival Calendar and other donors who feel our projects are of value to humanity and Mother Earth, and worthy of their help.

You can help the work of Hermes 3, and get back something that has ongoing, tangible value for you for years to come. Here are the products and services we provide now:

Universal Festival Calendar Subscriptions

You can order renew a subscription to the Universal Festival Calendar e-mail newsletter, or send a gift subscription for $25 a year, $50 for three years, lifetime for $100. For gift subscriptions, please e-mail us the name and e-mail address of the new subscriber.

Personal Astrology Readings

Dan does personal astrology readings by Skype, by telephone from his home in Peru, or on the road. See also his Locational Astrology readings.

Book Sponsorship

Generous sponsor contributions have been invaluable for the writing of Dan's first two books, Dance of the Moon (Llewellyn, July 2009) and Surfing Aquarius (Red Wheel Weiser, September 2011). Work continues on Double Harmonies -- about the ancient Egyptian sound science and sacred music -- and Star Maps: The Astrocartography of Relationships.

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

These instruments are more popular each year as tools for meditation, healing and ceremony. You can order bowls directly from Hermes 3.

How to Order a Universal Festival Calendar Subscription, or send a Contribution to Hermes 3

By check or money order payable to Dan Furst, sent to:

Dan Furst
c/o Kelly Furst
6317 W. 75th St., #126
Prairie Village, KS 66204 USA

For More Information

If you have questions, please e-mail

Living in Gratitude

Many thanks to those who have kindly supported the work of Hermes 3, and have helped also with leads to new knowledge and technical resources. The years open, when we are ready and willing, in abundance for us all.

Keep Holding That Frequency,

Dan Furst