The Moment of Transformation


The End of . . . What?

Appendix 1:

Carl Johan Calleman's Reckoning of The Mayan Calendar

   The Swedish authority on Mayan calendrics, Carl Johan Calleman, reckons Oct. 28, 2011 -- not the winter solstice of 2012 -- as the moment when Earth's people will leap beyond the limits of physical, Earth consciousness to spiritual galactic consciousness. Calleman holds that Oct. 28, 2011 is crucial because the last days of a 260-day tzolkin cycle and a 360-day tun cycle coincide on this day. This chart shows the relationship:


The Tun Days and Nights of the current Galactic Cycle:


The Galactic Cycle of Jan. 5, 1999 - Oct. 28, 2011 according to Carl Johan Calleman,

The Mayan Calendar (Garev Publishing International, 2001), garevpub@aol.com.

  For more on the Galactic Greation Cycle, see also "Into the Third Night," the UFC Mythic Prelude for December 2003; and Calleman's website.


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