December, 2012

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 Mythic Prelude:

Off the Cliff, and up in the Air

Hail! Welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for December, 2012. This is it. The long-awaited moment is here. The Aquarius overture is playing. Curtain up on the Cosmic Grand Opera of 2012.
Opening Sound Effects
are delivered in stereo. In one channel: thunder, bombs, shouts, weeping and gnashing of teeth, shudders and rage. In the other: devotional music, flowing waters, the laughter of children, fireworks, and an Earth-embracing Om. The channel each one hears will depend on whether he or she sees this time as an End of everything in cataclysmic destruction, woe and fear, as the prophecies of tribulation come true in Earth changes, and the Four Horsemen (financial collapse, aggressive ignorance, drone warfare and the Frankenfirm that must not be named) ride through roiling black clouds and lightning toward to the trumpet of doom -- or as a Beginning, when awakened people come together in love and service, and an awareness of Mother Earth's limitless abundance, to play together the roles we chose lifetimes ago, when each of us agreed to be here now, and play full out our roles in the drama of Creation and Ascension into an all-empowered, compassionate spiritual consciousness in which each one cares for all and is held by all the others, and we dare and do anything that our kindest talents and our grandest dreams can bring to manifestation. My sound take on it all? "We're 2012-ing," the rock song for 2012, on YouTube.
These too range from pitch black to the blaze of the Sun, depending on what each one wants to see. Many see and feel the depth of night, the banners and the flames, the rubble and the drums, the clouds of dust as buildings fall, and see all that once was true and holy dying. Others see what I saw a week ago in an ayahuasca ceremony, when a white heron in a black tuxedo and top hat said, "Welcome! Bienvenido al Gran Espectaculo in the ultimate night club of la Selva!" My vision of Dec. 21, 2012 was a musical comedy production number starring all the animals in the jungle in a swirl of color, leaping fur, fins and feathers, birdcalls and song. It wasn't easy to tell the streamers from dayglo serpents, as it often is when Mother Ayahuasca produces the show. But the jaguars were in fine voice, and a chorus of monkeys in teal green zoot suits danced across the sky singing "How does it ever help you, to imagine your life as dark?" I forget the rest of the song, as often happens when it all goes so fast.
This is naturally the one that gets the most attention now, as everyone has an opinion, many are making a living from it, some actually provide insight, and the lens and camera angle we choose from now to Dec. 21 is everything. Here too the color balance ranges from ugly umber to ultra-etheric. One blog claims that archangel Metatron is guiding us toward a death star, as though a being so majestic and holy would do such a thing. Others, caught in Western linear thinking that invariably seeks the simplistic resolution of a finish line, claim that what we are at "the end of the Mayan calendar." We are not. One does not have to be the revered Mayan daykeeper Hunbatz Men to know that all we are seeing now is the end of a cycle, which will be followed, as always, by another cycle. The plain truth is that the magnificent, intricate calendrics of the Maya have a total of 22 calendars, of which five are still kept secret, all interlinked in a grand design that illuminates everything from the inner life of each to the geometry and mechanics of our galaxy. Dec. 21, 2012, if the date estimated by John Major Jenkins and other "mainstream" Mayanists is correct, is the end of the Long Count, which began in 3,113 BC and thus comes to its turning now in 2012. More on this in my book Dance of the Moon, in the chapters on The Sacred Time of the Maya and 2012 and Spiral Time.
Will it all go as easily as a TV situation comedy? Of course not, if only because the turmoil of human passions will inevitably be reflected in the natural realm, until we finally see that when we are serene, so will our planet be. The buzzword that stirs much turbulence now is the "fiscal cliff," a term coined by Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke in Congressional testimony about dire consequences that may ensue if US officials do not make by year's end some policy choices that their constituents will not find as palatable as French toast. But consider the source. Bernanke is, after all, the director of an international conglomerate costumed as a federal agency, a consortium of US and foreign banks who, since 1913, have created to their advantage cycles of boom and bust, have crippled the US by issuance of debt, and have done everything possible to feather their own nests while pilfering everybody else's.
The reality about the fiscal cliff is that it will entail unacceptable tax increases and a loss of other financial privileges by the 1%, who are naturally fighting back now by pounding the fear drum relentlessly, and creating propaganda to the effect that everyone, not just those who have far more wealth than anyone needs, are about to suffer terribly in ways that, as always, are somebody else's fault. Josef Goebbels, who pioneered the Big Lie -- the premise that any lie, if told often enough, will be believed -- would be proud. But the truth, as usual, is quite different. As James K. Galbraith notes, in his TRNN interview series about "Why the Fiscal Cliff is a Scam," this crisis "was contrived a year ago as a deal . . . to permit lifting of the debt ceiling. The notion that this can . . . be resolved by an act of Congress in the next three weeks is, of course, the last refuge of a very first-class scoundrel." Any guess as to when the doom pimps estimate that this horrible business must be resolved? You're right again. It's Dec. 21, 2012. Talk about stealing focus from the main event at center stage.
The essential take on the dangers and possibilities of this moment was served last month by the Mayan scientist Ac Tah, whose talk "Mayan Explanation of What Will Happen on 21st December 2012" is a mind-blowing presentation of events coming on Dec. 21 - 23. Mayans will activate their ancient pyramids and will create as well miniature pyramids that act as particle decelerators, to counteract an experiment by other physicists up north to create potentially destructive antimatter with their huge particle accelerators. The decisive moment, Ac Tah claims, will come at mid-day on Dec. 21, when a huge wave of energy will stream for eight minutes from the galactic center toward Earth, and will begin a three-day period, until mid-day on Dec. 23, when we will be able to live and perceive at a very high level of consciousness.
And then? After those eight minutes? What comes next, as Ac Tah sees it, will depend on what we choose after this brief bolt of lift and inspiration. We can lapse into the same level of consciousness that we were in before, or we can prolong the higher consciousness vibe through our individual and collective actions to purify ourselves, shift our vibrations through meditation, singing, positive thoughts and associations, loving relationships, communal teaching, learning and ceremony, and other practices aimed at uniting with others in frequencies of love, courage and joy.
Another take on Dec. 21 - 23, 2012 comes from Michael Kolman, and is worth citing at length: "Because this is an electromagnetic fluctuation and not a geophysical one," he writes, "you can expect the sun to rise normally on December 22nd, the Earth to rotate in its normal manner, the axis to be tilted in the usual way, and life to continue. While there may be some increase in natural and human caused disruptions, and a small spike in the death rate during those three days, no holocaust or cataclysm is expected.
"However, this is far from a minor event. Since we are electromagnetic beings, the portal shift will trigger a major change in our DNA and consciousness, provided we are open, receptive and ready for the change. Even those who are not ready to embrace the new Earth will be greatly affected, but they might not notice the changes immediately. However, for those who are "out of phase" with the ascending Earth and who refuse to choose a path of growth and healing, life will seem to get harder and harder. They are not being punished by an angry God, but they are no longer vibrating at a level compatible with the new Earth. Earth is becoming a fourth density planet. Only those souls vibrating within fourth density (and fifth density teachers) will thrive in the new environment. Third density souls will eventually leave the Earth and take up residence on another third density planet.
"It is vital that you clear your old negative beliefs, emotions and psychological patterns and focus on what you truly want to create in this new Golden Age. Your thoughts and feelings will be extremely powerful during those three days in December. See, feel and KNOW that you are powerful creators. Let's create the beautiful, kind, loving and compassionate world we deserve. Let's forgive ourselves and others for everything we have ever done that does not reflect this love and compassion. It's time to wake up!"
As Scaramouche always used to say in the commedia dell'arte at the moment of crisis and opportunity, "Mademoiselle, the time for action has arrived!"

What am I going to do from now to Dec. 21? The runup started ten days ago, when I joined the week-long Conscious Cleanse fasting retreat that Brother Love guided here in Pisac for an uncommonly aware assortment of sixteen heart warriors from ten countries. Each day's food regimen consisted of fruit and vegetable juices, blended and broth soups prepared with much skill and love by Julied Piña, and cleansing shakes of psyllium husks and Bentonite clay, all aimed -- along with the two ayahuasca ceremonies -- at cleansing the body from within, and replacing the negative thoughtform that I'm depriving myself of solid food -- which causes most diets to fail when the rubber bands of habit and desire snap us back to pizza and Jamoca Almond Fudge -- with the more useful, positive premise that I'm getting all the nourishment I need.

It's never easy, as by the second or third day the body is releasing toxins into the bloodstream, with the predictable results: cold and flu symptoms, muscle and headaches, diarrhea and its dark twin, constipation, erratic sleep, chills and sweats, and everything in the emotional band from glum to grumpy that tends to accompany such body bummers, especially when we're beset with two or more of them at once. What made it easier was Brother's expert, jaw-dropping information on the chakra linkages and vibrational frequencies of foods, and their connection with everything in the holistic grand design of our consciousness. One of the secret ingredients that made the retreat work as beautifully as it did was Vitamin K: the luminous Kata Siri Sant Dudas, whose daily Kundalini yoga classes, some followed by mantras, and all done with the idea that the point of yoga is to prepare one for meditation, were invaluable for helping all those bleary bodies and heaving hearts get through their healing crises, and arrive at the lightness and joy that came by week's end.
The last of our daily sharing circles was exciting and encouraging, as one after another mentioned what a joyous experience it was to spend a week in the company and teamwork of souls so loving that at no time in the week was there the slightest whiff of aversion or competition, but instead, we had an intentional community in which each one helped and healed all the others, not from any agreement made at the outset, but spontaneously, again and again. This feeling was even more amazingly true for me, as one who, at 68, has been doing retreats, conferences, classes and seminars, hundreds of them by now, since before some of the people in this circle were born. It is one thing to write about the Aquarian wave of unity, synarchy, cooperation and celebration. It is another to have it sitting in a circle around me. I was delighted to imagine that all over the world there are thousands of circles like ours, feeling and speaking the same longing for the spread of love throughout our intentional field.
So there is nothing to be afraid of on Dec. 21. I will continue preparing for it by extending the liquid fast and daily yoga practice until Jan. 11, the night of the Capricorn Dark Moon, traditionally the Moon of New Year's resolutions, when the conjunction of Moon and Sun can intensify and crystallize personal and communal intentions to their manifestation at the Full Moon. I'll do a crystal singing bowl circle here in Pisac at mid-day on Dec. 21, in synchrony with the Global Harmonization played at each solstice and equinox by the worldwide Circle of Sound family. In the evening, I'll take the bowls to the consecration ceremony of the new temple that ayahuasquero Diego Palma is building here in Pisac.
The events of December 21 are not just something coming at us. We will sing them into being. Please join us. Keep Holding That Frequency.

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