December, 2011

 Mythic Prelude:

Domino Theory

Hail, welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for December 2011, and best wishes for the Solstice season and the opening of the momentous year of 2012. I am happy to get some rest at the end of 2011. As of this writing, on Nov. 28, I have been on the road for 96 days, have done an Inspirational Speaking Tour of talks, book signings, ceremonies and An Evening with Rumi performances in 23 cities, and have three more to go before I go to ground with my family in Kansas City, and recharge before the 2012 leg of the tour begins on Jan. 6 in Sedona.
As I hear the stories and perceptions of people all over the USA, and I see how little of what happened last February in Madison Wisconsin is widely known, it gets more and more evident that there are really two Americas out there. One clings to its opinions and beliefs -- especially the ones that reinforce old habits of judgment and blame -- and shores them up each day with regular fixes of propaganda costumed as "news." Another seeks many sources of information to piece together what is really going on, and communicates it virally in brilliant images like the ones in "World Revolution Not Seen on TV".
This video, one of several that are now essential viewing, not only shows that even before Occupy Wall Street began in September, popular uprisings were far more widespread than corporatist media are reporting. It also delivers the far more important -- and to the controllers, far more dangerous -- theme that the whole method, style and intent of protest is changing rapidly, especially in the Middle Eastern countries that are in the spiritual vanguard. Something in the thoughtscape has shifted when serene young Egyptians are determined to Choose Love, and footage of their faces is anchored by these verses from the Prophet, peace be upon him: "Those who tread the earth gently, when the ignorant speak to them, they only utter peace. In the privacy of the night, they meditate." (Qur'an 25: 63-66)
What will this month and next year bring? More of the same that we are seeing now, only more intensely, and, as always, an opportunity to break through the old dogmas, blindnesses and conflicts to a new vision of our interdependence and unity with one another, and with all beings. We are poised, as the Age of Pisces is about to exit and the Aquarius Overture is playing, in the hinge phase that comes every 2,160 years or thereabouts, when the Great Age that is about to pass away has reached its extremes of negation and exhaustion, and the next Age is about to arrive in all its optimism, freshness and daring.
There is more in Surfing Aquarius about how each of the Great Ages reverses its energy and polarity as it nears its end, and becomes a toxic caricature of itself, as its core principles erode and it loses in the end the inspiring symbols and systems of order that once defined it. In our case now, as we see daily all over our planet the collapse of our confidence in authorities who used to have our respect, and furious battles that erupt in everything from revolution to shoppers fighting with weapons over cheap consumer crap they don't need, it becomes more evident that Nietzsche was on to something when he wrote that "In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs, it is the rule."
Hello Polarity, Goodbye Duality
The full wooly weirdness of the Piscean denouement is here, manifesting in every conceivable strain and flare of the central Piscean concept of duality.
This idea, that everything is somehow a two -- except for God, the only being who gets to be One -- or has some twos bumping around inside it, was with us long before anyone first heard of yin and yang. Ancient Egyptians saw polarity is a fact of life, and as one of the Seven Hermetic principles, easy enough to see in the complementary energies of male and female, light and dark, and in rhythms of birth, growth, decay and "westing."
People who see the world as polar will tend to see the zodiac constellations much as Pisces appears in the image above from Hevelius' planosphere. The two fish are connected by the same cord, and they face or swim in directions that are different, but not necessarily opposite.
But as we know from many of the Pisces symbols we've seen, it's much more common, as in the tattoo at left and woodcut at right, to align the fish away from and even against each other, as though to say they're enemies who can't wait to get away from one another.
And no wonder, given the myriad ways in which human beings have come to misperceive the Pisces symbol, and to twist the fundamental Piscean theme of duality into one of endless conflicts. Black vs. white. Good vs. e-word. God vs. the Devil. Take it or leave it. Now or never. My way or the highway. Love it or leave it. The battle of the sexes. Parents against children. With us or against us. Us against them. And now, when possible, us against us, in the most fractious, contentious countries. And this does not count the inner conflicts of heart vs. head, body vs. soul, higher self vs. lower self and all the other ways that human beings have invented in what seems for some to have devolved into a love of discord for its own sake, an implacable aversion to harmony.
It's all right on time, really. It must happen now, as the infusion of light that comes now may bring acute discomfort.
"More light," writes Mariela Maya in Wavespell of the Blue Storm, "allows us to see more clearly the shadows and the ego feels it is 'losing control'. The unconscious is becoming conscious and everything seems to get more intense: fears, anxiety, disorder, discomfort, tension, physical pain, health issues, difficulty in focusing on what we aim for, bad humor, anger and depression. Doubts arise in regards to relationships, careers and life purposes, all of which creates stress and uncertainty. Some are even questioning their own identity and core values." In short, we've arrived at Judgement (sic), which has nothing to do with a trial and sentencing at an alleged end of the world, and everything to do with facing our fears. This is why Judgment is the last challenge in the evolutionary sequence of the major arcana, and why it precedes the completion and emergence of card 21, The World.
It's scary at the moment of truth. No wonder those forms rising from the stone boxes look as ashen as they do, and we hear so much now of the ways in which human beings build protective walls not just in physical space, but in their belief systems too. The essential text here is Costica Bradatan's Scaling the Wall in the Head. "Walls," he writes, "are built not for security, but for a sense of security. The distinction is important, as those who commission them know very well. What a wall satisfies is not so much a material need as a mental one. Walls protect people not from barbarians, but from anxieties and fears, which can often be more terrible than the worst vandals. In this way, they are built not for those who live outside them, threatening as they may be, but for those who dwell within. In a certain sense, then, what is built is not a wall, but a state of mind."
This is why we need less strident shouting and shoving now, and more patient compassion. Painful transitions are underway all around us, and may be the hardest to perceive in those who are hiding behind the thickest armor. As the old, conflictive duality dissolves at a time when more and more things are said to be borderless, the essential thoughtforms of the late Piscean Age, all of them linked in divisions and separations that duality holds and implies, are starting to fall.
Helping the Dominoes Fall
1.) From Hierarchy to Synarchy: One of the dominoes already in free fall is hierarchy, as developed since the beginning of the Age by the Roman army, the Roman Catholic church, Byzantine officialdom and every elephantine bureau and corporation that has been modeled on them since. As the old structures of unequal rank, privilege and power collapse into new Aquarian synarchies -- that is, relationships of equal dignity and power -- there will be rejoicing in some quarters. There will also be fear and loathing in the office, as people who once found comfort and order in their organizations, however imperfect and ethically challenging, look in vain for safe niches in other structures that are familiar, but are crumbling too. Let us be kind, and of as much service as we can be, to those who are at large, learning to forage and invent, making it up as they go along instead of checking the rule book.
2.) From Scarcity to Abundance: Another result of late-Piscean conflictive duality is the vicious canard -- relentlessly pushed by corporate imperialists and the politicians and academics they own -- that this dog-eat-dog world is an arena for cutthroat competition for finite resources, so that as resources are mined, drilled and consumed, the fight must get ever fiercer, more cunning and pitiless, especially now that corporatists vie for control of "blue gold," aka the living water of Mother Earth. The vacuity of scarcity consciousness was evident to John Maynard Keynes and others before Gandhi wrote that "Nature has more than enough for human need, but not enough for human greed, " and Buckminster Fuller said, "There is no shortage of anything. There is only an abundance of Ignorance."
As we kick our addiction to conflict and scarcity-mind, and a new abundance consciousness spreads, we will be much better able to help each other Thrive, in the terms presented by Foster Gamble in the brilliant new video created by the Thrive Foundation and released on 11/11/11. This state-of-the-art new work incorporates the findings of Nassim Haramein, Bill Still (author of The Money Masters) and others, and "lifts the veil on what's really going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives." Even more important for practical purposes, Thrive presents courageous but very feasible strategies that we can use to empower ourselves, and help liberate our people and heal our planet.

3.) From Secrecy to Transparency: This domino lost its balance in mid-2010 when the Wikileaks bomb fell, and exposed so much corruption and deceit that rotten regimes soon began to fall in Tunisia and Egypt, attracted heavily-armed predators to Libya, and are now under threat in Yemen, Wisconsin and Syria. The late-Piscean habit of withholding information, of imparting it only selectively on a need-to-know basis, and otherwise keeping people ignorant and thus easily controlled, has now metastasized into obsessive cultures of secrecy that conceal any and all information, however trivial, on the basis of corporate and national security. Naturally, the players who want to hide these smelly secrets are the gnomes most actively engaged in dumbing down their people with vacant entertainment and gossip, addictive poisons, fashions and toys.

As the people of Egypt have demonstrated thrillingly since last spring -- see Hive Mind and Revolution Tourist -- human beings are now more capable of linking telepathically, whether they're conscious of it yet or not. We're in our first steps toward the transparency that will change everything a few lifetimes from now, and websites can be devoted to the no-longer-concealable secrets that are revealed to us every month. One brilliant new one is Top Secret, from Forbidden Knowledge TV, about the cutting-edge research, from Russia in particular, that shows how water contains far more of the universal code, and communicates more consciously, than almost anyone had imagined. The other is David Martin's potentially epoch-making Global Invention Commons, which aims to tap the power of the internet "to change the world of monetary exchange from the inside out" by making creative ideas freely available and applicable everywhere, thus breaking the profit-driven headlock on creativity that corporatists will not be able to maintain any longer through their stifling global patent system. It is no wonder that corporatist forces are working as hard to destroy the internet as those who aim to keep it free are fighting to preserve it. The intricacy of the chess game being waged here can scarcely be imagined.
4.) From Religion to Spirituality: Regular UFC readers, and new readers of Surfing Aquarius, know this one well by now, and also that the devout may rest easy, or at least as easy as they can when they are still practicing theistic, patriarchal religions. The good news for them is that religions will not wither away in the Age of Aquarius. They will survive, as the world religions have for millennia now, because they affirm the universal values of love, forgiveness, kindness, compassion and mercy, and they have some believers -- only some are enough -- who actually practice the principles of their faith in ways that are sincere and luminously kind. What will fade away now in the centuries to come are disempowering authoritarian religions who have always controlled their people through conformity, dogma, ignorance and most of all through the fear of eternal damnation.
The worthier religions will survive past the Age of Pisces, as the oldest of them survived beyond the Ages of Taurus and Aries. But their practitioners may be surprised to see that they are now not only a minority, but, amazingly, they are not a persecuted minority, as everyone is truly free to practice the faith of their choice -- An It Harm None -- in an age that works its will in liberty and light. After all, as you've surely heard already, religious people are afraid of going to hell, while spiritual people have already been there. This is why we are harder to scare. One eagerly-awaited spectacle that could be on its way to theatres everywhere in a century soon -- maybe this one! -- might be the grand Samhain bonfire in which the Hell Scam itself is ritually incinerated on that proverbial smoking ash heap of history. While many of us naturally want to live so pure and clear that we might obtain liberation from the wheel of birth and death, a chance to see Hell go up in flames could be worth reincarnating for. It may be advisable to indulge a little in the jump and juice and gush and whirl of the world, in a sin too tiny to be venial, provided this is done harmlessly, just to keep one's hand in and get to see the show. Beware of those orchestra seats closest to the fire, though. The smell will be intense enough to make Milton twiddle his quill for days on end, looking for better words than o'erpowering.
5.) From Tragedy to Comedy: We explored another domino, From Revolution to Evolution, last month in The Joy Standard. A closely-related one, seen often now in street theatre from New York to Cairo and Madrid to Melbourne, is the transition from the old Piscean tragedy to the new Aquarian comedy. Tragedy, born in the Age of Aries, rooted in fear of the gods and played out in conflicts so implacable that men, armies and whole nations must fall to the sweep of someone's hubris, now screams in its last scenes as the remaining archosaurs (power lizards) roar and stamp over turf they can no longer hold.

Don't Send in the Clowns. Join 'em!

Who will gain territory now, as habitual revolutionaries become Evolutionaries who see no point in struggling to smash the old order when they can laugh it out the door? The clowns will prevail in the end, that's who, as we see here in the days before the Wall Street bull was cordoned off from activists who had used it as the scariest Moloch a theatre group could ever hope to get for free.
What to do when the Bull gets fenced in -- like a Bear! -- and is watched by the police, some of whom may be wondering by now how their duty to serve and protect now consists of guarding a metallic art bomb so aggressively ugly that only a bankster could love it? Call for the clowns, as YesLab did in this month's essential short subject, "Bullfight on Wall Street," in which two frightwigged clowns cavort on and around the Bull until the police see through the diversion of the matador who stands on a police car, shaking his muleta to the sound of wonderful flamenco music. Counterintuitive as it seems to some -- almost always the angriest organizers whose signs and shouts do not have "love" anywhere in them -- laughter is what is most needed now. This 92-second jewel of a video delivers it.
Though laughter is quick, humor can be slower to gain its aims. But it always prevails. As it did eventually in the late Soviet Union, though not until decades after Yevgeny Yevtushenko published "Humor" in his great Babii Yar cycle 50 years ago. A few lines from the George Reavey translation:
It's hard to fight humor.
They executed him again and again.
Humor was shoved into cells,
But much good that did.
Humor went straight through
Prison bars and walls of stone.
And so he will this time too, only faster, if we can get the most passionate ones to get less angry and more funny. Yevtushenko's words coo as irresistibly as Venus to be set to music, and that's why Shostakovich set them in his majestic, heartbreaking Symphony No. 13. It's time to set these words again in English and Arabic, Greek and Italian and Farsi, and every other language that needs them now. I'm working on it. But better, faster composers are out there. You may be one of them. Time to get this song done and out there, so we can sing it together everywhere.
The house of cards will not stand against it. Sing it. You too will want to, soon enough, believe it or not.
Keep Holding That Frequency.
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