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Mythic Prelude for August, 2012:

Water Woman

Hail, and welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for August, 2012. We are now nearly at the halfway point between the first two of the very transformative and turbulent Uranus-Pluto squares that we have been anticipating and tracking in these pages since the beginning of the year. For more on this, see last month's prelude, The Blessing of Ceres. The second Uranus-Pluto square will come on Sept. 18 - 19, in what could be the most momentous week that we'll encounter between now and December. It will begin with the Virgo Dark Moon of Sept. 15 - 16 (depending on your location), end with the Equinox of Sept. 22, and enclose a Uranus-Pluto square that is likely to be even bumpier than the first because these tremendous events, like the escalating contractions of a birth process, will get more urgent as they keep coming from now through early 2015.
Guru Rattana has this all pegged in a New Millennium Being article, on the Leo archetype, that is uncommonly brilliant even by her standards. "We live," she writes, "in a very volatile time. Change entails a shift in consciousness. Both are accompanied by conflict, confrontation, and chaos. . . . The Uranus in Aries square with Pluto in Capricorn can ignite deep seated anger and fear. We are seeing the negative consequences of this activation -- when this energy is released as insanity and rage. . . . In the next 3 years, we will each experience deep transformation in a 3 year period of what can be called 'Breakdown or Breakthrough.' . . . Don't count on the intensity decreasing. The intensity will only increase. There is only one question -- How can we deal with it in a way that welcomes positive changes, stimulates our creativity, and opens our awareness to our authentic self/soul?"
This is indeed the central question. If you're a regular reader of these UFC pages, then you already know where some of the answers will come from, and where they will go, because our emphasis here is on the creative power of communal intentions at this moment of the Aquarian awakening, and also how the great mythic themes connect us with the communities that have preceded us, and shaped us, and provided for us an orientation in archetypal space. This brings us to another version of the great goddess who was our central focus last month, Demeter/Ceres.
Out of Pandora's Jar
Pandora ("all-giving") is one of those mythic figures who are so familiar that the context and meaning of her story have all but faded from our understanding and memory. "Everybody knows" that somehow or other, this woman was given a box -- actually a jar in the original story -- was warned not to open it, and did what any human being will at least want to do when told not to do something.
When she opened the jar, the ills of the world -- age, pain, toil, sickness, madness, violence, lies, right wing hate radio -- all rushed out, but Pandora shut the jar again just in time to keep Hope from escaping too. There has been controversy ever since about whether keeping Hope in the jar was a merciful blessing from Zeus, or the subtlest, cruelest curse of all, if Nietzsche saw hope correctly as "the most [e-word] of [e-words] because it prolongs man's torment." The original tale, told by Hesiod, has been dismissed by Robert Graves as not a true myth at all, but an "anti-feminist fable" invented by the poet himself, and has been seen more commonly as an allegory of the origin of suffering. But the circumstances of the story are well worth a look here. They could not be more relevant to us today, as authorities struggle to keep secret an unimaginable array of crimes, plots and secrets that must now come to light, and to fight for control even as it slips away.
The story began as a damage-control move by Zeus after the titan Prometheus ("foresight") gave human beings the gift of fire, and thereby threatened to free us altogether from the control of the gods. The Cloudgatherer fashioned from clay a woman so beautiful that the sight of her stunned the other Olympians, and then offered her to Epimetheus ("hindsight") for no discernable reason other than as a way to get to Prometheus through his brother, and to get revenge on humanity without appearing to be responsible for the inevitable disaster that had to come from Pandora's folly. Though Prometheus warned his brother against accepting a gift from Zeus, Epimetheus feared the punishment that his refusal of the god's false generosity could bring. It was only a matter of time before Pandora, whom Zeus had created to be as vain and foolish as she was lovely, would open the jar -- and when she did, the surge in our creativity and invention that had come with knowledge of fire would be offset by infirm bodies, drafty purses, squeaky homes and worried, trickable minds, so that instead of subjugating us in ignorance, the gods could now control us through the consequences of greater awareness.
So. An authoritarian controller, who wants to keep the populace dumbed down, fights back when they start to wake up. He creates a stunning glamour object, then uses it as a way to deliver problems that will distract everyone in so many different directions that they'll now find it much harder to organize and resist. Anything in this that resembles what we're navigating right now? The answers depend on what we choose to cite and emphasize. Consider this astonishing one, which is just now beginning to emerge in the wake of the LIBOR bank scandal and new disclosures that the world's financial elite have secreted $21 trillion in offshore accounts, while claiming that they deserve bailouts and other support from the nations and peoples they've victimized.
Remember James Holmes, the strawberry-haired, catatonic-looking young man who allegedly committed the Aurora Colorado movie theatre massacre, and then, instead of fleeing the scene, waited mildly outside the building's back door until police could apprehend him? It turns out that he is something more than "a graduate student, a young scientist from a middle-class family," as Al Jazeera News called him. His father, Robert Holmes, is among the world's most brilliant financial software engineers, credited with creating algorithms and predictive models for financial services, credit risks and online bank fraud. Robert Holmes is also the senior scientist at FICO, America's leading credit score company. He was, according to stories that are now percolating on the internet, due to offer his expert opinion on LIBOR before a US Congressional committee.
Welcome to the summer of 2012. The consequences of the Aurora shootings fly out of the jar in predictable order. The lugubriously televised shock and grief of the victims' families and friends. The calls for stricter gun control, and the hue and cry for the death penalty, even before the accused is arraigned. Speculation about James Holmes as a Manchurian Candidate shooter programmed to open fire when a Joker mask triggered his action protocol -- and questions about how many other hookbrained murder robots are out there, to be played when Powers That Be need a new diversion. And now come either rumors or revelations about the accused's father, from reporters who have apparently not yet thought to ask Senate or House Financial committee staff if hearings on LIBOR are on their agenda, and if Robert Holmes has been asked to testify.
Of one thing we can be sure, when the planet that squares Pluto is Uranus. He is an illusionist and trickster as well as a social innovator, revolutionary activist and state-of-the-art electronic wizard. His magical effects, like the electricity of lightning itself, light up the landscape for a second and then vanish, so there is an evanescent flash-in-the-pan quality in much of what he displays, and we may have no way of telling which of the wormholes he lights up, then snatches away, actually lead anywhere. So along with the true, heart-driven activism played in the left ring of the Aquarian circus, are all the lions and elephants, jugglers, acrobats and clowns in the other two rings, and the tightrope walkers overhead. So which acts do we watch? The ones we have reason to believe are ethical.
Like Catholic nuns. The Leadership Council of Women Religious, to which 80% of American nuns belong, will meet this week in St. Louis to weigh a response to Vatican pressure, and one of the six options on the table is the once-unthinkable move of a complete break with the Church of Rome. Will the reincarnated spirit of Hildegard von Bingen be among the sisters this week, and if so, will the pearl-studded slippers of Pope Benedict be twitching? The sisters are not the only ones taking on very big adversaries. As noted by John Perkins, another impeccable source, the encouraging news from Brazil is that indigenous people not only occupied the Belo Monte Dam, but they also "garnered international attention, connecting their situation to other events across the globe - the Arab Spring, democratic revolutions in Latin America, the Occupy Movement, and austerity strikes in Spain and other European nations. Brazil's indigenous protesters have essentially joined protesters on every continent who are demanding that rights be restored to the people." When these kinds of communal linkups occur through the intentional field, they create new synergies that go wide and deep, into every area of our lives. Even into our food.
Out Here in the Fields
I fight for my meals. I get my back into my living," began Baba O'Riley, the first song from The Who's insurgent 1971 album Who's Next. Now, 41 years later, we are getting what Roger Daltrey was singing about. As we saw in last month's UFC prelude, "The Blessing of Ceres," we are fighting for our meals in ways we had never imagined, now that biotech firms and their wholly-owned politicians are attempting to control the very substances and processes of life itself, and the forces gather. Eleven distinguished law professors have filed a brief in support of family farmers, seed businesses, and farm organizations representing over 300,000 individuals and 4,500 farms who seek to free themselves from the legal grip of the Corporation That Must Not Be Named, at the same time that Vandana Shiva leads the effort to break Voldemort Inc.'s stranglehold on India's farmers. On July 28, a new Occupy organization launched a campaign to pressure Trader Joe's and other retailers to identify clearly any GMO foods they sell.
Fascinatingly, it was in the year after Who's Next that Arthur Shuttlewood and Bryce Bond were the first men ever to witness a crop circle as it was actually being formed, on an August night in Warminster. While there are intriguing accounts of designs resembling crop circles from 1678, and even from ancient times, it's only been in the last four decades that many hundreds of these images have appeared.
The ones we see here -- courtesy of Temporary Temples -- were found next to the megalith circle in Avebury in July, 2008. They've been especially notable on two counts. One is that the upper circle, and another circle very much like it that appeared on June 17 at Santena near Poirino, Italy, are exact diagrams of our solar system on Dec. 21, 2012. The other remarkable point about the above formations is that a week after the upper circle appeared on July 15, the lower circle, the shapes around it and also the small circles above the upper circle, all appeared. There has been much speculation ever since about the turtle-like oval, the smaller spirals and squiggles, and one does not have to be Fellini, as George Carlin once put it, to imagine that some of the smaller shapes are sperm cells out to penetrate the egg of the big circle.
The lower design suggests something basic about the fundamental processes of life itself, so now it may be time at last to ask ourselves a no-brainer question that has been little pondered until now. Why have the makers of these circles chosen to place them in food crops? Clearly the circle makers are sophisticated enough to place their designs anywhere. Would it not be easier for them to draw their images on the smooth grass of football fields or golf courses, or in meadows of flowers? Why crops? Is it possible that after so many ingenious people have devoted so many lakes of ink and acres of pixels to explaining the fractal shapes, sacred geometry, Mayan and Egyptian glyphs and all the other designs, the main message the artists were delivering all along is: Please Take Responsibility for Your Food!
Travel South Crossland
goes another line from Baba O'Riley. It fits this month because several hundred people will gather in Vilcabamba, Ecuador for the first Water Woman festival. As we've seen in many UFC posts and my book Surfing Aquarius, South America now attracts Aquarian activists in many fields because this is the laboratory of the future, the place where new political, social, environmental and cultural experiments can now be launched: for the negative reason that white-knuckled imperialist regimes are losing control, and the positive reason that Bolivarian movements and projects are reaching wider than anyone ever has before, to tap the creativity of a broader mass of energized and empowered people.
Yes, Water Woman is being held at the same time as the much larger and more celebrated Burning Man, and quite consciously so. Water Woman's organizers, Pieter van Wensveen and Acaiah Moon, aim to create, as a viable alternative to a masculine, solar, high tech fire spectacle held in a desert, a feminine, lunar, low tech water festival held right on the luxuriant green breast of Lady Pachamama. Rather than contrast Water Woman with what it is not, we would do better to see it for what it is, and in connection with the great Earth rites whose resonances are deliberately intended here. It is no accident that Water Woman will be held over the days of the Pisces Full Moon in Virgo month, when ancient Athens celebrated the grand rites of the Eleusinian Mysteries, in which a priestess embodying Demeter/Ceres presided over solemn and deeply impressive rites affirming the immortality of the grain, and of the soul.
Our aims in this intentional gathering will be to dance the creativity of our personal and collective energies, to vision the pure waters and healthy, teeming lands we plant and reap in reverence for the mysteries of seed and soil, and to practice unity, joy and love. If only The Who could be with us to sing it all:
"The Happy Ones Are Near.
Let's Get Together
Before We Get Much Older."
Come join us, open up those pipes. It will be happy and holy. After all, before the Bona Dea got warped by Zeus into the toxic antitype of Pandora, the All-Giving One was none other than the lady of the grain, Demeter-Ceres herself. Honor her. Keep Holding That Frequency.
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