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My special interest is locational astrology readings, or astrocartography (ACG).
These "star maps" help us find our best places for jobs, money, love and family relationships, healing, spiritual and creative paths, community, and other goals that matter most to us.
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Part Two: Some Simple Examples of What Your Locational "Star Maps" Show

This page is a brief supplement to the main Astrocartography page here at Hermes 3. It presents a few basic maps of my actual locations, showing how they work -- or don't -- for me, and how they could also affect you.

Please note that the actual maps I create and send to you are much clearer than the low-rez images I've prepared for this page, for the sake of faster download over the web.

We start with the purple Neptune-Nadir line that you see passing through Cairo (al-Qahera) and the rest of the Nile valley in Egypt, where I lived from 2004 to 2007:

This line is a mixed blessing. According to Jim Lewis' Astro*Carto* Graphy:

"Neptune may be at its best, as it makes it impossible for you to identify with parents or family, or to center yourself, except in the highest and most non-egoic ideals of non-attachment. Real estate and home matters usually don’t go too well, and you become dependant on others for sustenance, but this frees you to reach high levels of spiritual awareness, prompted by the visions and intense, transfiguring inner experiences that occur under this line. Community living may be best, perhaps even in a monastery, and you tend to live in the here and now, future and past seeming remote and abstract, so that the past can be left behind here. Whatever is built here has foundations of sand, except inner spiritual wisdom, and it too is subject to self-deception and illusions. Isolation and non-attachment make feeling rooted here impossible except where you depend on others. East of the line is best for inner illumination."

So by all means take that Nile cruise and meditate at those sacred sites. But unless you plan to be St. Simon Stylites or some other artist of suffering, you might think more than twice about living here.
What about, then, the beautiful, elegant, vibrant and delicious city of San Francisco, where many of us have left our hearts and come back to look for them again? It may be perfect for you. But -- my astrocartograph has a yellow Saturn-Descendant line passing near the City by the Bay.

All Saturn lines are high in effort and resistance, and make us work hard for whatever we get. This one points west, to the direction of partnership and relationship, so here I'm likely to be in unequal relationships that don't give back very much in proportion to what I invest.

So my astrocartograph doesn't quite favor San Francisco, unless I want to be miscast as a black-robed hermit in one of the world's most sensuous places -- though I could certainly create a startling impression on Hallowe'en.

There are plenty of promising and delightful places too, for whatever we want to pursue. For me, one of them is Peru, where I've been based since 2009. Here powerful Sun (yellow) and Chiron (green) lines, near the Inca capital of Cusco, favor vitality and health, creativity and individual emergence and success. As these lines are both powerful and influential for a range of 300 miles to either side, you can imagine how strong the location of Pisac is for me, east of Cusco, right between these two lines that are only some 20 miles apart.

But the most energetic and exciting Peru zone is in the north, where a blue Jupiter line crosses a blue-violet Uranus line. This area has the quality of a bonanza:

"Intellectually, and perhaps in other ways, this is the most exciting place for you to be, your extraordinary good luck zone. This is where wishing makes it so, and you are blessed by unusual good fortune. You become independent, think for yourself, and pursue various offbeat types of knowledge, learning the individual relationship of yourself to the universe. You are rescued from difficult circumstances, handle more money than is your custom, and learn to think on a broad scale, seeing each part in relation to the whole. Daring ideas work, genius manifests, and you seem a scoffer among the godly, inventing your own idea of universal purpose. Reform can be successfully undertaken here, and you pattern yourself after your ideals, aided by the unusual good luck that manifests from time to time. Mind becomes very active, and attitudes are liberal, though it is hard to unite socially with others, as you see every person as the ruler of his/her life, and individualism as the highest good." Macchu Picchu -- here he comes.

There are more examples of star maps in the locational astrology pages of my new Aquarian Airlines blog. These will soon be collected into a series of astrocartography e-books, the first to be available anywhere. There will be more about these as they evolve on this page, and my main Astrocartography page

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