Mythic Prelude for August, 2011:

The Lion's Paw -- and The Heart's Dance

Hail, and welcome to the combustion corner of the Earth Year, in Leo month. The weeks from July 23 to Aug. 23 are dominated by the Lion, his ruling planet of the Sun, and the impulses and actions of the Heart at its most fiery, generous and ambitious. In the northern hemisphere, the first days of August are the feast of Lughnasad or Lammastide, when the early fruits of the newly-ripened summer harvest are celebrated in the rites of the festive bread and the new beer -- the famous Oktoberfest literally means 8th month party. The turning of the year wheel is danced and sung in the burning of husks and other containers whose work is done, and the consecration of new nourishment that affirms the eternal abundance of the Earth, and the skill and stewardship of human beings who live responsibly within the measureless wisdom of her design.
At least that's how it went when we lived at least some of the time in harmony with our home, and we valued life, love, friendship and beauty more than our possessions and opinions. This is why, with every passing year -- see especially The Crosses of 2010 -- Leo month becomes more intense and critically hot. It's not only that the Earth herself is getting physically hotter, though She is, in the blazing heat of this month's Dog Days. Rather, if we accept David Wilcock's premise that Earth and other cosmic events are the manifestation of collective human emotions and thoughtforms, then our current situation can be viewed as a climactic moment of Leo fire gone wild to the point of dangerous madness, as contentious, megalomaniacal Type A personalities -- and their emotional fuel tank, angry people everywhere -- risk our planetary health and solvency on political chicken games driven by nothing more consequential than individual ambition and ego clinging.
As you know well, people of a different type from you, that is, people who are scarcity-minded and competition-bound, and thus perpetually inclined to see the glass as half-empty, are now obsessed with fear that the glass is not only getting more and more empty, but it also getting heated to the point where it will crack any moment now, the glass will shatter, and all the wine, water or balm in it will pop and hiss away. World political and financial leaders are warning that the showdown game that is now underway in Washington DC, and will climax on Tuesday, Aug. 2 when US politicians reach an accommodation on raising the national debt ceiling and thereby allowing the government to keep paying its bills, is utterly cynical and irresponsible.
The whole game -- one of several about which our grandchildren will ask What Were They Thinking? -- rests on false ideas: that government operations, and the providing of essential services, are of such slight importance that political players may use them as a mere political bargaining chip; and that instability in the US economy poses no peril to the world economy as a whole. While US grifters and grafters may not see the world financial system as increasingly holistic and interdependent, others are less vision-challenged. The Europeans and even the subtle Chinese are using undiplomatic root-chakra adjectives that normally never get aired in public, and the head of the World Bank has just warned that the US is "playing with fire."
The crisis builds toward a tremendous dilemma that no fake solution of a debt crisis scam will dispel. If US politicians don't raise the debt ceiling, then their government will shut down, and the massive energy of this lurch into inertia will send shock waves of incalculable force through the entire world financial system. If the politicians cave to their owners in the international bank cartel, then a cataclysm can be averted for the moment, but at the terrible price of placing the USA and no telling what other nations even more firmly in thrall to the relentless, rapacious crimefest of debt-as-money operated by the banks to the ruin of everyone but themselves. One way or the other, the result of this disgraceful exercise in political theatre is likely to be "The Great Undoing," as John Cory has called it.
It is somehow appropriate to the human comedy and the cosmic drama we've come to play that it boils to its climax in the ferocious heat of the Dog Days, amid the redoubled confusion of Mercury retrograde (Aug. 3 - 26). And even when the holy, hunger-stretched month of Ramadan does not come to the arid Middle East in August, as it will this year (Aug. 1 - 29), these burning weeks of high summer have long been feared and foreseen. They are not only the time when tempers seethe and burst into such self-righteous rage that overheated people "Do the Right Thing," as in Spike Lee's explosive movie, by burning down the workplace that sustains them. This is also the time when the August Sun bakes the brains of human beings into such an unfastened fervor that, as Alexander Pope put it, "All Bedlam and Parnassus are let out." These two places, symbolizing madmen and poets, signify that powerful creativity, the incandescent signature energy of Leo, is heated to the point of torching what it aims to shape, and cooking toward disaster what it thinks it is trying to create.
The Lion's Paw
Clearly, this is a time when cool heads and patient hearts are needed, and the resources that are worth the Sun's own gold are the character qualities of Leo at its best: magnanimity and broad, strategic vision, confidence, self-assurance, and courageous leadership. The good news here is that the world's central and most powerful leader is a Leo native whose 50th birthday comes on Aug. 4. The tough news is that right now the world's most important Leo is Barack Obama, the bank messenger and Buddha of Infinite Complaisance who does not seem to have the strength of will do something useful about the thorn in his paw.
As everyone knows, one of Aesop's most famous stories is about a Lion whose paw is swollen and bloody from a huge impacted thorn that a fugitive slave, Androcles, dares to extract, thus beginning a friendship that grows until man and beast are captured, and the king decides to entertain his people by having the slave thrown to the same Lion he has healed. The tame outcome has been a fable of gratitude ever since.
This story assumes that we are operating in the realm of common sense, and that the Lion naturally wants to solve the agony of the thorn in his paw. Aesop and his audience would probably have had trouble understanding a Lion who wants to ask everyone else, even Lion hunters who are out to kill him, if it will be all right to have the thorn removed. Or who has conceived the fatal belief that he must leave the thorn where it is because pulling it out will kill him. It's obvious how this allegory goes. The thorn in Obama's paw is the banking cartel itself, which causes the Lion unbearable agony, but which he does not dare to remove, for fear of a fatal infection that may ensue. Under these circumstances a scenario of martyrdom is nearly inevitable -- but let us be clear what this does and does not mean. It does not mean that the president will suffer any physical injury. No, it is even worse than that. This gifted but timid, unluckily positioned man will have to bear instead the much deeper, sharper ordeal of finding that the Faustian bargains he has been making for three years now have rendered him powerless to take the brave steps that he sees with crystalline clarity and longs with every fiber of his being to try.
Obama has arrived at the climactic year of his presidency, as a brief look at his birth chart shows us. His re-election campaign in 2012 is only the playing out and the aftermath of actions and forces at work in 2010, and culminating now:
Crucible: the Ordeal of Barack Obama
Aug. 4, 1961, 7:24pm AHST; Honolulu, Hawai'i, USA (21° N 18, 157° W 52)
The main engine of friction in this chart, and of impulses that spur this person to action, are in the axis of the Moon's Nodes, aligned in the 7th and 1st houses at 27° Leo (North Node or Dragon's Head, the cohering and strengthening force in group and karmic relationships) and 27° Aquarius (South Node or Dragon's Tail, the weakening and splitting force). These two horseshoe-shaped symbols are at a "square" of 90° with the point of soul thrust and spiritual aspiration at the top center of the chart, called the Midheaven or MC, at 28° Scorpio. At right, in the 7th house, Uranus at 25° Leo is conjunct the North Node. The practical effect of all this is that even under the best conditions as embodied by "positive" planet transits, this man will be stressed by implacable enemies (Dragon's Tail) and unreliable friends (Dragon's Head), who either oppose his aims or don't support his convictions, which remain enigmatic, hidden under the carapace of Scorpionic indirectness and evasion. Uranus in Leo in the 7th, conjunct the North Node, is likely to be very well exploited in the form of electronic media and cybernetworking used skillfully for political gain.
To an astrologer, the practical difficulties and self-inflicted wounds of Obama's lost opportunities and uncommitted sins are obvious in his planet transits of the last three years. From mid-2008 to mid-2009 Obama was buoyed by Uranus in Pisces at a 120° trine to the top of his chart, amping his charisma and appeal, and his compelling delivery of images and themes in his campaign and early presidency. In late 2009 and 2010 Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius were on the Dragon's Tail in Obama's 1st house, thus opposing his Uranus-Dragon's Head conjunction in Leo and squaring his MC. All of this triples the likelihood that he'll suffer relentless insult and undermining from his enemies; isolation and abandonment, even painful betrayals, from allies and supposed friends; and, worse, the psychic dislocation and reversal that occur when the true north of a man's soul, the MC point, is obscured by clouds, as Pink Floyd put it, so that the hapless traveler is cut off from his own guiding Sun, and must drive very slowly through dust by day and mist at night. His usual clarity is dimmed by Neptune's vapor and by his fear of giving offense to anyone (Chiron on the Dragon's Tail), so he naturally wonders where the determination and resolve that brought him into office can be regained and stoked toward another shot at leadership.

Obama is now at the climax of his story, spiritually considered, if astrology can indeed be said to define well the stages of the soul journey. He is in his Chiron return. This means that the planet Chiron the Healer (the K glyph at 5° Pisces in the 1st house) has gone all the way around the zodiac wheel, and returns to his position in Obama's natal chart. As Chiron has an orbital period of 50 years, our Chiron return begins at age 50, or just before, and runs intermittently for almost a year as Chiron normally crosses his natal position three times, moving forward, retrograde, and forward again.

The Chiron return is one of our crucial life passages. It offers us an opportunity to work out our issues of wounding and being wounded, to gain the strength to withstand hurts dealt by others and to amend our own wounding behavior, and to release stored pain, grudges and other toxins and torn spots in our spiritual, mental and heart fields. The more we use the medicinal power of the Chiron return to address these wounds, the less likely they will be to manifest as pain and unwellness in the physical body. The best and most passionate playing of the Chiron return, in a brave acceptance of what must now change in ourselves, can determine whether one gets a second wind at 50, and feels and ages as well as Catherine Deneuve for decades more; or starts to decline by 60.
The first phase of Obama's Chiron return began in May, peaked in July, and will fade from the middle of this month. The second phase is in Feb. - April 2012, the third in Sept. - Dec. 2012. It is literally true that the next US election day, Nov. 6, 2012, and the December aftermath of it will come during Obama's third and climactic Chiron return phase. How the story will or ought to go from here depends on whether one wants to see the hero rise to the challenge and prevail, or suffer heartbreak and failure. Those who revere the hero's journey, and the heroic choices that must be made within it, are of course hoping that the Lion will find his nerve, speak his truth and fight for his people. The planets can say nothing about whether he'll rise to the occasion, only that the moment is there, and if fortune does indeed favor the brave, then historic outcomes can be gained by those who stand fast, declare themselves well, and speak not just to their people's opinions, but straight to their souls.
The Heart's Dance
How can we best act within the next few days, to contribute as best we can to the equanimity of our planet and our people? By acting communally, that's how, and learning and doing more in relation to the many initiatives that are now at work, and spreading everywhere, toward conscious awakening, embracing love and active compassion, and the celebration of the higher Heart frequencies of joy and courage, peace and acceptance, forgiveness and mercy.
We can join sacred sound circles like this one at the Jardin Botanico de Felipe Marin Moreno in Pisac, with crystal singing bowls, bells, tuning forks, strings, didjeridoos and voices, all of whom send healing sound to the receivers lying in the middle, to the circle, to the body of Pachamama, but -- most important of all -- to the collective resonant Field that embraces all beings. I will do three more Sunday sound circles with Portal Azul at El Molle in Pisac on Aug. 7, 14 and 21 before I fly to start my Surfing Aquarius book tour in Seattle on Sept. 7. My tour will feature ceremonial events wherever I can do them at lunations, equinoxes and the solstice, as we become more interactive, more communal, more committed to using our sounds and our bodies to quicken the awakening.
This is the time. "Leo teaches us," writes Guru Rattana in 'Leo Soul Awakening,' "that we are each the artist and the architect of our own lives. Leo helps us shine our heart light so that we can become conscious of our soul. Leo gives us the courage to create, to discover, to experiment, and to dare to do what we love. . . . Leo tells us that if we really want to make a difference and be noticed, our most effective strategy is to shine the light of our soul so brightly that it causes other lights to ignite." This is why opportunities for collective and very active celebration proliferate now.
One of the more notable ones, just launched by David Icke and now spreading like the proverbial wildfire, is the Awakening the World project, grounded in the simple idea that "Every Heart Makes a Difference," and when many hearts are united in the sound and motion of the Heart's Dance and clear intentions of planetary awakening, healing and freedom, the fire of millions of hearts burning toward the same shared goals will prove irresistible.

As Scaramouche voiced it in the Commedia dell' Arte: "Mademoiselle, the time for action has arrived." Guru Rattana states it more compellingly. "The protest, visionary phase is over. We have to manifest, create new structures and implement our grand plans. . . . Things must and will change. There is no hiding from the pressure, and no escaping the need to take action. There is only the choice of how we choose to use this dynamic force."

This is easier than we think, though. It is amazing how much spiritual heat and magnetism can be generated by doing what the Sufis do in their zikr rituals and the Dances of Universal Peace as they move in a circle, spin and sing the theme the world thirsts for:
"One by one everyone comes to remember:
We're healing the world, one heart at a time."
The melody is beautiful. It's time to learn it. Keep Holding That Frequency.
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